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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. According to SmartBlogs Education, use of social networks in academics predates popular tools like Facebook in Twitter. That is why incorporating social networking technology into STEM education should be such a no-brainer.
According to Kacy Karlen, manager of web and social media for TERC, in Cambridge, Mass., educators and researchers should take advantage of the ease with which students incorporate social networking in their daily lives and leverage these tools for use in the classroom. The technology developed by TERC is already adding a social media element at the post-secondary level. Other places have used similar tools to bring STEM collaboration at the secondary school level. Nearly 2,000 member students have access to data from over 90 sites nationally and internationally.
Watch video lessons to gain a better understanding of the sociological aspects of education, from delivery to function. Education plays a key role in the socialization of children as well as teaching them essential skills like literacy; however, it's important to note that education theory and principles aren't applied universally - external factors like culture have a strong influence in children's education.
In this series of video lessons, you'll learn about the full sphere of a school's function, as well as the primary advantages and disadvantages of education programs like tracking and the role schooling plays in social inequality. School Controversies: Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Tracking Summarize self-fulfilling prophecies and tracking as they relate to education, and discuss the pros and cons of each (with regard to students). Impact & Role of Education on Social Inequality Describe the role of schools in perpetuating or mitigating social inequality. Schools serve a number of functions in our society beyond just transmitting academic knowledge and skills.
In this lesson, we define self-fulfilling prophecies and tracking, two controversial elements of education today. Schools are sometimes described as sorting machines that categorize students based on skills and interests.
Current issues in education include school choice, educational vouchers, mainstreaming special needs students and teacher shortages. Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster.

According to the EdTech Trends and Predictions for 2013, we already know that social media will play a major role in enhancing education.
More than 8 in 10 agree that technology makes learning easier, makes teachers more accessible and gives students a personalized learning experience. 53% say that we use too much technology in our daily lives; however, only 29% say there is too much technology in the classroom. 73% of students say they use home devices primarily for school work, but only half of all students.
83% percent of respondents globally believe technology gives students a more personalized learning experience. Teachers say core training focuses more on teaching practices (77%) and technology (55%) than on integration of technology in curriculum (55%) where it can make a greater impact. As you know, a prospective customer or consumer must travel a particular continuum of unawareness-awareness-preference-action. So, drawing from the above, the audiences for training and education in a sale situation are company sales people, channel partners, customers and service staff and by training these people we accelerate sales.
Company Sales People: This is the most important audience, the one which will be able to use the training very well and for the sale to happen are the sales people of the Company. Channel Partners: As the name suggests, these are partners of the sales people or the Company.
Customers: Prospective customers need to be educated on the best practices of using products as this can help the demand generation at the grassroots level. Service Staff: Customers view people in the support function more benignly than they see sales people. Even before there was such thing as email, the world wide web or even computers, cutting-edge scientific research was a social endeavor, with colleagues around the world keeping abreast of the new developments via prolific correspondence – the pen and paper kind – and academic journals. Doug Haller writes that while social networking delivered on its promise to make communication easier and quicker, it has yet to do the same in the area of education, especially when it comes to STEM. Karlen has seen teachers expand their definition of “social” networking by using Twitter to monitor learning and track feedback and Pinterest to collate and share digital resources for class projects and lessons.
At, researchers and graduate students can work together with engineers and professors from different disciplines, using tools like forums, webinars and other interactive resources to make collaboration and sharing of knowledge easier. The Global Ozone Project, which is based in Boulder, Colorado, sets up pollution detection equipment in schools around the country, in order to make collection of information used on environmental research easier.

You'll also gain an understanding of both sides of several common education issues, such as education quality in public vs. In this lesson, we differentiate between manifest and latent functions of schools and discuss examples of each. They require training on product knowledge, selling skills, sales strategies and sales process.
Also, educating or training existing customers will increase loyalty and advocacy, resulting in repeat sales and reference sales. Students at participating schools can interact with both the scientists and their peers from other participating schools and seek answers and explanations about the data their schools are collecting. Guest scientists and program managers post resources, pose engaging questions and respond to student queries.
They too require training on product knowledge, selling skills, sales strategies and sales process.
Training support people on products and selling skills and customer service will also increase repeat purchase and references.
IE nonetheless is the marketplace leader and a good element of people will omit your excellent writing because of this problem.
GO3 program managers Jessa Ellenburg and Kali Basman monitor the social network side of the program and say students have exceeded their expectations, using the site appropriately to expand their understanding of the science. Ellenburg notes that in several years she’s only experienced a few issues with students posting content not appropriate for the site.
If the customer knows about the product, he finds it easy to decide or recommend to others.
We need train them in a number of subjects, such as processes and soft skills, not just product training. Of course, the social network is not all work; students also share their culture through music and video. Thus, customers and marketers alike will find education (on various aspects) quite useful in buying and selling respectively.

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