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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Booktopia - Emergency First Aid, Australian Red Cross : The Power of Humanity by Hinkler Books Pty Ltd, 9781741855838. Today we have a guest post with some basic survival tips, and a review of what may be needed in an emergency situation! There are several legitimate sources for finding emergency preparedness information, and the Red Cross is one of these sources that provide us with information on averting and dealing with the most likely disasters. In less-than-ideal and unsanitary conditions, you should also be prepared with what is called a Mylar Bag.
The best foods to store away for emergency situations are both space-efficient and high in energy. Energy: You will also want to have the right heat and light equipment available, because without heat, one cannot survive.

A first aid kit is also a must, as well as a Swiss Army knife for sundry situations requiring that you tweak existing objects for your purposes.
Some of these include earthquakes, large fires, chemical spills and water contamination, as well as various forms of terrorism, and even pandemics that can lead to social and civil unrest. It is an excellent idea to keep in mind that self-reliance is key, and one should be prepared to be self-reliant for a minimum of three days. Have an available camp heater if possible but definitely keep matches and a portable light. This is due to the fact that it might be necessary to engage in a camp out or similar such accommodations. These are popular with the armed forces and are self-contained rations packaged in a light-weight manner. What if your kids hate one certain ingredient (like green beans or something) and forcing them to eat it would only add unpleasantness to an already stressful situation?

By the same token, your clothing should not be cotton but polyester or another material that doesn’t stay wet as long as cotton does. If you’re going to build an emergency food stockpile, the contents and amounts need to be carefully calculated to meet your particular needs. You can often find all these items in sporting goods stores, as well as army surplus stores, but do keep an eye on the expiration dates.
I know it’s a pain but there are a lot of resources out there to help, like this article at Martial Law USA which provides a good start to anyone looking to store food for an emergency.

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