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In another wonderful post on global warming, Skeptical Science recently conducted a comprehensive review of scientific studies on the causes of global warming.
At Skeptical Science, we have several recent studies which have used a number of diverse approaches to tease out the contributions of various natural and human effects to global warming.  Here we will review the results of these various studies, and a few others which we have not previously examined, to see what the scientific literature and data have to say about exactly what is causing global warming. All of these studies, using a wide range of independent methods, provide multiple lines of evidence that humans are the dominant cause of global warming over the past century, and especially over the past 50 to 65 years (Figure 1). Figure 1: Net human and natural percent contributions to the observed global surface warming over the past 50-65 years according to Tett et al.
Note that the numbers provided in this summary post are best estimates from each paper.  For the sake of simplicity we have not included error bars, but we have provided links to the original research for those who would like to see the uncertainty ranges in each estimate. Most of the studies discussed below looked at the same few influences on global temperature, because they are the dominant effects.
As we know, human greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions warm the planet by increasing the abundance of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, thus increasing the greenhouse effect. Solar activity also warms or cools the planet by increasing or decreasing the amount of radiation reaching the Earth’s atmosphere and surface.
Huber and Knutti estimate that since 1850 and 1950, approximately 75% and 100% of the observed global warming is due to human influences, respectively. Using the temperature data from the British Hadley Centre (which was used by LR08, and is the most frequently-used temperature data set in these studies), FR11 found that the three natural effects in their analysis exerted a small net cooling effect from 1979 to 2010, and therefore the leftover influence, which is predominantly due to human effects, is responsible for more than 100% of the oberved global warming over that timeframe. Figure 2: Percent contributions of various effects to the observed global surface warming over the past 100-150 years according to Tett et al. Figure 3: Percent contributions of various effects to the observed global surface warming over the past 50-65 years according to Tett et al.
Figure 4: Percent contributions of various effects to the observed global surface warming over the past 100-150 years according to Meehl et al. Keep up to date with all the most interesting green news on the planet by subscribing to our (free) Planetsave newsletter.
Zachary Shahan is the director of CleanTechnica, the most popular cleantech-focused website in the world, and Planetsave, a world-leading green and science news site. Aside from his work on CleanTechnica and Planetsave, he's the founder and director of Solar Love, EV Obsession, and Bikocity. You Won’t Believe What I Found in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Regarding Climate Change – I Sure Was Surprised!
Zachary, It’s not confusing, there simply is not a way to contribute over 100% of anything, net or otherwise.
Obviously, there are different ways it could have been presented, and this is the way they chose.
Thanks Zachary – very informative presentation, although I note a few of the other posters here continue to deny reality. I find it astounding that people can believe that pumping millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every day isn’t effecting the climate, and they seem to discount the unprecendented melting of the polar caps, ice sheets and glaciers worldwide. Personally I think we have passed the tipping point, and that no matter what we do there will be ever more serious climatic consquences as we go forward. How much atmospheric warming is provided by heat released from nuclear reactors and the 95 degree water released into waterways? If you take the points before a storm and much later after a storm and then plot that, the line is flat! Can you show me the 1000 papers that scientificly prove using scientific method “man made global warming”?
If you check Google for temperature rise on earth for the past 30 years you will find a rise in temperature of about 1 C. If you want to start a lively conversation going the next time you are out among friends, ask if people think global warming is real.
Scientists who argue for global warming being real base most of their evidence on the interpretation of the change in the levels of gases in the atmosphere and the ocean. Argument 2 – Rise in Earth’s Average Temperature – Global temperature rise during past century and half continues. Argument 3 – Rise in Ocean Temperature – The rise in the number of vehicles and industries has resulted in greenhouse gases getting trapped in the atmosphere.
Argument 4 – Shrinking Glaciers – The glaciers on several mountain ranges, particularly in Greenland and Antarctica, are decreasing in size due to reduction in gases that help to maintain temperatures, and changes in the regions climate. Argument 5 – Ocean Acidification – Acid level in ocean is increasing which is making the oceans of the world more acidic. Argument 1 – No Significant and Prolonged Temperature Changes Since 1997 – Scientists who argue against global warming say global warming isn’t real because since the 90s there hasn’t been a significant temperature change.
Argument 2 – Not Enough Historical Data Available – There is no consensus about global warming being real among scientists. Argument 3 – Arctic Ice Increased by 50% Since 2012 – Arctic Ice increased in volume 50% in 2012 alone. Argument 4 – Climate Models used are Proven to be Unreliable – The climate model calculations used to predict the effect of global warming have been proven to be flawed which means that the long term predictions that they have been making are meaningless. Argument 5 – Early Predictions About the Effects of Warming Have Been Proven Wrong – Advocates who promote arguments against global warming being real, point towards all the dates having come and gone where predictions were made about effects that never happened. The main part of the problem lies in the two groups using different definitions of how global warming appears in the climate. To be considered proof of a hypothesis, the studies have to be able to be replicated by others and produce the same results. The researches were finally able to land and check out the site on July 16, confirming that it is no hoax. Guinean women washing their hands at the entrance of the Sino-Guinean hospital where Ebola patinets have been treated. Welcome to Burden of Proof, a regular column in which Julia Belluz (a journalist) and Steven Hoffman (an academic) join forces to tackle the most pressing health issues of our time — especially bugs, drugs, and pseudoscience thugs — and uncover the best science behind them. It's been nearly 40 years since the discovery of Ebola, yet we're dealing with its deadliest outbreak in history and one that is four times larger the first. Since then, we've learned a lot about Ebola: that it's spread through contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person, that we can stop it by using simple precautionary measures and basic hygiene practices. Here's what's surprising and interesting about this state of affairs: it is not caused by a lack of human ingenuity or scientific capacity to come up with Ebola remedies. Since the first Ebola outbreak, which killed 280 people in 1976, we discovered that the virus is zoonotic, meaning it's transmitted to humans from an animal reservoir.
The countries where Ebola has popped up also happen to be some of the poorest on the planet, with the least health spending per capita.

Compare that with the US, where more than $8,000 US is spent every year on the health care of each citizen.
Ebola can have a death rate of up to 90 percent, but we know that isolating sick patients and applying precautionary measures in healthcare settings — wearing gloves, gowns, and masks — will stop the spread of the disease. In the current outbreak, more than 60 health workers have already died; all were African nationals, not foreign aid workers. Ebola will continue to move through Africa — this time, and again in the future — not only because of the viral reservoirs and broken health systems specific to the continent.
Right now, more money goes into fighting baldness and erectile dysfunction than hemorrhagic fevers like dengue or Ebola.
When a virus like Ebola does attract money, it's mainly from department of defense and not traditional disease research structures since Ebola is considered a potential bioterrorism weapon. The result of this architecture of investments is that most health products that hit the market don't focus on sicknesses of the poor.
As long as we perpetuate this global system of R&D funding, outbreaks of neglected diseases like Ebola will keep happening. The best thing to do is to find a medicine that aborts the migraine and stick with that medicine.
One doctor decided to illustrate all the different things it could be by using some sort of Venn diagram. I encourage everyone suffering from migraines to keep a food journal, and although it is very tedious, it can be one of the best things you ever do. It took almost two weeks before I had a migraine episode and it was the longest I had gone in almost a year. I noticed that it took me 24 to 48 hours before I developed a migraine from a suspected food group.
Rather than recounting every single food that I cut out of my diet and the effects, I have listed the major groups and foods below that I have completely cut out of my diet. In short, my migraines are really food allergies and small amounts of one or more of the above can trigger a migraine episode within 48 hours. I would definitely stay away from kale and collard greens as these are particularly strong on your stomach. 2004 (M04, red), Lean and Rind 2008 (LR08, purple), and Foster and Rahmstorf 2011 (FR11, green). He has been covering green news of various sorts since 2008, and he has been especially focused on solar energy, electric vehicles, and wind energy since 2009. No more scientific consensus show us how the ecosystem works and prove your point then there will no debate because it will be science based on facts and not (like psychology) stastistics. If you check the temperature on Mars for the same period, you will find about the same increase. It is a hot button issue for many and the arguments for and against global warming can be confusing as they may appear to use the same data to prove different results.
The actual warming of temperature is something they say they can document, but the primary evidence is drawn from detecting what precedes a temperature rise – the change, and effect of atmospheric gases on the Earth’s environment. This is partially attributed to the melting of ice caps and glaciers, but more to the changes in the gases contained within the sea.
Tracking global atmospheric temperatures since the 1800s, scientists point to a steady rise with a stronger period in the 70s, lull in the 90s and a return to the rising pattern in the 2000s. Studies conducted by NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment show Greenland lost 36 to 60 cubic miles of ice every year between 2000 and 2006. This is due to emission of more harmful gases in the atmosphere by humans which is getting absorbed by the oceans. They often look towards the same evidence as those in favor of proving its existence, but draw different conclusions. The upswing in the temperature started from 1975, continued till 1997 and the temperature has been flat since then which clearly states that there isn’t any significant change in temperature in last 17 years. Advocates also point towards the fact that a recent gathering of 31,000 scientists in the field of environmental science couldn’t reach a consensus on whether or not global warming is real. Core measures of the Arctic Ice show that it has increased in volume since 2012, which argues against global warming causing ice caps to melt. Some scientists even argue that any increase in global temperatures could be a natural climate shift. This is one of the reasons that those advocating that global warming is real now use the term “climate change,” since it is more reflective of the real issue. He is running this site since 2009 and writes on various environmental and renewable energy related topics.
You can see just how much of the actor’s movements and emotions really translate to the virtual screen. Blood containing the mystery virus was innocently sent in a blue thermos to Belgium, where Flemish scientists figured out they were unwittingly handling a violently lethal pathogen, and named it after a river in what was then Zaire. But every once in a while, these nightmarish outbreaks pop up and capture the international imagination. It's because this is an African disease, and our global innovation system largely ignores the health problems of the poor.
And those animal reservoirs — believed to be certain species of fruit bats — are endemic in Africa. In some cases, less than $100 US per person is invested each year to care for citizens here. Aid workers on the ground in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone — where the current outbreak has killed more than 800 people — report that they don't have access to the basics to protect themselves and their patients. Reports from the ground suggest that the death toll will rise as health professionals are over-taxed, under-resourced, and abandoning hospitals out of fear and overwork.
Of the 850 health products approved by regulators between 2000 and 2011, only 37 focused on neglected diseases. We can't lament the fact that there's no cure or that it's an unstoppable and violent virus when remedies could be expedited; we just don't prioritize them over other, more potentially profitable health problems.
Sadly, it's a cause shared by many more diseases of the poor, some of which affect multiple times more people than the one that's currently making headlines. I started keeping a food journal and after every meal I would note everything that I had eaten, down to the spices that went into preparing the meal.
I will say that red wine, cheese, and dark chocolate affected me a great deal and even just a hint of each could be enough of a trigger to set off a migraine. I am fairly confident that most people suffering from migraines are actually suffering from food allergies just like I am.

This causes us to develop the symptoms associated with migraines when the threshold is breached. Beans, unfortunately, are to be avoided at all costs as they tend to upset the stomach and trigger acidity which in turn often trigger migraines. While few consider as it biggest challenge of all times, others consider it as a climate shift that occurred in early 90’s and have fallen flat since then. In the past decade, the global mean sea levels have doubled compared to the 20th century trend of 1.6 mm per year. There is over 50 years of documented temperature records for the oceans that have recorded a steady rise in its temperature since 1969.
This is resulting in an increase of algae blooms and mass fish deaths, as well as a change to the chemical composition of the water.
Few people have even predicted that global warming would cause whole Arctic ice to melt which contradicts their version.
The other problem lies in proof, and in studies that try to prove whether or not global warming is real. The first problem is that weather data from 100 years ago wasn’t kept to modern standards of evidence. He lives a green lifestyle and is often looking for ways to improve the environment around him.
The monumental effort, which took around 16 years of tenuous work, captures the true depth and beauty of the red giant. Worries about global spread are worsened by the fact that Ebola has no vaccine and no cure.
So that's one reason why all the Ebola outbreaks so far have happened on this one continent. That's why if the virus ever escaped a containment facility in a country like the US, public-health officials are so confident we could quickly snuff if out it before it ravaged any one, let alone entire communities. Many of their hospitals are dilapidated, there's limited infection control and almost no capacity for contact tracing. Namely, the global institutions we designed to promote health innovation, trade, and investment perpetuate its spread and prevent its resolution.This shouldn't be news.
His basic premise is that it can be one or more things and that they are all intertwined somehow. I get sufficient amounts of sleep every night and I really do not have any stress in my life.
I also read somewhere that caffeine could be a “migraine trigger” and this was especially bad since I really enjoyed coffee. I remembered that a few years prior, a doctor had told me that it was useless to change my diet because there were too many variables to consider and I would be leaving out things that I could safely consume.
In other words, if I had onions on Monday, my migraine would start sometime on Wednesday evening. In addition, I do not eat anything that contains monosodium glutamate (MSG) or maltodextrin which can be found in many foods.
Forget seeing a doctor or specialist, because they are not able to cure the cause of the ailment.
Those who believe it have their own scientific reasons to back their claims, others have their own reasons to disregard their theory. These scientists hold to a strict definition of global warming as being defined as a rise in atmospheric temperature, they do not consider the atmospheric precursors as valid evidence.
The USGS hopes the atlases will help with understanding the history of the planet as well as any future missions, enabling researchers to pick appropriate potential landing sites. Most all of the money for research and development in health comes from the private sector.
These illnesses primarily grip people in developing countries and rely on investment from the public sector, which funds only a small fraction of total health R&D compared to industry. He proceeded to tell me that if I am using some sort of medication, I should take that medication when I start feeling sick. I had to think about changes in the environment a little, but I have lived in the same place for many years and breathed the same air and consumed the same water. Doctors had told me that it could not be food allergies if it did not happen the same day within a few hours of the meal. Rather, they can only prescribe medications to alleviate one of the symptoms, which in this case is the headache. The more prohibited food items that I consume, the more intense the migraine effects associated with the prohibited food items. The graph in figure 2 on that page takes a point after one storm and before another – that is a bit naughty. Understanding global warming and its impact is important to meet the challenges pose by it. This is why some of the arguments for and against whether global warming is real can use the same data and come to different conclusions. They naturally have a singular focus — making money — and they do that by selling patent-protected products to many people who can and are willing to pay very high monopoly prices. I was not on any type of medication and using the process of elimination, the only choices left were dietary and weather related causes.
Looking over my notes, I noticed that I was taking milk with my cereal every morning for breakfast. I don’t doubt our contribution to the warming phenomenon, but statistical presentations like these undermine the message.
Not by developing medicines and vaccines for the world's poorest people, like those suffering with Ebola.
It took me nearly three months to determine the foods that I could not consume and it was not easy. By simply cutting out caffeine and dairy from my diet, I had two migraines in the following month.
After approximately one week, the caffeine withdrawals subsided and everything went back to normal.

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