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When you use SAS Enterprise Guide to create a project, the work items in that project typically run one at a time, in series. Even though some items can theoretically run in parallel (for example, items 2, 4, and 5), SAS Enterprise Guide is using just one SAS workspace session, and it can handle just one program at a time. One approach that customers often use is to divide the project into multiple project files, and then run multiple SAS Enterprise Guide sessions at one time. With an additional SAS workspace to use, we can now reallocate some of the project work to allow multiple tasks to run simultaneously.

The top branch references programs and data on SASApp, while the bottom branch is associated with SASApp2. In this case, item 4b runs on SASApp2, but SAS Enterprise Guide won't run it until the work from item 3a is complete.
If you need concurrency that really scales, you'll want to look at SAS grid computing, which, of course, you can also leverage in SAS Enterprise Guide with just a few tweaks. It seems ridiculous to have to open multiple projects to submit multiple bits of code to run simultaneously, and the second logical server you suggest above is a hack - you need an amenable admin, and it doesn't help if you want to submit 10 pieces of code or tasks simultaneously.

Why can't EG manage its own "server instances", and instead of choosing which server to submit to, you choose which server instance (or both), and EG could create as many connections as required. The blog content appearing on this site does not necessarily represent the opinions of SAS.

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