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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Most Australian workplaces do not have correct first aid equipment and only 13% of Australian workplaces comply with Safe Work Australia’s new code of practice on first aid, according to research by St John Ambulance. A recent St John Ambulance’s survey assessed the extent to which workplaces recognised their first aid needs, supplied first aid equipment and appropriately trained first aiders.
While these results may come as a surprise to many Australians, for those of us who work in occupational health and safety it’s business as usual. We have known how to prevent noise-induced hearing loss for decades, for instance, but it’s still responsible for 3.6% of all workers compensation claims in Australia.
But what’s most surprising is how little we know about what works in occupational health and safety regulation.
Health and safety regulations prescribe a general duty of care for employers to provide safe and healthy working environments.
Employers have the responsibility to assess the health and safety risks of their businesses and to control them.
In keeping with the findings of the St John study on first aid, this approach seems to have worked best for large organisations whose work processes have significant physical hazards.
As work has shifted from manufacturing to knowledge industries (and intensified), injuries have declined and been replaced by musculoskeletal disorders and psychological ill health. What’s more, the strength of the employment relationship – a key foundation for the principle of self-regulation – is in decline.
Research on the extent of compliance with standards, such as that undertaken by St John’s Ambulance is good start, as is Safe Work Australia’s foray into surveillance of hazards in industry. Questions being asked include – what is an optimal balance of resources for enforcement, education and encouragement? Research underway at the centre I head is helping WorkSafe Victoria determine the optimal mix of enforcement, compliance, and promotion to ensure that OHS continues to be embraced as a core element of operating a successful business.
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Corflute – Corrugated plastic ideal for temporary use on building and construction sites and can be easily fixed to chain wire fences.

Poly (Plastic) – Comes with rounded corners and pre-drilled holes in each corner ready for mounting.
Safety Signs A full Gallery of Safety Signs Australia Danger Warning Caution No Symbol and lots more. You can talk directly with a sign designer or graphic artist, signmaker or technician here. Traditional Mandatory Danger Signs, Notice and No Entry, Admittance Flammable, Soft Ground and lots more.
Answer: We should not operate any electrical switches when there is a gas leak because the electrical switches generate sparks while being switched on and off. Electrical appliances and wiring should be check regularly for faults or breaks in the plastic coverings of the wires. Synthetic clothes like nylon should not be worn while burning, handling fire or while cooking as synthetic clothes can catch fire easily. First Aid For Fracture : Emergency steps to treat fracture while waiting for medical assistance to arrive.
First Aid For Chemical Burns – Emergency steps to save injured person because of chemical burns.
3) While waiting for professional help to arrive, have the person lie down with the feet elevated. But this is only the tip of the iceberg for the crisis in Australian occupational health and safety, which itself appears to need first aid. Over half of workplaces (55%) were unaware of the code of practice, although the CEO of St John’s Ambulance admitted the survey targeted low-risk workplaces and he recognised that large, high-risk workplaces tended to be more compliant. Observations of the gap between knowledge of what action would prevent work-related ill health and implementation of preventative measures are common. They also provide for the empowerment of selected workers to play a role in assisting employers to meet these obligations or, at least, to hold them to account.
Such organisations are sensitive to the loss of reputation arising from causing fatalities or serious injuries.
In 2010, the Productivity Commission found that inspectorates around Australia were not well equipped to meet the new challenge of mental health. Workers are more likely to be employed on a casual basis, and to be employed in smaller businesses with fewer resources for health and safety.

What is the potential for private-public partnerships in delivery of enforcement, education and encouragement? Other projects, such as one developing reliable leading indicators of safety intervention effectiveness, and the recent evaluation of WorkHealth, which implemented workplace health promotion, will provide evidence for new approaches to address the issues arising in many of today’s workplaces. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Emergency Signs indicate the location of, or direction to emergency related facilities and first aid or safety equipment. Polypropylene is a UV stable 1.5mm thick plastic that is great for semi-permanent use outside in direct sunlight.
All signs come with radius corners and 4 pre-drilled holes in each corner ready for mounting. The fractured part should not be moved and the victim should be taken to the hospital immediately. No one should strike a match or operate any electrical switches in such a case because electrical switches generate sparks while being switched on and off. And while a new code for manual handling was issued by Safe Work Australia in 2011, musculoskeletal disorders are still responsible for more than half of all workers’ compensation claims, and an even higher proportion of costs.
But in recent decades, the nature of work, workplaces and workforces have changed dramatically and how governments can and should regulate for health and safety compliance has become a pressing question. AS 1319-1994 specifies these signs should comprise of a white symbol or text on a green rectangle with white enclosure.. Metals signs are heavy duty and great for permanent use inside and outside in all weather conditions. For example: If the fracture is in the hand, a cloth sling should be used to prevent movement. Recognition of stroke and calling for help will determine how quickly someone will receive help and treatment.

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