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Featured Lifestyle ArticlesWhat Does Mother’s Day Mean To You Now?10 Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Also called as Edema, swollen feet is a normal biological process wherein the body tends to produce more water and blood during pregnancy. One of the veins affected by the enlarged uterus happens to be the one called Vena Cava (goes through the right thigh) which takes blood to the lower body, especially the thighs, ankles and feet. Edema is not a cause for concern as it is a normal biological process that usually dissipates on its own after the prenatal period. As mentioned earlier, edema is a normal condition that occurs in almost every other pregnant woman. Avoid standing for extended periods as this could channel more blood or fluids to the legs. Try placing your legs on cushions or small tables (in a horizontal position) whenever you sit down instead of placing them on the floor in a vertical position. Opting for flat heeled shows can be a great relief for women suffering from swollen feet during pregnancy.
A new and yet quite popular product that has been doing the rounds of late in the women’s hosiery department is the pregnancy stocking. Do not take the problem too seriously during the pregnancy, as this can lead to depression or anxieties.
Edema is caused by excessive fluids stored in the body of a pregnant woman, which is a normal process. If you as a woman are still worries about it, especially if it is taking a longer time to reduce after the pregnancy, you can take a number of steps to solve the problem yourself. The water intake can help your body store less fluids, which is actually the process during the pregnancy.
I’m really grateful that I haven’t experienced the “beached whale” look yet, but I do know some other pregnant mamas experience some bad swelling at this time.
In addition, know that sluggish circulation in your legs mixed with normal pregnancy water retention is pretty common and can cause swelling….
But still, it’s not fun to be puffy, so I’m working to avoid that pregnancy swelling as much as possible. Move-  I know that sitting in one place for long periods of time also contributes to swollen ankles, but thankful for Jackson, I don’t have to worry much about that right now.
Having a fit and healthy pregnancy with a nutritious diet free of processed, high-sodium foods and a daily exercise routine will be your best bet in preventing swelling.
Adding just a dash of pure lemon juice (not from concentrate) to your water not only helps flavor your water, but can help reduce swelling.
Cucumbers are also a natural diuretic, containing sulfur and silicon, that stimulate the kidneys to be more efficient.
Dandelion is a good source of phytochemicals that encourage the elimination of excess fluid. Compression hosiery and socks help improve circulation by improving venous blood to the heart. Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Cypress essential oils can be used together to massage onto swollen feet and ankles to reduce swelling.

While you’re down there with the essential oils, go ahead and give yourself a good foot and leg massage. Wrapping a cabbage leaf around the swollen area for 20 minutes can draw out excess fluid and reduce swelling. While I’m not 100% certain, I would think that the antioxidants and flavinoids that reduce inflammation are found in the skin, so I’d leave the peel on!
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And even though the entire body experiences some amount of swelling during this period, swollen feet can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause pain in certain situations. And even though the additional water and blood are needed for the proper development of the fetus, it leads to increased fluid retention which in turn causes all the extra water to flow down to the extremities of the body, in this case, the feet. Accordingly, the uterus which by now would have increased substantially in size would put extra pressure on the veins that carry blood in the body. Under pressure, the blood flow in the Vena Cava slows down and leads to the accumulation of blood in the lower body. However, in cases the swelling does not reduce and instead, starts extending towards the hands and face, it is considered wise to get the issue checked out by a doctor.
However, if it tends to make you pretty uncomfortable, here are some effective tips to take care of the issue.
This would again cause more amounts of blood or fluids to reach the feet and stagnate there, thereby contributing to the swelling. This would lift off the pressure placed on the Vena Cava vein which courses through the right hand side of the body. Avoid salty foods as much as possible as the salt content in them would contribute to excess water retention in the body. It also pays to choose shoes that are comfortable and stretchable so that they don’t cramp your feet when you wear them (happens in the case of narrow shoes). Easy to wear and extremely comfortable, these pregnancy stockings can inhibit the accumulation of fluids in your feet and thus prevent them from swelling up if you wear them from morning till night. The swelling on areas such as ankles, feet and hands is caused due to excessive fluids that are stored in the body, because the body is naturally capable and stores more water when a woman is pregnant.
This happens to almost all women and the problem is quickly solved soon after the child birth. Although the swelling is a disease, the route cause is something natural so neither the woman suffers nor the doctors take it serious during the pregnancy period. For example, drinking of a lot of water itself is a solution to the problem of swelling and it can boost its treatment pace at a greater speed. After the child birth staying dehydrated can lead to storage of excessive fluids in the body. For example, eating Mellon can help compensate for water intake and it can help reduce excessive fluids in your body. However, only do some gentle exercises in the beginning, especially at the time of breastfeeding. A mom who is on a mission to banish the muffin tops, thunder thighs, and jello arms of fellow new moms worldwide.

Swelling or edema in pregnancy is normally caused by the larger amount of blood in the body, which can pool if circulation is poor, especially in the lower extremities. In fact, I had very little swelling through my fit and healthy pregnancy, even though I was puffy and swollen through my first three.
Lemon juice is a mild and safe diuretic that will help your system rid itself of excess water.
Because circulation slows during pregnancy, the blood and fluid in our body can pool, causing a buildup of fluid. As an added bonus, compression socks can prevent varicose veins in your legs, which can be common during pregnancy. Add 1 cup of the salt (magnesium sulfate) per gallon of warm water and soak your hands, feet, or your entire body. Mix these with coconut oil and rub in 2-3 drops on the swollen area (it’s best to avoid essential oils in your first trimester).
I used a chiropractor who specialized in pregnancy and these treatments instantly reduced my swelling, the minute I walked out of the office. As the excess water collects in them, your feet start appearing swollen and cause discomfort with time. The problem is solved on its own after child birth as the body loses all excessive fluids, and if not, a woman can take a number of steps to reduce edema.
It quickly reduces and is completely healed in a certain period of time after the child birth. At the same time, try to avoid the food items that have high salt level and other spicy food items.
Click here to learn more about the secret fat-loss club you're going to want to be part of! Moving and stretching gets the circulation going, reducing the amount of fluid that builds up. While they certainly weren’t the cutest thing in the world, my compression socks helped a ton with swelling. This not only relaxes you and feels amazing, but will increase your circulation and reduce fluid buildup.
Chiropractic treatment takes pressure off of vital joints and nerves that tend to be compressed during pregnancy, which in turn promotes healthy circulation to extremities that pool with fluid. Just a question- do you need to leave the skin on the cucumbers for the benefit or is unpeeled ok too?
It is not something that cannot be treated or to be worried about, but it is still recommended to consult a doctor in such situation.
Your body can quickly dehydrate otherwise, and add to your edema problem, instead of solving it.

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