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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Whether you are a camper, a hiker, a sailor or simply engaged in general outdoor pursuits, this book could actually save your life. The bestselling compact guide on how to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea.This updated edition contains all the latest techniques on survival training and timeless advice from the foremost expert in survival, Lofty Wiseman. Get exclusive offers on ethical products straight to your inbox - sign up for our newsletter! Like it or not, smartphones are now considered by many deer hunters to be an essential item for your hunting pack. At their best however, the smartphone can help you discover new things about your land, teach you survival skills, find new places to hunt, call in a big buck, and even help you find your way home with the GPS.
Free with the app comes the ability to see hunting unit layers, game management units, maps with topography, roads, rivers and lakes, the use of GPS, waypoints and icons for navigation, including to your vehicle, camp, lookouts and blinds.
Included are 16 videos, photo galleries of animal tracks, knots, plants that are edible, medicinal or poisonous, types of sea creatures and snakes.
HuntForce is a leading trail camera management tool that aims to organize your entire fleet of trail cameras and all the images that you accumulate. You can eliminate the hassle of trying to sift through photos on your computer by uploading all your photos into the HuntForce system, and selecting only the ones you care about to be added to your profile. Over time, HuntForce will allow you to track specific animals, and ultimately help you pattern and harvest your target bucks. HuntForce is not a mobile app, although you could use it on a table or phone through your mobile web browser. DeerLab is very similar to HuntForce, in that you can organize and monitor all of your trail cameras in one convenient place. In your DeerLab account, you can filter through your library of photos by date, property, camera, weather conditions, and more. This app has one of the most complete libraries of deer calls and sounds available to help you make the most of each hunting trip. Tactics provides tips and tactics for the 12 most effective deer sounds, including contact call, doe grunt, doe bleat, doe estrus bleat, breeding bellow, buck grunt, buck bawl, tending grunt, tending click-grunt, snort-wheeze, sparring and rattling. It provides descriptions and dates of rut phases, tactics and tips for each of the phases, ratings for solunar days and a lunar calendar. It provides detailed moon and sun phase info and weather forecasts, all of which you can share with other hunters.
This app allows you to mark your property lines, pin your trail camera, treestand, and food plot locations. You can manage hundreds of properties, if you choose, and organize each with your own custom name, and your personal notes. Use the map and overlay filters to locate each and every trial camera on your property, quickly and efficiently. The hourly forecasts, seven day forecasts, and especially the radar, are extremely useful for planning your hunts, as well as monitoring the current conditions. In addition, the severe weather alerts are useful for hunters who are out in the field, and advanced notice of needing to pack up and head in is always a good thing. Google Earth is a hugely popular app that allows you to explore any place on the entire globe, with just your fingers.
For hunters, this is exciting because you can get close up details of the terrain and features of your hunting property.
There are other apps that use topographical maps and satellite imagery, but Google Earth is the standard for 3D terrain visualization of hunting land. Not all good hunting apps will cost you money, and here are some of the best free hunting apps that are available today. The HuntStand app is a hunting land management tool that works whether or not you have a mobile signal. You can completely map out your hunting property and use any of the 40+ icons to highlight places of interest, like trail cameras, tree stands, feeder, and whatever else is important to you. This app is an all-in-one app for deer hunters, helping them plan their hunt, manage the deer and keep abreast of weather conditions.
Hunters get real time logging that requires no typing, since the app use simple drop-down menus.
The app saves specific locations in fields for scrapes, rubs, water holes, food, camera sites and blood trails, among others. The app is maintained by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), and uses their extensive database of shooting ranges across the United States and Canada. This app is useful for those times when you are out of town and would like to get some range time in. It effectively integrates details like radar and wind with solunar times and phases and hourly changes in the barometer, all information that a hunter will need when deciding when and where to hunt.
PocketRanger is a series of apps that provide you in depth information about your state and national parks.
These apps give hunters easy access to park information, such as hours, telephone numbers, trails, campgrounds, and GPS terrain maps.
Certain PocketRanger apps can also assist you in locating places to hunt, the rules and regulations, as well as specific license and permitting information for each park.
This app has a highly advanced prediction formula to let you plan your hunting times for deer, turkey and waterfowl.

Make the most of your time by getting up-to-date information about when your game is on the move. Shooting Hours is a sunrise and sunset calculation app that uses your GPS location to determine the times of morning and evening where animal activity will be highest. Use the custom shooting hours settings to adjust for your local hunting regulations, so you are always sure of the legal hunting hours in your specific state. Shot Simulator is an interactive 3D app that teaches you perfect shot placement for whitetail deer hunting.
The simulation provides you with step by step details based on your arrow or bullets flight path to teach you how best to track and recover a shot deer. This app offers everything you need to plan and research a hunting trip, and then record your memories.
With GPS devices, you can get an exact position, find out weather conditions like temperature and wind and check the phases of the moon.
The colored filters include: red for stealth, green to help preserve your night vision, blue to make green items stand out and white for standard lighting. Lift is not actually a hunting app, but it can be applied to build you into a better hunter. With Lift you can train yourself to be more consistent with taking target practice, getting into the best shape of your life to be able to hunt longer, and with more effectiveness.
Lift is a habit building app that hunters can use to improve on almost any aspect of their hunting skills and abilities. Phone Skope is an image capture app designed specifically to capture pictures through your hunting optics, such as binoculars, spotting scopes, and rifle scope. You will need to purchase an additional phone adaptor for you particular binoculars or scope, so that your camera lens properly aligns with the optical lens. It is critical that owners handle data management for personal firearms effectively, and this app does just that.
You can safely record sales info for each of your guns and even view or print a PDF of the bill of sale.
This app keeps track of every firearm you own, including two photos, serial numbers, and other details about each gun.
Quiver App promises to help you track deer movement and provide real time weather analysis for your specific hunting locations. The weather portion of Quiver App tells you all the things you want to know like sunrise and sunset times, wind direction and speeds, moon phase, temperature, as well as barometric pressure activity. This RealTree app for Android is one of the most comprehensive weather apps available for hunters, fishermen, or others who regularly enjoy the outdoors, using radar, weather and moon phases. The Game Activity index uses a combination of solunar information and several weather factors to give you the most accurate and up-to-date predictor of game movement in your hunting area. The ability to monitor them allows you to figure out if your arrows are balanced to ensure optimum flight. The app logs your shooting sessions on a graph with easy touch placement of the arrows on the target. It comes loaded with a library of over 5000 projectiles and factory loads, plus rangefinder, range log and an advanced head-up display. The wind kit in the advanced version easily configures complex wind situations for up to eight sets of wind sources. This iPhone countdown app lets you set a specific date for the start of your hunting season. Designed for hunters by seasoned hunters, it provides the sounds you need, available on your mobile device. Some of the other predator calls on the app are jack rabbit scream, woodpecker distress, cottontail scream, coyote pack howl, hurt fawn and hurt pup. This iPhone app includes over 20 interactive calls to improve your hunting experience with turkeys, elk, deer, ducks and hogs.
Experienced hunters know how critical this type of information is because deer and other game can easily run off when they get a whiff of your scent. Using the compass built into the iPhone, this app tells you at your current location the direction the wind is coming from and how fast it is going, with just a glance. In fact, it will tell you the wind direction at any location, whether you are present or not. At the iTunes store, this app has a complete list of tips, tools and even games for beginning to advanced hunters. With illustrations by noted artists Chris Armstrong, it uses an intuitive card stack interface. The app also lets you post questions to the community and get answers from other users and even from the editors of the magazine, all of which are accessible to you on the NAW website.
As an added bonus, you accumulate points to enter into to gear giveaways and other contests. This pock Guide has 384 pages of how to survive in the wild in any climate on land or at sea.
The smartphone is, at its worst, a time waster, a dangerous source of distraction, and can steal your attention from what really matters – the deer movement around you! With that in mind, here is a massive list of the 35 best deer hunting apps available for you to download onto your iPhone or Android smartphone.
You don’t need each of these apps, but you should seriously consider how each one might be able to enhance your hunting experiences.

It puts premium terrain and satellite maps at your fingertips, helps you find hunting locations, then track wildlife. Written by an SAS solider, it is filled with training techniques used by Britain’s elite fighters.
It has a device to signal Morse code, a checklist, sun compass and tips for extreme climate survival in the polar, tropical, ocean or desert regions.
Within the app you can pin each camera’s location on your property, keep notes on each, and tag photos accordingly. It allows you to navigate by POIs, compass or distance circle as well as observe positions, speed and directions of other hunters. It combines comprehensive weather features including wind mapping, solunar times, tides and moon and hourly changes in barometer pressure. The weather details pinpoint environmental conditions so you can make the most of your hunt. Also included in the app are videos of shooting tips and resources, making it ideal for new hunters and shooters. When you know the full range of wind data that affects hunting, it makes it much easier to select the right tree stands and duck blinds. You can ensure the best results by making use of its algorithm that uses seven variables to interpret weather patterns scientifically, which in turn helps you predict the movement of wildlife.
This app replaces the need for sunset and sunrise tables, and eliminates the guesswork wondering if the tables are accurate. The DDH Shot Simulator uses a 3D model of a deer, skeleton, organ, and all, to understand the effect of shot placement and angles on the animal. Several reviewers have mistakenly thought this was a game, but it is in reality an excellent visual teaching tool.
The first is a powerful flashlight with filters for the best visibility possible whatever the light condition. The Game Track ID shows you images of tracks from common game animals as well as important features so you can identify tracks correctly. The Phone Skope app has built in image stabilization to help you get clear camera shots of animals through your optics.
It provides total security for your info, including firearms, ammunition, permits, memberships and range sessions. It makes it easy to handle paperwork and research for insurance purposes and when buying and selling. It has a Game Activity index, data about lightning strikes and forecasts for barometer pressure. The barometer trending feature provides a helpful four-day forecast of pressure to help you anticipate game activity and location. It also helps you find your way back to locations you have stored and then back to your vehicle when the session is done. Among other things, it handles atmospheric conditions, the Coriolis Effect and gyroscopic spin. Easily let friends and hunters in on the countdown via email, text message, Facebook or Twitter.
It contains more than 12 of the most commonly used sounds for effective hunting, including coyotes, bobcats, foxes, wolves and cougars.
Enhance the sounds by plugging in external loudspeakers, letting sounds be heard over wide areas. When you’re ready to strike, shake, grunt and rattle in the big ones, this is the call app to use.
It contains tips to make you a better hunter, techniques to maximize your shots, correct types of setups and the right type of gear for the hunting you are doing.
Distilling decades of experience from RealTree, it is a reference guide that is easy to use and full of practical information. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The survival skills detailed in the app cover the world, from the mountaintop of Kilimanjaro to the Kandahar desert, while still being useful in your close-by national park. The app wants you to learn which treestand you should climb, and when, to have the best opportunity to take that particular deer.
Before you start out, it helps you prepare hunting zones and places of interest like feeding spots or fox holes.
You can record your experience in a private journal, or put images and video in the gallery for others to view. Using GPS technology, it provides you with five-day hunting predictions for your next trip.
Among its essential features are a diary, trophy gallery, statistics log, planning info and weather forecasts and the ability to manage your hunt locations. Formerly called Cabela’s Recon Hunt, this updated version also monitors weather forecasts, phases of the sun and moon, ballistic info and statistics for each hunting trip.

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