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After you use your hand tools, spray them off with water to remove potentially corrosive chemicals and dirt.
Some gardeners recommend using old motor oil or olive oil as a way to simultaneously clean and lubricate the metal parts of your tools.
In addition to keeping clean tools you should frequently oil moving parts on pruners and garden shears. The edges of hoes, shovels, and trowels may also wear down with use and become less effective. You can condition and sharpen tools yourself, or find a professional to sharpen them for you. Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Instructions on how to sharpen hedge shears, pruning shears and grass clippers using simple tools.
When you resharpen these blades along the original bevel, you can get them so sharp that they'll easily cut tissue paper. Do your garden tools look like this?  Maybe with some extra mud stuck on the back like above?
Sharper tools are safer and make work easier, because you have to use less force to accomplish the same work. Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission to support the site at no extra cost to you. I love old tools and things that have been cared for this way; so much better than new stuff.

Proper maintenance of your garden tools will ensure that they will last and provide you with years of gardening pleasure. If you cana€™t remove the dirt with water, try lightly scrubbing off the dirt with a wire brush. Clean these tools and sharpen the edges with a file, always moving the file in the same direction (away for you) as you sharpen.
If you see rust on your tools, use a wire brush to remove the rust and then paint or coat the surface with oil. The underside of the lawnmower deck should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of grass clippings. During the cutting season the blade should be given a cleaning and a light sharpening after about every six to ten uses. Regardless of which direction you decide to go, your tools will last for years and give you decades of easy use.
The two sharp surfaces of the blades come in contact at the base and cut all the way to the tips.
Every year I intend to do this….BUT you know what my Dad use to say about good intentions! Dirt and potentially corrosive substances can quickly corrode the metal parts of these garden tools. Tools with sharp, forged blades take out weeds painlessly, cultivate effortlessly, and are a pleasure to hold. A dirty lawn mower under carriage disseminates the disease from your last use or from its last lawn.

They literally shear the grass and twigs from the stem of the plant with a scissors action. I've seen many tools, now worthless, that were sharpened improperly because the person attempted to construct a “better cutting edge” or used the wrong tool to sharpen them. Just seems to be no time to just sit down and get my blog to exactly where I really want it to be.
If you have questions about sharpening your tools, ask or have a professional do the sharpening.
These two opposing surfaces are finely ground at the factory to the precise angle that makes them the most efficient. This acts to give a poor cut and spreads diseases right into the open wounds of the leaf blades. Just too much "life" to deal with right now to give the attention I would like to give, let alone all the posts I have sitting in limbo!!!!
If the handle happens to break, you should replace the handle rather than buying a new tool. Dull blades will cause the leaf blades of your lawn to be torn instead of being cut cleanly.
And if you don't want to use the same file on the grass clippers, read on—we'll show you how to sharpen them with an ordinary scissors sharpener.

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