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There are many different types of sore throat that is differentiated based on the etiological agent. This sore throat comes with cold weather when the dry air, sucks out the humidity out of the dry air and later turns sore. Coughing during cold by itself can result in sore throat feeling, which in fact is not sore throat. In addition, if you have dry cough, cough suppressants, some of which that will result in cough suppressants. Even though there are a number of bacteria, streptococcal bacteria has been the most commonly identified etiological agent for throat infection and results in scarlet fever.
There is an inflammation of connective tissues that will lead to untreated group a strept throat, which can affect joints; and is characterized by swelling and pain of larger joints with the biggest danger being rheumatic fever being inflammation of heart valves leading to heart failure.
Gargling with warm salt water to help to reduce swelling and relieve discomfort by dissolving 5 g of salt in 1 glassful of water. By using vaporizer of humidifier in your bedroom like warm mist that can soothe the inflammation of the swollen air passages and steam vapor by inhalation has also been found to be helpful and is more helpful when drops of volatile oils like eucalyptus, and other throat healing substances.
The use of nonprescription medicines like lozenges and cough drops has been found to be safe and effective by making pain numb. Use of decongestant will help to make breathing easier by reducing inflammation of membranes in the nose to allow for the passage of air. Some of the medicines will not require prescription like paracetamol, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and Aspirin.
The first dosage of prescription medicine to be given usually for sore throat is a dosage of penicillin or alternatively erythromycin for 7 to 10 days. For viral sore throat, only paracetamol and ibuprofen has been usually given, while for some of the minority patients, antibiotics are given as the sore throat could be due to the secondary bacterial infection. Other over the counter medicines will involve sprays containing antiseptics and anesthetics to numb the sore and swollen area or use antiseptic gargles dissolve in an antiseptic base. Though itchy throat is not a serious health problem, it is however, very annoying and may also cause some amount of discomfort. Itchy throat is a condition that can be described as a sensation of throat irritation, which may or may not be accompanied with pain, runny nose and difficulty in eating and talking.
In short, itchy throat is a condition that can be caused by various reasons, ranging from mild to severe. DisclaimerThis article is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.
A strep throat is a bacterial infection of the throat caused by the streptococcus group of bacteria. On the other hand, a warm or cool mist is likely to make you feel comfortable especially if you are battling hot weather outside. At times acidity and acute heartburn push or force the stomach acids back into the throat and the food pipe. Throat lozenges like Vicks and strepsils can prove to be very effective against a strep throat. If your throat ache or pain is very severe, speak to your doctor and take an OTC painkiller like ibuprofen, which is said to be very effective against a sore throat. If the infection is very severe, you may have to take a course of prescription antibiotics to bring down the swelling and the pain in the throat. It is also very important to keep the throat region covered with a muffler or a shawl during harsh winters. Melcare™ sources its manuka honey for medical use from Australian and New Zealand beekeepers. Natural orange oil along with clove and cinnamon oil compliment the honey and make for a pleasant tasting syrup without using artificial flavours or colours. Honey has a long history of use for the relief of irritated throats and dry cough and its use is supported by recent clinical studies.
Shadkam et al (2010) compared the use of honey against a leading cough suppressant drug, Dextromethorphan (DXM).
Honey (Eucalypt sp and Leptospermum sp), glucose, glycerol, gum (Acacia senegal), citric acid, sodium benzoate, orange oil, clove leaf oil, cinnamon leaf oil. Consult your doctor if cough or other symptoms persist for more than 1 week, tend to reoccur or are accompanied by a fever, rash or persistent headache. Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players.
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Because saliva isn't flushing your mouth of food particles and debris regularly, people with dry mouth often get bad breath.
More than 400 types of medicine can cause dry mouth, including over-the-counter drugs for allergies and cold symptoms. Drinking water or milk with meals increases moisture and helps with chewing and swallowing. Some of the causes for sore throat could be very easily treated and will require supplementation with antibiotics, in addition, to the over the counter medicines for pain relief and reducing inflammation. The simple solution for this kind of sore throat is to drink plenty of water for not letting your throat go dry.
Decongestants used for colds, when has not cleared the lungs properly can result in postnasal drip, and is therefore can gives sore throat feeling.
These viruses like adeno and influenza viruses, releases or cause the accumulation of pus to accumulate on the tonsils resulting in streptococcal infection. This classic strept is very red and can result in white or green exudates with pus and swollen tonsils. In this case, using one of the most common antibiotics, ampicillin and amoxicillin, could be dangerous.
The common symptoms of strep throat are burning in the throat, itching, pain and difficulties in swallowing. Take one teaspoon of salt in a glass of moderately hot water and gargle with this water every one hour especially if your symptoms are very acute and severe.
Therefore, it is imperative that you take in adequate quantities of warm fluids and drinks throughout the day. Smoke from car fumes and excessive pollution can immediately flare up a strep throat that was seemingly in recession. These painkillers will at least give you some temporary respite and make you sleep well at night. Acute cases of strep throat can be very excruciating making it difficult for you to gulp down fluids or swallow foods. This will keep the region warm and prevent the infection from flaring up and causing further problems.
You can also have chamomile tea, which is very soothing on the throat and gives immediate relief. Honey from Eucalypt trees and Manuka (Leptospermum sp) shrubs is prepared to a pharmaceutical standard and combined with glucose and glycerine into a soothing syrup.
The honey used in each batch of Family Dry Cough Syrup can be traced back to the individual beekeeping families who cared for the bee hives that produced the honey. The study investigated cough frequency, cough severity and quality of sleep for children and parents. If you wear lipstick, it might end up on your teeth because there’s nothing there to rinse it off. Prescription drugs for high blood pressure, overactive bladder, and mental health problems can also cause it.
It's an autoimmune disorder in which white blood cells attack the body's tear and salivary glands.
If you're not taking medications that cause it, your symptoms might point to an undiagnosed medical condition like Sjogren's syndrome or diabetes. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances.
Even though there is no infection for treating the viral infection, the streptococcal infection is treated with antibiotics, and Tylenol or any pain reliever with anti-inflammatory drugs is given. There are also dark-red to purple spots on the back of the roof and on the uvula; the tongue in severe cases becomes red with white little spots like strawberry tongue. The condition, which is sometimes referred to as sore throat, could be caused by various reasons.
If you have had post nasal drip, your throat is likely to feel irritated and sore and gargles can effectively come to your rescue. These include soups, warm water and luke warm lime juice, which will help to boost your immunity.
You can use a steamer or place a pan of warm water in your room to humidify it and reduce your own discomfort. If you suspect heartburn or acid reflux to be the culprit, get yourself treated for the same as soon as possible. You can prepare these herbal teas at home itself and keep sipping on them throughout the day.

Stay away from refined, spicy and fatty foods as they not only aggravate your sore throat but also provide a breeding environment for the bacteria to thrive in. A significant reduction in cough frequency, cough severity and improvement in child and parent sleep quality was found in the honey group compared to no medication. Effect of Honey on Nocturnal Cough and Sleep Quality A double-blind, Randomised, Placebo Controlled Study.
Effect of Honey, Dextromethorphan, and No Treatment on Nocturnal Cough and Sleep Quality for Coughing Children and Their Parents. Radiation can damage salivary glands, and chemotherapy can cause saliva to thicken and make your mouth feel dry.
If these nerves are damaged, they may not be able to tell the salivary glands to make saliva. But smoking cigarettes or cigars, or using pipes or other tobacco products, even smokeless ones, can aggravate it. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
They also develop a bad breath and can develop swollen lymph nodes and the front side of the neck and the throat will hurt a lot making difficulty in the act of swallowing. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. Coughing is rare in strept throat unlike viral and dryness related sore throat, and the temperature may go to 103 or more degree Celsius. In such cases, home remedies will prove effective to relieve the discomfort.Remedies to Soothe an Itchy ThroatSeverity of symptoms is one of the factors that have to be taken into consideration, while choosing the right itchy throat remedy. It is not advisable to use prescription medication without consulting your health practitioner.
If the symptoms are very severe and interfere with your daily activities or you suspect an underlying medical condition, then consult your doctor immediately.Gargling with lukewarm saline water is one of the popular remedies for this condition.
In case you get no relief, see a doctor who will investigate and prescribe some antibiotics to kill the infection.
The steam will help to reduce your nasal congestion and give you relief from a sore throat. For better results, repeat gargling every two to three hours.Take a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice and add a teaspoon of honey. Otherwise, prepare ginger and honey tea by steeping ginger in boiling water for at least ten minutes. Mix honey and consume as hot tea.Boil a cup of milk (can be replaced with water) along with a teaspoon of turmeric and drink it before going to bed. Honey can be used as a sweetener.As dehydration is one of the causes of itching in throat, staying well-hydrated can bring relief. Avoid citrus juices that may irritate the throat.Another itchy throat remedy, chamomile tea, can be prepared by steeping three to four teaspoons of dried chamomile blossoms in a quart of boiling water, for around five minutes. You may replace it with licorice tea.For temporary relief from itchiness in throat, you can use throat lozenges.
This boosts production of saliva that will lubricate the throat and thins the mucus accumulation, if any.
You can also chew some raw garlic or cloves for relieving the discomfort.A vaporizer can offer you instant relief, if you are suffering from an itchy throat. Hot steam is good for moistening your throat and also for opening up the blocked nasal passages. Inhale the steam at least thrice a day, for best results.Apart from the above said itchy throat remedies, you may also opt for over-the-counter medicines. However, if the condition persists or worsens, consult your doctor for appropriate treatment. Seek medical attention, if you have a high fever, if there is blood in the phlegm or saliva or if there are additional symptoms like ear pain. It will be better to avoid those factors (like excessive smoking) that trigger the condition.What Causes Itching in Throat?The throat has an inner lining of mucous membrane, which contain nerve endings.
The inner walls of the throat along with the nerve endings, are covered and protected by the slimy mucus secreted from the tiny glands in the mucous membrane. If, due to any reason, the mucous glands fail to produce enough mucus, then the nerve endings get exposed and irritated by certain foods and polluted air.

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