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Obviously I like to come home after a photo shoot, ¬†boot up my computer, and make some popcorn while I’m waiting. Make sure your images are backed up to at least one other external drive before deleting any image, or editing any image.
We are enthusiastic shutterbugs wanting to share photography articles and tutorials!Lately we have had HUGE interest in our lightroom presets and wish to continue it's popularity, so check them out! The Rules Rules workbook rapidly upskills students’ knowledge of the common spelling rules. That said, constructive criticism needs to be given so that the writer can make the necessary changes to improve his manuscript. There's a fine line between establishing grammatical correctness and sentence structure and maintaining the style and voice of the writer. Understand that writers, just like anyone else, have difficulty taking criticism from others, and be respectful of their feelings without sabotaging their career. Helping a writer improve his skills provides him with a long-term benefit rather than a quick, short-term benefit. Encourage him to improve by giving him suggestions on how to strengthen characters and plot and make him do the work and be accountable.

About the Author: Jody Calkins is a copywriter and editor for global business management and leadership development corporations. She also assists writers in improving their writing skills through her copy editing services. Hi Jody, I can actually see the parallel between an editor’s work and a coach’s work in championing their client to achieve their higher potential!! Yes, constructive criticism can be hard to take sometimes, but needed to become better long term. Once my trusty MacBook Pro is all engines green, I sit down and start uploading my images and begin editing a select few. You can easily be editing a photo in Lightroom when next thing you know you accidentally overwrite the original due to naming issues! The use of nonsense words ensures that students are actually applying the rule rather than relying on prior knowledge of how a particular word is spelled. The series gradually, but systematically introduces 40 rules.¬† 10 new rules are introduced in each book and previously introduced rules are revised and covered at a higher level of complexity. Writers were meant to write, so discouraging a writer would be doing a disservice not just to the writer, but to the readers as well.

While tightening the prose is an important part of the editing process, it can seem out of place if the writer's style and voice are not maintained. Editors are very critical of other people's work (as well as their own), and are quick to make changes, but we must respect the writer when we make these suggestions.
If we make the corrections for the writer, he may not understand the reasons for those changes.
She specializes in writing and editing articles, case studies, newsletters, and reports that showcase her clients' expertise and unique capabilities.
This rule can be ignored should you be doing non-destructive edits in a program such as Lightroom, or using more advanced techniques in Photoshop.
If he doesn't receive the support he needs from his family or friends, then he definitely needs it from you.

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