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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Let’s move on to the first year…between the ages of birth and one year…when do we expect an infant to recognize and respond to family members’ names?*Again, go ahead and choose the age that you believe corresponds most closely with the emergence of this skill.
Last one….at what age should we expect a child to follow a 3-step unrelated command…such as “Put the plate in the sink. I was trying to think of an adjective that started with R so I could have a cutesy alliteration title – but I only came up with risky, ridiculous, and rad. ABA Receptive Identification by Noun – I love this app but could not find the link for it! Receptive Furniture free – This game is free but the My Program Books makes receptive identification apps for everything from colors to fruit to letters. Animals Sounds free – This app is only flashcards of animal noises paired with the picture but I like using this one for animal sound identification. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. High Wire Inferencing has 24 inferencing cards: 12 inferencing clue cards and 12 inferencing story cards. This entry was posted in SLP and tagged 19 April 2013, Newsletter, Receptive Language, SLP. For example, if a parent shares a snack at the table in the kitchen every morning, the child may follow the directions to “Sit at the table” because he or she is associating the action with the snack that the parent is preparing, rather than with the words “sit” and “table”.*Let’s think about this for a few moments.

I am going to share some information about typical receptive language milestones…but let’s go ahead and test your knowledge first!*Okay, I want you to choose the age that you believe corresponds most closely with the emergence of this skill.
These little humans continue to show awareness of a speaker…as they get a little older, however, their skills improve. Go ahead and put a sunburst on the age that corresponds to when you think this milestone is typically met. I have shared with you my favorite reading apps, math apps, free apps, and even the app I use for charting my data. These are great to work with my students who are lower functioning to build verbal discrimination and identification skills. I cover the iPad so the student can’t see it and have them guess what animal makes the sound.
At first I loved it but then I realized that in order to buy each library you needed to purchase the card set.
I love the categories, following directions and answering questions for all my PreK kiddie. Inferencing clue cards have three clues and the students must use the information to infer who or what the card is talking about.  The inferencing story cards are short 2-3 sentence stories that gives the student a scenerio that asks them an inferential question about it and asks them to support it by telling how they came to that idea. Lane’s SLP Materials’ newest Receptive Language worksheets!  They are all free! We provide young children with these “hints” about language without even realizing that we are doing it—and that’s great because we WANT the children to learn from the experiences and to understand the language within the context in which we’ve provided it!

We learn early on where the SOURCE of information seems to come from and attend it that specific direction.Newborns are also able to discriminate between angry and friendly voices—and react accordingly—by the end of their first month on this earth. This app is very simple and straight forward picture identification with common vocabulary. For working on receptive language, it will ask a question based on a picture and provide 3 textual answer options.
Today we will discuss more about how children learn to listen…what we can and should expect from infants and toddlers regarding their receptive language and listening skills…how we, as ADULTS , can engage young children so that they can most effectively listen and learn!
I want you to consider all of the automaticcues—including both gestures and routines—that you use when you are expecting an infant or toddler to follow your directions. They also learn to respond with gestures or vocalizations to adult verbalizations—even though they may not have the words, they are beginning to understand that when an adult or older child talks to them, they should “talk back!” Ultimately, before a child is one year old, he or she is already learning to understand the rules of conversation. The verb game is great because the mouse will do the action so this is an awesome way to pair the concept with the spoken word.

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