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Aloe vera gel has soothing, healing and moisturizing properties when used topically on extremely dry skin, according to Phyllis A.
Although very dry facial skin can affect anyone, its appearance depends upon your age, where you live and your health status.
Smooth on a gentle moisturizer right after washing your face when skin is still slightly damp.
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Extremely dry skin is common in the winter months, when indoor heating systems strip the skin of moisture. Moisturize the skin right after bathing, which is the best time to lock in any moisture left on the surface of the skin. Heated air indoors during winter, bathing too often and using harsh soaps can contribute to dry skin. Try an oil-based moisturizer, such as baby oil, for extremely dry skin because it lasts longer than other types of moisturizers.
The following 6 home remedies for very dry skin provide you with a few 'all natural' methods to restore the healthy radiance of your complexion.

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It is important to take care of extremely dry skin or risk more severe conditions, such as eczema or dermatitis.
The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you apply moisturizer within three minutes after getting out of the water. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that dry skin occurs most frequently on the lower legs, sides of the abdomen and thighs, although the condition may appear anywhere on the body. Extremely dry skin can have serious side effects, including psychological stress and disfigurement. These medical conditions cause inflammation, scaling and itching on the surface of the skin. Avoid prolonged use, which can put you at risk for complications, such as skin sensitivity.
Most often, dry skin is caused by controllable environmental factors that can be remedied with a few adjustments to your lifestyle.
If you are unable to get rid of your very dry skin on your own, speak to a doctor for further advice.

If any of the gel remains on your skin after about 20 minutes, however, rinse with warm water. However, consult your doctor if dryness and itching interfere with your sleep--or if home treatment does not improve your condition. Apply oil generously, trapping moisture in and preventing your skin from drying out too quickly. Do not use sea salt if you have open wounds, however, as you may experience painful burning.
Repeat the process once or twice daily, or simply replace your regular moisturizer with aloe gel.

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