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A lot of people suffer from various mental health disorders ranging from depression, anxiety, autism to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), dyslexia and even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The gut, (containing about 500 million neurons and is a part of the enteric nervous system – ENS), is also known as the second brain. The metabolites that your gut microbiota produces, stimulates the brain and its functions, and, simultaneously, the functions of the brain acts on the gastrointestinal and immune systems to affect the gut microbiota. Scientists have created mice which do not have any microbial gut to study the effects these microbial have on their health.
Non-vegetarian diet, agricultural chemicals and antibiotics (unless absolutely necessary) also harm your gut microbial to a great extent. The best food for your stomach are fermented foods, since they contain a lot of beneficial bacteria which increase the gut microbiota.
There are certain probiotic supplements that can be used to replenish your gut bacteria; although nothing is better than doing it naturally by consuming the above mentioned food items. Gut associated psychological syndrome includes some conditions like aggression, hostility, irritability, withdrawal symptoms, extreme fatigue, short-tempered, perfectionism, unable to concentrate on anything, extreme guilt, addictions, self-medications, etc. Smoking, drinking, drugs, addictions are some of the lifestyle changes that need to be made for a healthier living.
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Most of these disorders are thought to be connected to the brain, since they are mental health problems. It is this second brain which is responsible for how you feel, when you feel and why you feel certain emotions and mood swings. The microbial independently interacts with the immune system, whereas the communication between the digestive and the nervous system happens through the vagus nerve.
It was found that such mice show a ‘high-risk behavior’, being unable to perform day-to-day functions, like recognizing other mice. The first one is BDNF- Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor which acts on the hippocampus and responsible for anxiety. Anything sweet and fatty is the most dangerous since sweet foods directly feed on harmful bacteria and increase their quantity in the gut.
Curd, yogurt, Kefir, pickled vegetables; raw vegetables are some of the healthiest diets of the world. These probiotics usually affect the insular cortex and the somatosensory cortex which regulate a lot of brain functions including moods, self-awareness, motor control emotions and even cognitive functioning.

Depression is, very soon, going to be the number 1 killer of human beings, surpassing cancer and heart defects.
But a different approach has emerged now regarding the cause and treatment of such problems.
We have merely chosen to suppress or avoid that knowledge to run behind modern medicine and its cures, which currently do not cure any mental health problems perfectly.
Processed foods and refined foods contain dead nutrients along with huge amounts of sucrose and fructose. Apart from benefiting your gut, these products also supply you with essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, significantly reducing your risk of developing any kind of illness. A bad diet combined with an unhealthy lifestyle is the pre-requisites for such conditions to arise. Eat more of raw or boiled vegetables, sprouts, natural varieties of rice, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
Believe it or not, these things not only prevent illness, but they are also known to cure them.

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