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Colgate Savacol is a proven broad spectrum antibacterial mouth and throat rinse that has a wide range of clinical applications.
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At Mostly Mouthcare we are privileged to work with some leading clinicians in fields as diverse as Oral Hygiene, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Dentistry, Radiotherapy, Speech and Language, Oncology, Maxillofacial Surgery and others. Your own mouthcare experiences, difficulties, recommendations, suggestions and questions are an invaluable source of information for others. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. It is known by everyone that ear issues are amongst the highly threatened physical glitches.
The inner ear is also scientifically referred to as ‘labyrinth’; hence, inner ear infection is also referred to as labyrinthitis.
As aforementioned the chief reason for inner ear infection can be virus or bacteria in the middle ear region.
Issues related to Eustachian, such as inflammation, protrusion and mucus etc may cause to it be blocked, which may lead to accumulation of fluids in the ear. There are other middle ear conditions that may be associated with inner ear infection in adults. Otitis media with infusion is an inflammatory condition and buildup of fluid in the middle ear region. Chronic suppurative otitis media is a condition wherein persistent ear infection is experienced. The treatment of inner ear infection usually starts with your doctor examining your symptoms and physical condition. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
For the past fifty years, Chemotherapy Drugs have played a major role in the treatment of many forms of cancer. Chemotherapy has been proven effective and destroys cancer cells by stopping them from growing and multiplying. Nausea and vomiting, the most common side effect of chemotherapy, is known medically as Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting (CINV). Radiation therapy is one of the most common treatments for cancer and is used in more than half of all cancer cases.
The effect on healthy cells is minimized because the radiation is focused specifically on the cancerous area. When nausea and vomiting occurs as a result of radiation therapy, it is known medically as Radiation-Induced Nausea and Vomiting (RINV).
Consumers are advised to discuss with their physicians the medically appropriate treatment for their respective nausea discomforting symptoms. Nausea and vomiting can be associated with serious conditions; if symptoms persist, contact your doctor. After oral surgery it is important to keep your mouth clean, especially to help the wound heal uneventfully.
The main purpose of the GUM® Post-surgical toothbrush is to be very gentle but highly effective in removing dental plaque and food debris from near the healing wound and any sutures keeping the wound closed.

Use the GUM® Post-surgical toothbrush as instructed by your dental professional until your surgical site is fully healed. Being so soft and gentle, the GUM® Post-Surgical toothbrush can be used around mouth irritations and ulcers and to clean exposed roots that may have sensitivity. I used this after I had a dental implant as it was the only toothbrush with bristles gentle enough to not cut up my gums and the implant site.
I have some gum recession (that now requires a gum graft), which may have been caused by a lifetime of vigorous brushing.
I have very sensitive gums and a friend's dentist gave her a GUM Post Surgical Toothbrush.
This toothbrush is the SOFTEST ever with bristles that are flexible enough to still clean the teeth and gums.
Their vision was to set up a unique practice with advanced technology in an environment that values individual care and attention. We are also able to consult with opinion leaders, influencers and consumer groups across a variety of different subjects which cover health and wellbeing, and especially mouth health.
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Ear is an important part of the body and any anomaly related to the ear is quite concerning. Under this condition you may experience ringing or roaring sound which is not actually happening in the surrounding but only inside your ear. This infection may usually result out of other physical illness such as flu, allergic reaction or cold etc.
It is the bacterial or viral infection carried in this fluid which may also infect the inner region of the ear. Inflammation or swelling of these adenoids may lead to blockage of the tube resulting to infection in ear. In case the inner ear infection in adult is due to bacterial infection then the doctor may suggest prescribe antibiotics. It may be the only treatment used, or it may be used in combination with surgery or radiation therapy. For instance, the patient’s hair will grow back again and other side effects will end. In Radiation therapy, high-energy radiation is beamed onto specific organs or parts of organs. However, when radiation therapy is applied to the Digestive System (GI tract) or directly to the Brain, nausea and vomiting is most likely to occur as a side effect. Evidence suggests that it happens because of cell injury in the stomach and GI Tract or (in the case of radiation to the brain) because of cell injury to the part of the brain that controls vomiting.
Access to the above sources should not be construed a medical advice which should only be acquired by an evaluation and discussion with a physician. If skin irritation occurs beneath the band, or if swelling should occur, stop wearing the band and contact your doctor if symptoms persist.
Your oral surgeon, dentist or dental hygienist will have given you individualized advice about how to look after the surgical wound as it heals.
Do not forget to perform your normal oral hygiene routine of toothbrushing and between-teeth cleaning for all teeth and gums not involved in the surgery.
After it healed, since I found that the fine and soft bristles seemed to reach into more crevices, I now use it after brushing with my regular toothbrush to make sure I get every part of my mouth without hurting my gums.
My dentist gave me a couple of these and said he himself brushes with them daily because they're so gentle yet effective. It had the same packaging & description but the head shape was different in that head was more narrow and square.

I have some recession and bone loss (under control, fortunately) and this brush does a great job of getting into all the nooks and crannies, especially the margin area. It is important to understand the treatment for viral infection in inner ear would be different from bacterial infection.
Such condition may also cause swelling and obstruction in the nasal passage, Eustachian tube as well as throat.
The condition may result because the effusion persists even after the ear infection is treated. However, since most cases of inner ear infection are caused due to virus, medicines efficacious in counteracting these viruses are prescribed to the patient. Because of this, there are many possible side effects from chemotherapy, such as hair loss, dry mouth, mouth sores, difficulty swallowing, and nausea and vomiting.
This does not, however, lessen the pain, discomfort, and disruption that a patient experiences while the treatments are ongoing. This radiation breaks up the genetic material inside the cancerous cells, which stops them from multiplying and spreading to other areas of the body. The same is true for any radiation to the upper abdomen (above the navel), because the radiation must still pass through parts of the GI tract. The GUM® Post-Surgical toothbrush has been designed with those instructions in mind so you can keep the healing wound clean. This not only keeps the rest of your mouth clean and healthy but also helps reduce the buildup of potentially infectious bacteria around the surgical site. It means that I now brush my teeth twice, but I've been getting fewer cavities and comments from the oral hygienist that I seem to be flossing better.
You may have to replace it more often than your old brush, but you could be saving your gums and teeth from those harsher brushes.
The otitis media with effusion may also occur due noninfectious obstruction of Eustachian tubes. For the low price, it's worth it in terms of not needing to spend $$$ on fillings and crowns.
I've also noticed this brush helps remind me to brush more gently to help keep it intact longer. Feels like velvety brushes flowing through those EVER SO TENDER gums of those sensitive teeth. So, although it was the correct product by title, it wasn't the model I intended when I ordered. Here, we will be discussing about inner ear infection symptoms in adults, its causes as well as treatments. Hence, one should not confuse labyrinthitis with outer ear infection or middle ear infection. This sign is highly annoying when you are in silence place and the tinnitus sound is very high. This sign is a formidable sign of inner ear infection in adults, as it sends false signals to your brain. It is essential to take bed rest while other medicines are prescribed to you for alleviating the symptoms and eradicating the condition.  See a doctor as soon as you suspect inner ear infection.

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