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Ben Mears is a writer who returns to the town of Salem’s Lot, where he spent some years as a child. Staying at the local boarding house, Mears strikes up a relationship with a local girl, Susan. Given these two facts, it’s not surprising that ‘Salem’s Lot found its way onto the screen as a TV miniseries. Despite this, Hooper seems to have crafted a decent story within the confines of the censorship and budgetary constrictions of early 70s network TV. Salem’s Lot was so successful on its original release that it was actually released theatrically in Europe (in a truncated 112 minute cut that removed some of the flabbier character scenes and increased some of the violence). This entry was posted in Reviews and tagged based on a novel, miniseries, stephen king, tobe hooper, TV movie, vampires. Watch Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer From Anywhere In The World!Watch US, UK and Canadian content online without regional restrictions. Writer Ben Mears, a former resident of Salem's Lot, returns to the town of his childhood haunted by his fascination with the Marsten House, a sinister old mansion that overlooks the small town. He experienced something horrible in the Marsten house one summer, a creepy old house overlooking the town, where a terrible atrocity had taken place years before.

However, the disappearance of a young boy and subsequent strange occurrences lead him to investigate and come to the unthinkable conclusion – Barlow is a vampire and he means to have the entire town of Salem’s Lot under his control. While low budgeted and highly restricted by both the tight censorship on TV networks of the time (this was well before HBO and other uncensored formats), and by the problem of ad breaks interrupting the tension, many of these TV movies were great commercial and critical hits.
After several aborted attempts to create a theatrical version (including a script by Larry Cohen, who ultimately made the sequel A Return To ‘Salem’s Lot), the project found its way into the hands of TV producer Richard Kobritz and writer Paul Monash.
Works on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, XBox 360, PS3, WiiU and many more.Visit Unblock US and start watching today! Both entranced by and fearful of the house, Ben attempts to rent it, but finds that another new arrival has beat him to the property; the mysterious Richard Straker.
He tries to rent the house, but finds it already occupied by a pair of antique dealers, Straker and Barlow.
For example, the film seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on a sequence near the beginning, where a pair of workmen become anxious while transporting a strange box. Ironically, I found the vampire scenes to be a little cheesy, while the moment I found most terrifying was a non-supernatural sequence involving a husband confronting his wife’s lover with a shotgun! Ben's belief that the house is inherently evil and attracts evil men is soon vindicated as the town is struck by a series of mysterious deaths.

I love how that one starts so small and all the petty rivalries and jealousies absolutely explode in to chaos. He also managed to attract a decent cast, with David Soul taking the lead, and interesting turns by James Mason, Bonnie Bedelia (best known as Mrs.
Meanwhile, at least one major character later in the novel (Father Callahan) is relegated to the background, being almost absent during certain key scenes.
In fact, Barlow is so primal and bestial in his depiction here that he doesn’t talk, meaning that Straker (played amiably by Mason) has a larger role here than in the book.
Also, not too bad a movie adaptation with Ed Harris, Max Von Sydow, Amanda Plummer, along with the late, great JT Walsh. Many people seem to have vivid memories of the sequences where the dead boys float in front of a bedroom window, requesting access so they can feed, yet viewed with the modern eye this is rather unconvincing and silly.
Some of the nastier elements of the book (such as a mother who is abusive towards her infant, and a few character deaths) are toned down, while the ending has a less apocalyptic feel.

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