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Swollen feet and hands can be caused by several factors, including edema (fluid retention in the body), sitting in one position for a long time, poor air circulation, and medicines. If you experience occasional swelling, you can consume some herbs that can overcome the excess fluid in the body.
A study found that parsley is very useful to treat various diseases, such as indigestion, urinary tract infections, menstrual pain, asthma, skin allergies, hypertension, brittle bones, and bronchitis.
Parsley is also a good source of folate, with half-cup containing 46 milligrams, more than 11 % of the DV.
Parsley can be used as a tea, or when made as a pesto, can flush the kidneys by stimulating urination.
Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates advised everyone to consume parsley as a magic tonic in order to overcome kidney stones, rheumatism, and toxins. A study in the Journal of Ethno pharmacology published in 2002, showed evidence that parsley played a role as a diuretic by slowing the absorption of sodium and potassium ion pump, thereby optimizing osmosis and drainage of urine.
Cut the leaves and roots up into small pieces and store in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator, leave for a week.
You can also combine this procedure with a technique that is putting your feet on a pillow when lying down. My Central Health is source for natural health, home remedies, fitness tips, healthy recipes & more!
At times you may find your lip swollen for no reason to be a health issue, yes you are right there may be an underlying condition which may have given upper lip swelling or bottom lip swelling for no reason at all. At the first glance you may not be aware that certain food or allergens that you have come in contact have resulted in swollen lips. Peanuts, shellfish, eggs, soy, cow's milk, dairy products, wheat, jalapeno peppers and certain food additives are some of the common food allergens. Venom from bee stings or insect stings or exposure to pet dander, pollen or dust mites could also cause an allergic reaction.

A mixture of witch hazel extracts and salt in a 2:1 ratio is pretty effective in bringing any kind of topical swelling down. A mixture of clear aloe vera gel and tea tree oil, in a 2:1 ratio, helps soothe dermal inflammation of any kind and, as such, is helpful in managing swelling of the lips too. Blackheads are the first stage of acne, before bacteria invades the pore which results in infection and inflammation. The eyes are our most precious organs since they help us perceive the reality that surrounds us. Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members! You should be wary if you are experiencing chronic swelling because it is a sign of some serious problems, such as heart disease, kidney disease, and liver disease. Parsley is used as a decoration in various menus in North America, and we tend to get rid of it. A cup of minced parsley has more calcium than a cup of milk and 20 times as much iron as a serving of liver.
You need folate, a B vitamin, for producing red blood cells and helping to prevent birth defects. If you have a problem with spastic bladder, which many women do, parsley will help alleviate that problem.
In “The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook,” parsley serves as a natural diuretic that encourages the issuing of excess fluid (edema). Another study in 2009 in the Brazilian states that parsley can be taken to lower blood pressure. The allergic compound can be the food you have eaten or medicine that you have taken for the first time. Consumption of any such food item would trigger the release of histamines which in turn may cause the lips to swell up.

Heat reduces the accumulation of blood in the swollen area and thus decreases the swelling.
This mixture must stay on the lips for about 15-20 minutes, and should be washed off with cold water thereafter.
Any disorder that affects our eyes, as well as any disorder that affects the area that surrounds our eyes is quite distressful for every person who immediately fears of impairing or losing the eyesight. You can also mix a few drops of organic honey to this mixture, to prevent turmeric and Fuller's earth from drying out your lips.. Swollen eyelids are one such condition, which arises many discomforts since it makes it hard for us to see. Furthermore, swollen eyelids are very tender and we can find washing the eyes or applying makeup very troublesome.Swollen eyelids, also called puffy eyelids, are mainly caused by some infection and should be treated right away in order to prevent the spreading of the bacteria to the nearby area. There are many creams that are made just for this condition and that we can buy over-the-counter. These creams contain aloe vera and vitamin E, and they have proven to decrease the swelling very fast. When the swollen eyelids occur due to the body’s reaction to the allergens, the doctors usually prescribe Benadryl, which can be found either in the form of tablets or as a topical ointment. Aside from Benadryl, there are also antibiotic ointments that are applied directly on the outer part of the eyelids in order to reduce the swelling. Furthermore, the coldness tends to decrease the pain and itchiness.Swollen eyelids may also be cured with the witch hazel. It is recommended to soak the cotton ball with the refrigerated witch hazel and apply it on the closed eyes for about 20 minutes every day.

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