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Previously, if an AP forgot their password they would need to call the Contact Centre to obtain it.
Now when an AP forgets their password they can type in their e-mail address to have the password sent to their inbox.
Gillyana was playing on the shore when she heard her grandfather, who had swum quite far out into the lake, calling for help. Most of us focus on the recommended DVD players, LCD projectors and other high-tech equipment – after all, these could really change our training. Much of the simpler causality simulation can be done with good acting, minor injuries and without fake wounds. Within the context of a first aid course casualties will normally present the injuries relevant to the course and the topic(s) being taught.
At the Red Cross we do everything we can to ensure you receive your complete order in a timely fashion. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of customer service as such we have processes in place that enhance customer services while maintaining our fiscal responsibility.
By becoming a Red Cross member, your voice, skills, energy and experience will help the Red Cross remain responsive into the future as we continue to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in your community, in Canada and around the world.

The Federation carries out relief operations to assist victims of disasters, and combines this with development work to strengthen the capacities of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. We are an Ontario based First Aid and CPR training provider for businesses, groups, associations and individuals. Corporations, schools and groups can book private training sessions while individuals and small groups can register for one of our many public courses at one of our professional training facilities throughout Ontario. No Private company in Canada has more training facilities or offers more public courses than First Aid 4U. If you need help please contact us by email or call 1-866-966-4566 to speak with one of our customer service team.
To provide improved customer service, Red Cross has added a new password function to the APnet. But so can casualty simulation, how else can candidates really know how they’re going to react? Students who are learning to be casualties would need to act all kinds of situations and are strongly encouraged NOT to act something which will leave them personally distressed.
At the beginning of the course show students how to act out a scenario and create wounds with make up (if you have some).

Our general practice is to double count and then weigh the materials to ensure we have packed and shipped the complete order.
Compare the weight of your order to the weight of what was shipped to determine if all materials were sent. Red Cross members will receive notification of annual meetings, receive regular membership information about Red Cross member activities and decisions, as well as issues and trends that affect and shape the direction of the organization. First Aid 4U offers WSIB approved First Aid and CPR training courses throughout OntarioA and we are one of the fastest growing training companies in Canada. Membership is open to anyone who understands and upholds our seven Fundamental Principles: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, and Universality. As per the Red Cross ordering guidelines, as soon as you receive your order you need to check to ensure that no materials are missing.

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