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To some extent, bees and other insects like wasps carry venom and pass it on the person on whom it stings.
One should remove the leftover stinger on the area in which the bee stings so that the amount of venom that is injected into the blood can be reduced.
Though the intensity of pain is the same for all people who experience bee sting, still the level of itching and swelling may vary.
Interestingly, when you observe the seasoned beekeepers they will not pay any attention for the bee sting and will just brush off the stinger without worrying about it. For treating localized allergic reaction, it is enough if you wash the affected part with soapy water and apply hydrocortisone ointment. In case of severe allergy, the person should be given a shot of adrenaline and taken to the nearest hospital. Be careful and take precautionary steps when you go outdoors and in particular to new places. Cover the windows of your house with insect repellant nets and spray insecticide on the dustbins regularly.
No matter your age, dealing with swollen feet can be very difficult, especially if you are otherwise typically quite active.
One of the best and easiest ways to reduce swelling is to avoid foods that are high in sodium. As with other swollen body parts, icing swollen feet may also prove effective when trying to reduce foot swelling.
If simple treatments don't reduce swelling, there may be a more serious problem that requires a doctor's care. Bee stings are part of life for many people who are working in environment that is prone to insects like bees. You need to brush off the stinger from the area as quickly as possible by your fingers or any tools. In case the bee stings on soft areas like face or cheeks, it may cause more pain and swelling.
For localized reaction, the inflammation may also develop on the surrounding area, along with redness and formation of spots.

These people who develop anaphylactic reaction are already allergic to bee stings and the entire body gets affected.
In case of swelling, you can apply ice cubes over the area or take antihistamines for managing the swelling and Ibuprofen for pain.
Doctors would observe the health condition and may start IV fluids are given along with oxygen therapy. You need to wear complete covered clothing and proper shoes when you need to visit such areas. In case you are allergic to bee sting, you should always carry epinephrine injection and avoid going alone to bushy areas. Studies have shown that high sodium intake can lead to fluid retention in the feet, especially in those who are already suffering from cardiovascular disease.
For best results, an icepack should be placed on the foot in question for at least 20 minutes.
Swelling can be caused by heart, liver, or kidney failure or by a blood clot or infection, among other things.
If I'm in a car, I try o take a break every few hours and walk around a little to get blood circulation going. Excessive swelling or swelling that develops suddenly and is fairly constant may be a sign of a problem. For example, high blood pressure in pregnancy can cause this kind of foot swelling. The area or part of the body in which the bee stings your body, will determine the extent of pain and swelling. Often the panic reaction is more than the actual pain caused by bee sting for many persons. For example, studies have shown that avoiding foods rich in sodium is one of the best ways to reduce foot swelling. Some examples of foods that are high in sodium include pickles, ketchup, chips, and almost all pre-packaged or highly processed foods.
This can often lead to high amounts of foot swelling, especially for those who already are suffering from poor circulatory function. If an icepack is not available, resting the foot in a tub filled with ice is another viable option.

If the feet or legs are red or warm to the touch, or if the swelling is very sudden, it's a good idea to see a doctor.
It's a bit difficult during a flight, but I do take extra trips to the bathroom just for an excuse to walk a little bit. My dad is a doctor and he actually suggested that I take a baby aspirin during trips. But when I'm up and about, I can see my feet swelling again. I know that swelling is normal in pregnancy because water retention occurs. It would surprise you to know that sometimes bee stings can benefit the person who suffers from chronic arthritis and MS. In case of severe reaction, the person may develop allergy, and show symptoms of anaphylaxis such as shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, restlessness, and wheezing, red rash on the affected part, swelling on the face and mouth and reduced blood pressure.
It is better to carry an injection of epinephrine with them when they need to visit forest areas where insects are common. In addition, keeping swollen feet elevated and icing them with caution may also prove effective in reducing the symptoms of swollen feet.
While foot swelling associated with high sodium diets can be reversed, it is often indicative of more serious, chronic health problems. God forbid, issues with the kidneys can cause swelling as well. It's possible that you are experiencing foot swelling just due to the hormonal changes and changes with the weigh. These kinds of reactions are fatal and each year many people have died in USA because of anaphylactic reaction and delay in getting hospitalized. Those affected with swollen feet should sit in bed or in a chair that allows them to keep their feet raised for at least 20 minutes. Often, individuals suffering from the condition already experience decreased circulation to this body part, and may not be able to notice symptoms of frostbite as quickly as those not suffering from decreased circulation. But I urge you to mention it to your doctor so that they can run some basic tests to make sure that everything is okay. But stretching the legs and walking around a little bit is a sure way to prevent and reduce swelling caused by poor circulation.

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