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I've seen some people refer to training a woman you're dating or perhaps have entered into a [long-term relationship] with. To recap: women can (and should) be "trained" like dogs to act the way men would like them to, emotional responses are "weapons" and there's apparently no need to have a real, human conversation when your partner's behavior upsets you. Red Bull pulled off an amazing stunt when it had Dutch F1 racer Max Verstappen take a car up Kitzbuhel’s ski slopes.
According to BlackFlag, over 3,500 people watched it in person and millions more have now watched the video. Nothing is final, but there is a proposed fine of nearly $33,000 for Red Bull if they are found in violation.
Gerhard Berger believes that Red Bull Racing's promotion of Max Verstappen will give it a good chance to take on Mercedes in the coming years. Berger, who has long been close to Dietrich Mateschitz and was once part of the management of Toro Rosso, insisted Red Bull needs the best possible line-up to have a shot at defeating Mercedes pairing Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Berger also reckoned that the RB12 is the best chassis in the current Formula 1 field - and that Red Bull can now see "a light at the end of the tunnel". Berger says that Verstappen is a potential future champion: “He's still young, he still has to prove everything, but for me he's a clear championship candidate in the future. It’s not everyday you see an 800-horsepower car with chains on its tires driving around a slope. It was all staged to promote th Austrian Grand Prix, but organizers may not have gotten all the necessary approvals for the stunt. It seems that authorities are viewing the whole thing as a mini F1 race, despite the fact that there were no other cars and no one was competing.
When the button is clicked, the timer goes back to sixty seconds and the countdown starts again.So what happens when the clock reaches zero? No one knows yet, because click-happy Reddit users – almost a million so far – can’t seem to resist clicking the button before it does.And it raises some interesting questions, doesn’t it?Will the countdown timer ever reach zero?

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