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While turning left, keep to the left side of the road and turn close to the left side of the road to which you enter. Always use a helmet if you are driving a two-wheeler and always see that when you use the helmet, the strap is fixed properly. Stick to the speed limit and remember that speed limit is related to the traffic condition.
Remember that the stopping distance of your vehicle depends on the speed at which you are driving. At the signal, do not stop your vehicle on the Pedestrian Crossing but stop it within the stop line. Overtake only on the right side and do not overtake on bridges, narrow roads, junctions, school zones and pedestrian crossings. All mandatory signs are indicated in a circular form and they have to be followed compulsorily. Violation of these traffic signs, which denote a specific traffic regulation is a legal offence under Section 119 of Motor Vehicle Act. Signs denoting Pedestrian crossing, School zones and Intersections are the most important among the cautionary signs. As already pointed out in the pedestrian crossing, the pedestrian has the right of way and you should not proceed when the pedestrian is crossing nor should you stop the vehicle on the pedestrian crossing hindering his movement.
In school zones, you have to drive very cautiously and reduce the speed since any time a boy or girl can run or dart across.
Plan your route out in advance for long car trips and keep a map or atlas in the car in case you get lost.
DON'T drink and drive, and don't get in a car with a driver who has been drinking or using drugs. DON'T play your car stereo so loudly that you are disruptive to others, or so loudly that you are unable to hear train signals or emergency vehicle sirens. DON'T engage in other activities, while driving, that distract your attention or reduce your reaction time.
DON'T leave valuables in your car, especially in places where they can't be seen, no matter where you are parked.
Very serious offences like dangerous driving, driving without licence, causing grievious injury, are all punishable, even with imprisonment. Causing fatal accidents due to rash, negligent driving can result in imprisonment for two yeaRs or fine or both. But please remember that not only violating the law is punishable but also can and does often result in accident. You must not take part in a race or speed contest of any kind with motor vehicles in any public place without the written consent of the State Government. At the time of driving there should be no alcohol in the blood even in the smallest quantity.
If the offence is repeated the punishment is higher being imprisonment that can be extended even upto 2 years of fine or Rs.
It is unlawful to abandon or leave any vehicle or trailer in any public place in such a manner of position that can cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other users of public place. However if on account of mob fury or any other reason beyond your control it is not practicable to give medical attention to the injured person or take him to the hospital then it will be excusable under law.
You are also duty bound to report to Police the nature of accident, the circumstances of its occurrence to the nearest police office or police station.
If you leave your vehicle unattended in a public place or abandon it, it is liable for removal by the police. If any motor vehicle is left unattended in any public place for 10 hours or even if it is in a permitted parking place it can be towed away under the instruction of the police officer.
If the vehicle is left unattended or abandoned or partially dismantled and is creating a traffic hazard because of its location in the highway or causing impediment to the traffic it can be immediately removed by towing under the instruction of the Police officer. If your conduct as driver of motor vehicle has shown that your driving is dangerous to the public. Any person who wishes to drive a motor vehicle in India has to first obtain a learner's license for the purpose of learning.
On the occasion of Sachin Tendulakr's Retirement , Here is what Amitabh Bachchan has to say about Sachin Tendulkar in his own words . CEDA's talented and experienced team is committed to delivering world-class solutions to help our clients maximize production, mitigate risk and avoid costly outages, always with safety top of mind. From our safety culture to our community investment program, CEDA works hard to demonstrate our commitment to our employees, our business partners, the environment and the communities where we work. With operations throughout Western Canada and Ontario, we're well positioned to serve your industrial & mechanical needs.
CEDA recognizes the reality that our employees and our clients face every day: the pressure to get the job done effectively and efficiently - so our safety practices and policies are designed with the real world in mind. While we believe safety is more than a number, it’s important to track our progress as we continuously strive to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. Driving a car is a big responsibility – and one that requires each and every driver to know the road rules. The Department of Transport and Main Roads published a guideline covering the Top 10 misunderstood road rules and it’s surprising to see which road rules are commonly misunderstood. It comes with diagrams and can be found at the link below.

A common complaint amongst the driving community is the lack of knowledge when it comes to merging.
However if there are no lane markings (as shown in the second picture) you must give way to any vehicle that is ahead of you. Have you ever sat at an intersection where you have a stop sign in front of you and the other driver has a give way and no one knows who can go?
Similarly if a road has a sign saying “keep left unless overtaking,” don’t ignore the sign.
This entry was posted in Business Blogs and tagged 1300 STO Law, 1300 STOLAW, Department of Main Roads Qld, Road Rules, Samantha Quinney, Schultz Toomey O'Brien Lawyers, STO LAW by STO Law. Most young children who are hit by motor vehicles are injured near their home or on neighborhood streets. Occasional tweets (and actual policing) aside, NYPD has gotten savvier with its traffic safety messages under Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. For the start of school, the police blasted out information aimed at both drivers and kids. The latest round of street safety information began popping up on NYPD Twitter accounts in the final days of August as city agencies began sending out material for the start of the school year. These tips are a bit less complex, focusing on obeying traffic signals and crossing at the intersections. The department also produced a more traditional traffic safety message using kid-friendly graphics to stress rules for pedestrians.
Always look left, then right, then left again before crossing a street and allow enough time to cross the street safely.
DOE also directs parents to the DOT website, which offers maps showing traffic lights, stop signs, crosswalks, and traffic calming near each school. NYPD, which has not responded to questions about its back-to-school safety campaign, also released this final image.
As for the kid-focused tips, in NYPD’s defense, no one, eight or 80 or anyone in between, should ever assume that drivers will obey the law. Actually, given the speed at which I’ve seen some bus drivers race down streets, even when their buses are filled with kids, that image seems about right. The final image clearly shows that the NYPD condones unsafe overcrowding of school buses, with students standing in the middle of the bus or next to the driver, or leaning out the window! Oh well, those are the conditions on transit buses and subways, which most kids should probably be on anyway.
If you’re the kind of person who revs your engine or honks at kids I cannot comprehend why we as a society allow you to drive a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, society has decided to give out driver’s licences essentially for the asking, with no meaningful test of capability. In a sane society, a driver’s test would be one which only a small fraction of people could pass, only after much training.
It’s depressing to understand that the best we can do is to fight the symptoms here and there, as the disease proceeds unchecked.
The most important thing to remember when driving in Okinawa or anywhere in Japan is, to drive on the LEFT side of the road.
Japanese traffic signs follow international standards making the symbols easy to follow even if you can not read the Japanese characters (kanji) written on some of them.
Traffic on the Okinawa main Island (Okinawa Honto) tends to rather heavy especially on weekends as most people drive to get everywhere because there are no trains except the Yui Rail in Naha.
On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Ryukyu Mura where you can experience living history, and many more exciting places. On this tour visit many of the North Okinawa’s famous sites like Cape Manza, Churaumi Aquarium ( the world's third largest aquarium), Nakijin-jo Castle, Nago Pineapple Park.
Enjoy walking underwater through Okinawa's clear ocean by simply putting on a special helmet which draws air from the surface, you can breathe normally even while underwater and explore Okinawa's beautiful coral reefs.
It is very important to pay attention and follow all traffic rules when driving around school buses.
If you are approaching a school bus from either direction with flashing red lights, you must stop at least 25 feet away from the bus. This list of essential geek reads isn't complete — there are plenty of time-travel, tech, and graphic novel editions still to come. You must also slow down near school zones, temple areas etc., where a lot of pedestrians and vehicle traffic move. Do not overtake when one vehicle is already overtaking the vehicle which you want to overtake. Traffic signs are an integral part of the system of safeguard for the safety of road users. The other major signs relate to prohibiting entry or turn and permitting entry or turn only in one direction. If you need to make or answer a telephone call while you are driving, pull over at a safe place and use the phone. Your vehicle may be capable of going at even the double the speed than this and your enthusiasm or sometimes even some urgent matter may make you drive at full capacity of the vehicle or at speed far exceeding the limit. If you drive at a higher speed or even at a speed within the prescribed speed limit but in a manner which is dangerous to other road users without considering the nature, condition and use of the place and traffic, it can result in major accidents.
If by any reason you cause an accident and a person is injured or property of any person is damaged, you as a vehicle driver or person in charge of the vehicle are duty bound to take all reasonable and responsible steps to provide medical care for the injured person and where necessary take the injured person to the nearest hospital unless the injured person or his guardian in case he is a minor desires not to go to the hospital.

In case of not providing medical care to the injured the circumstance under which it was not done should be also reported to the nearest police station or police officer. In all such cases you as the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for all the towing costs as well as any other penalty. CEDA’s safety culture is grounded in watching out for each other, and in thinking through the life-changing consequences of letting our guard down, even for a second. Senior leadership gets out into the field for direct face-to-face discussion around safety issues. We have taken the pledge to raise awareness of dangerous driving habits and to change those hazardous behaviors into proactive, safe driving for all employees. If the road has lane markings (as shown in the first picture), the car in the lane where the road is coming to an end must give way to the traffic it intends to merge with.
Using the time-lapse method (picking a point and counting out the seconds) in normal conditions, the safe following distance is 2 seconds.
The information for drivers is about as spot-on as one could hope for, with explanations of how to drive safely near school buses, as well as reminders to keep an eye out for kids and to not block crosswalks.
Choose the most direct way with the fewest street crossings and use intersections with crossing guards. Parents can either download the map online or pick up a copy at their child’s school. He has been covering the movement for safer streets, effective transit, and livable cities since 2012.
What we’re doing here is like fighting Ebola with aspirin, rather than looking for a real cure. This may seem confusing at first for people from countries where the custom is to drive on the right side of the road, but it is not so hard and most people can adjust rather quickly. During bad weather such as rain and typhoons drivers tend to slow down making traffic even worse than usual. If you are driving on the opposite side of the road with a median in the middle, you must then slow down to 10 mph.
However, if the bus has stopped in front of a school, you may then pass it from either direction at no more than 10 mph. And we're showcasing the best sci-fi narratives, with all the traditional elements of the genre: artificial intelligence, travel to remote parts of the universe, futuristic gadgets, wormholes, apocalyptic political systems, and extraterrestrials. But in the meanwhile, take a look at our recommendations for science fiction stories every geek must know, and tell us which books you've added to the list in 2015.
Signal before you make any manoeuvre indicating your intention so that the other road users can adjust accordingly. No parking signs and signs relating to No stopping or standing and No 'U' turn, No entry etc. Whether you are just starting out in your career, or have many years of experience, an exciting career awaits you at CEDA.
A strong, true safety culture is based on shared values that invite employees to speak out about hazards, feel compelled to stop work to prevent incidents from occurring and suggest new ways to work more safely. The goal is to make Highway 63 and Highway 881 safer for our families, friends, employees and stakeholders, many of whom travel these highways every day.
The flyer also includes an admonition against revving the engine or honking to intimidate children crossing the street, something that’s not a tip so much as a marker of basic human decency. Driving would then properly be a seen as a skill which can be entrusted only to a small cadre of highly-trained professionals. I hope in the remainder of my life we’ll at least get a handle on ending this tragic episode in the history of humanity. Plan for extra time than guide books or other information recommends to get places especial when in or near any of the larger cities when renting a car in Okinawa Japan. A very good initiative by ICICI Lombard to promote awareness about safe driving and definitely a good watch! Every month we hold a comprehensive health and safety review with all CEDA senior leadership. In poor conditions or if you are driving a heavy vehicle, the safe driving distance is double the time for normal conditions. Stay away from parks, vacant lots, fields, and other places where there aren’t many people around. Now that you've indulged on the most compelling, classic epic fantasy series, it's time to switch gears. If the painted island is surrounded by a single line you may drive on or over it for up to 50 metres in order to enter or leave the road or enter a turning lane that begins immediately after the island. Being involved in a car accident, even if a minor accident, can have lasting effects on both you and your family. Double lines around a painted island indicate a no-go zone (unless you are avoiding obstruction).
If you’re the one responsible, not only could you have to pay for damage caused or be charged with an offence, you may have to live with injuring or killing another person.

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