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Seizures can occur at any time and any place, and can be especially tricky to manage if they occur in water or in a confined space such as a wheelchair, seated on a bus, train or tram, or strapped in a stroller or pram.
I was impressed with the warmth of your enthusiasm for your work; it will be infectious and encourage others to become involved. Advocating for my disabled brother, Robert, who has intractable epilepsy, unwavering faith and a delightful ability to declare everything excellent. Trish Hughes Kreis works as a full-time Legal Administrator and is a freelance writer, blogger and videographer who advocates on behalf of her disabled youngest brother, Robert. Find out about the different seizure types, learn how to keep someone safe if they have a seizure and test your knowledge of seizure first aid. Watch this short cartoon about a boy who has a seizure whilst enjoying a day out with his parents and best friend.

Interactive poster: first aidThis interactive poster explains seizure first aid (suitable for KS2 and KS3 pupils). It is normal to feel frightened or helpless. By recognising the physical signs of a seizure, staying calm and knowing the appropriate first aid response you can help. The most common seizure types are described below along with the recommended first aid response.
Below are some downloadable first aid guides for you to print out and become familiar with so that if a seizure occurs you will be properly prepared. Please consult your doctor or other health professional for advice regarding your epilepsy.
Robert lives with intractable epilepsy, has an unwavering faith and a delightful way of declaring everything excellent.

This animation focuses on how to keep someone safe during a seizure (suitable for KS1 pupils). Robert has lived with Trish and her husband, Richard, for three years and they do their best to keep him happy, healthy and, well, excellent.
You can also either play with the pictures facing up or facing down depending on how difficult you want to make it (suitable for KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils).

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