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This pock Guide has 384 pages of how to survive in the wild in any climate on land or at sea.
This 5" x 3" book covers First Aid, Plants for Food, Building Shelter, Hunting and Trapping, Disaster Preparedness and many other topics. Planning to survive, from making a pocket survival kit to knowing how to obtain water and other basic needs. BookAdda is an Indian online bookstore with collection of over 1,30,00,000 books at extremely attractive prices from more than 34,12,622 authors.
Besides a large collection of general books in various categories like Fiction, Non Fiction, Mystery, Self Help, Reference, Biographies etc, we also have a huge collection of Management, Computer, Engineering and Medical books catering to many university syllabus in India.
We offer our vast collection of books at very reasonable prices backed by prompt delivery & proactive customer support services.
Bookadda Bookshelf is an easy-to-use , 'free' facebook application that allows you to create a virtual personal bookshelf.
All the titles clearly mention the approximate dispatch time from our warehouse from date of your order receipt.

Books normally get DELIVERED within 1-3 days after dispatch by our couriers within major metros in India.
For other areas not covered by couriers, orders will be sent by Registered Post through the Indian Postal Service which may take 1-2 weeks or more depending on the location. The SAS is probably the world's greatest military unit, and its soldiers are renowned for their ability to cope under great physical and mental stress. John 'Lofty' Wiseman served with the SAS for 26 years, also running their Survival Training School. Have you ever thought about this – how to survive in the wild with only plants, or what to do when you get lost and how to build a shelter, and so forth. Collins gem SAS Survival Guide is one of the best-selling guide books about survival in wild, its author is John Wiseman (AppNee does not repeatedly to introduce him any more, believes that he is already famous enough).
Collins gem SAS Survival Guide was first published as one of books in the Collins gem series (by HarperCollins Publishers) in 1993, so there is no HD PDF edition. Dealing with accidents and escape procedures, and adapting to terrain-polar regions, mountains, seashores, islands, deserts and the tropics - edible plants, animals and insects - plus animal tracks and techniques for hunting, trapping, fishing and handling the kill.

This book gives you the chance to develop these unique skills through a tried-and-tested training routine.
Retiring from active service in 1988, he quickly became the civilian world's best known survival expert and is the author of The SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea, among many other survival books. In this book, on the basis of his years of experience as a survival instructor, John Wiseman introduces the knowledge and practical skills of wilderness survival on various aspects in detail. But we will reply every email, except the mistakes in sending or receiving made by email system.
No matter you are camping, hiking, sailing, or engaging in other outdoor activities, if you have read this book, it could save your life some day, some place.

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