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Raffles Education Corporation Limited (a€?RafflesEducationa€? or a€?the Groupa€?) is a growing premier private education provider, owner and manager of education assets and facilities, and education-linked real estate investor and developer. Headquartered in Singapore, RafflesEducation is listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange.
Delhi, Hong Kong and Singapore a€“ Raffles Delhi, Raffles Hong Kong and Raffles Singapore were proud to host giant fashion group Inditex, owner of international fashion-forward brands like ZARA, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti and Bershka, during their campus visits. The company came to Raffles campuses in hopes of finding fresh blood for their international internships and their ZARA GO!
The international interviewing panel from Inditex was led by Human Resources Director of ZARA India Ms. Singapore a€“ Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI, Principal and Programme Director of Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing at Raffles Singapore, was invited to share his wealth of knowledge on vintage fashion on national television.
Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai a€“ Students at Raffles get many opportunities to develop their portfolio not only in school but in life as well. Singapore a€“ Most individuals merely reuse shopping bags for convenience's sake, but for the astute Raffles Designer, a nondescript shopping bag presents endless opportunities to create an entirely new product. Singapore a€“ Participating in competitions tests the mettle of Raffles Designers and puts the skills that they have picked up in class to a very real practical test. Singapore a€“ Raffles Designers are not only maestros of their various disciplines, but are also industrious young entrepreneurs armed with shrewd business acumen. Delhi, Hong Kong and Singapore a€“ Raffles Delhi, Raffles Hong Kong and Raffles Singapore were proud to host giant fashion group Inditex, owner of international fashion-forward brands like ZARA, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti and Bershka, during their campus visits. With more than 6,200 stores in 86 countries and a consumer base of millions, ZARA's visit naturally created a big buzz among Raffles Designers and Entrepreneurs. Raffles Creative Practitioners were similarly appreciative of the educational experience that their students got. Laura, part of the ZARA team, had nothing but compliments for Raffles talents, saying, "All of them come from a very strong background in fashion and they are also very business-minded, which is something that ZARA is looking for to join the team." Laura also revealed her excitement in having long-term collaborations with Raffles to engage more budding talents. Raffles thanks Inditex for their visit, and wishes all hopeful candidates the best of luck. Singapore a€“ Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI, Principal and Programme Director of Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing at Raffles Singapore , was invited to share his wealth of knowledge on vintage fashion on national television. Dawn Tan, the host of the programme, launched into the topic of vintage fashion by inviting Joe to define it in his own terms. It was an inspiring hour for Raffles students to see their beloved Principal imparting his fashionable know-how cultivated from years of experience. Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai a€“ Students at Raffles get many opportunities to develop their portfolios not only in school but in life as well. For the 10 Product and Interior Designers from Raffles Mumbai , their whirlwind tour of Italy was awe-inspiring to say the least. Over in Paris, France, 20 Fashion Marketers from Raffles Kuala Lumpur were enjoying a similar experience. A collaboration between Raffles and ORBA, 'Fashion Reimagined' serves as a platform to support up-and-coming fashion designers in Singapore to hone their creative problem solving skill. The exciting showcase began with Principal and Programme Director of Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing of Raffles Singapore, Giuseppe (Joe) SPINELLI, leading the way. Thirty of their students then emulated the craftsmanship of their mentors, making use of shopping bags from participating retailers in Paragon to produce stunning works of fashion.
Raffles Creative Practitioner, Arzelle van der Merwe, commented, "This is great exposure (for the students) to different media.
The results of 'Fashion Reimagined', an event of 'Fashion Steps Out (FSO) 2014', were exhibited at Paragon Shopping Mall, an exclusive industry partner of Raffles Singapore.
A hearty well done to the consummate talents who represented Raffles in 'Fashion Reimagined'. Singapore a€“ Participating in competitions tests the mettle of Raffles Designers and puts the skills that they have learnt in class to a very real practical test.
Art and philanthropy were recurrent themes in founder Johann Brauna€™s life, and they are traditions that Braun BA?ffel seek to uphold even today.
What an incredible learning experience it must have been for the 24 Raffles Graphic Designers!
Medan, Indonesia a€“ In a movement to promote outstanding Indonesian designers, Raffles Fashion Designers of Raffles Medan and Raffles Singapore were featured in Fashion Week at Medan Centre Point Mall, Indonesia. Current Fashion Designers of Raffles Medan wowed the audience with a stunning collection of works. Cynthia Fransisca Haryono, with her 'Beneath the Veil' collection, is a graduate in Master of Design, majoring in Fashion Design. Sari added, "The students were all very enthusiastic about the fashion show." As the winner of the Apprenticeship Award 2011 with yet another outstanding Raffles alumnus Alfie Leong, Sari's label has been featured in several fashion shows in Indonesia such as Jakarta Fashion Week and Indonesia Creative Week. The Raffles Fashion Designers and their hard work received rousing responses from the Indonesian media and audiences, earning them numerous features in Indonesian media such as SumutPos, Medan Bisnis, Koran SINDO and Harian Medan Bisnis. Singapore a€“ Jolene Tan, Raffles Fashion Designer, had the honour of designing a gown for MediaCorp actress Chris TONG Bing Yu, for the recent Star Awards 2014. The statement piece, designed to accentuate Chrisa€™ feminine silhouette, featured hand-beaded lace, crystals and pearls, giving a three-dimensional look that sparkled under the spotlight.
Jolene's unique creation took months of hard work and patience on her part to come up with for the grand event.
Singapore a€“ The world of fashion is currently captivated by pleats, incorporating the trend into blouses, skirts and dresses. Singapore a€“ Want to don one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that won't be seen twice on the street?
Chainless Brain caters to young people who have an eye for handmade and delicate accessories.
Founder and designer of the label Alverina WIJAYAa€™s premiere collection is made of 18K gold precious metal. Alverina shared, "Creating a label of my own is my goal in life." She hopes to weave a story behind each jewellery piece as she believes everyone is unique and deserves to own an accessory that is just as exclusive in conveying the individual's personality and attitude. Canberra, Australia a€“ Luminary Raffles Designers are making waves around the world and raising the bar for younger generations of designers to come.
A stunning four-day fashion event, 'FASHFEST 2014' provides the local design talents of the city an opportunity to be in the limelight.
Ashani commented, "I am very happy and thankful to be a part of 'FASHFEST 2014', the biggest fashion event in Canberra. Her collection, 'Glamorous Romance', focuses on bright colour combinations and instils a sensual feel through the use of luxurious fabrics. Bangalore, India a€“ Testament to the outstanding quality of education offered at Raffles, Raffles Bangalore , Indiaa€™s leading design institute, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a€?Third Best Design School' in South India. This adds another feather of prestige to the hat worn by Indiaa€™s leading design institute as well as the Group's. Bangkok and Delhi a€“ Characteristic of an education at Raffles, excursions to the facilities of industry partners provide Raffles Designers opportunities to apply what theya€™ve learnt at school in the working world. Desmania Design Studios recently extended a warm invitation to the Product Designers of Raffles Delhi to take a tour of their clay modelling facilities in Manesar.
Desmania Design Studios is a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in the fields of electronics, transportation and home appliances. Reflecting on the field trip, Product Designer Vishakh Ranotra shared, a€?Desmania is a proper product and industrial design studio which shows how the discipline is really being practiced on an international level right here in India. While cars were on the minds of those Raffles Designers, their counterparts at Raffles Bangkok were visiting Practika Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer and distributor of office systems and kitchen furniture. The visit was specially arranged as a factory tour, giving the Designers an opportunity to observe how industry professionals work. The rewarding educational experience was clearly shared by Product Designer Akkaradech Bowornkul, who said, a€?I enjoyed the factory tour as I gained new knowledge and seen things I have never seen before. Bangkok, Thailand a€“ Raffles' proficiency in design has seen the Group's 31 colleges groom countless talents over the years. The fairs are the culmination of a collaboration between the Department of International Trade and the Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion. Batam, Indonesia a€“ With the objective of seeing the real world of tourism and hospitality often discussed in their textbooks, seven Raffles Entrepreneurs from Raffles Batam crossed borders and headed to Asiaa€™s largest and most comprehensive international trade event, the four-day Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) in Singapore. The Raffles Entrepreneurs were given opportunities to interact with exhibitors from Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and USA.
Being in Singapore, the Raffles Entrepreneurs visited Raffles Singapore campus headquartered at Raffles Education Square.
Jakarta, Indonesia a€“ In line with a mission to provide quality education throughout the vast network of Raffles colleges, Raffles Jakarta has officially launched Raffles Foundation Studies at their campus for 2014 and the years ahead. The Raffles Foundation Studies collaboration with PPI is already off to a solid start, enabling more than 500 students from Indonesia to go to Australia for a two-week learning programme. The partnership is also stretching out to neighbouring schools in the country, spreading the brand name of Raffles far and wide.
Such a cultural exchange has also enabled Amalina Islamic School to venture overseas and through the doors of Raffles Singapore.
The students toured the new facilities, where they were duly impressed by the infrastructure at Raffles Education Square and the Raffles Hall of Fame, housing the most illustrious alumni and award winners from Raffles. The day concluded with workshops in Fashion Design and Visual Communication, both of which were specially conducted to further nurture the potential of the bright young minds. Both visits have set the stage for a fruitful collaboration between Raffles and PPI in the years to come, and Indonesian students can certainly look forward to a stellar education in design and business at Raffles. Singapore a€“ Raffles Creative Practitioners and Designers exude a certain panache when it comes to design. Louis, who teaches Interior Design at Raffles Singapore, commented, "It caught me by surprise when I was approached by a friend of mine. It is made abundantly clear why Louis is a master of his discipline when he explains the concept behind his humble abode.
As a trained landscape architect, Louis incorporated various elements to integrate his home with the landscape.
A graduate of Raffles Singapore , Robin also helms the reins at Rob.Wynn Interior Design Studio since 2005. SQUAREROOMS is an interior design-solutions magazine which offers its readers inspiring interiors, tips and tricks to a beautiful home, gorgeous design ideas and practical solutions every month. Johor Bahru, Malaysia a€“ Students are not the only ones seeking to improve themselves when they come to Raffles.

As students and families settled in for the weekend, Raffles Creative Practitioners went to school with their teacher being Dr. Delhi, India a€“ Anyone who has ever been to karaoke before knows that tears of laughter are often shed while friendships are forged and deepened. Student Utsav Vinayak and Raffles Creative Practitioner Predrag Stojicevic kicked things off with a rendition of a€?November Raina€™ by Guns 'Na€™ Roses. The evening ended with light snacks like sandwiches, cookies, chips and cold drinks, rounding off an unforgettable night for everyone.
Tom Byer is tasked with implementing a total sea-change in the way the country of over a billion people perceives and coaches the sport. Stefan Orschel-Read, Fashion Design Lecturer of Hong Kong Raffles School of Continuing Education.
Except for hard work, fashion design Stefan Orschel-Read belives that proper training and internship experience are also vital for success. Wanting to learn more, Orschel-Read also took a master’s degree at the Royal College of Arts in London, which provided the chance to meet visiting speakers from prominent companies, as well as world-renowned experts on culture and the history of fashion.
Many of Orschel-Read’s master’s classmates have gone on to work for companies such as Alexander McQueen and one now head menswear designer at Givenchy.
The chance to instruct and inspire students as a fashion lecturer is something Orschel-Read now greatly enjoys. Kenzo, for instance, is a brand he thinks is good at reinventing itself with a new vision every few years, while still staying true to the core ideology of the original designers. He encourages design students to take on internships provided by their design school to know what the real world is about. Raffles College of Higher Education di Malaysia mempunyai 2 kampus yaitu di Kuala Lumpur dan Johor Bahru. Memiliki spesialisasi di bidang desain dan bisnis menjadikan Raffles College of Higher Education di Malaysia ini cukup diperhitungkan di dunia pendidikan. Baik Raffles Kuala Lumpur Campus maupun Raffles Iskandar Campus tidak mempunyai akomodasi di dalam kampus. EduWorld will be really helpful for all students who want to apply their University because of their ability to help us which are to apply our accomodation channel.
Menurut saya EduWorld cukup membantu untuk mendaftarkan dan apa yang harus dilakukan setiba disana.
Initially I'm skeptic bout the reliability of EduWorld's services, I astounded of their efforts to ensure my seat in the university I considered.The agent fully assists you on simple, yet reliable list of pre-requisite documents.
If I never had the help from Eduworld on behalf of applying to LASALLE, I would have been completely lost. Eduworld gave me lots of options that I can choose and They help me chose the best one that fitted for me. Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, RafflesEducation has grown to provide a full spectrum of education services through a vast network of 30 colleges and universities in 29 cities across 13 countries globally: Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Thailand. The hour-long interview session was broadcasted on Channel NewsAsia's Singapore Tonight Bulletin. This stems from a holistic education at Raffles, which exposes them to an industry-focused and experiential learning process. In fact, 30 promising Raffles Fashion Designers, along with Raffles Creative Practitioners, converted shopping bags into wearable fashionable apparel recently during 'Fashion Reimagined 2014'. This issue, Raffles shines the spotlight on two luminary Raffles Designers who have turned their dreams into their professions a€“ Raffles Fashion Designer CHIANG Xiaojun and Raffles Jewellery Designer Alverina WIJAYA. Soon-to-be graduates saw it as an opportunity to enter the industry of their dreams that was not to be missed.
When Dawn asked how Raffles College of Higher Education, Singapore, promotes vintage fashion, Joe explained that Raffles Designers are educated about the history of fashion and are knowledgeable about vintage fashion, a trend that certainly becomes an inspiration for their current and future designs.
More importantly, the interview offered a platform to showcase Raffles' proficiency in design from the master Raffles Designer himself. Covering six beautiful cities - Rome, Florence, Pisa, Bologna, Venice and Milan - in just 10 days, Italy was the destination of choice for the entourage because of its rich heritage, historical value, culture and architecture. With the trip focused on fashion merchandising, the entourage attended two trade shows in which many internationally established and upcoming new designers and brands were exhibiting.
The street is home to countless international brands from high-fashion street names to exclusive luxury establishments.
Being able to engage with their theories in a hands-on manner and witnessing the relevance of their education at Raffles has renewed their zeal for their disciplines. 30 promising Raffles Fashion Designers, along with Raffles Creative Practitioners, converted shopping bags into wearable fashionable apparel during 'Fashion Reimagined 2014', an annual fashion event organised by the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA).
It is a school of thought emphasised in Rafflesa€™ pedagogy and instilled in aspiring designers as well. Together with Raffles Creative Practitioners, Jay QUEK and Madeleine WONG, the three led by example in designing two outfits with Paragon shopping bags. Doing Raffles proud, a total of 14 gorgeous outfits were made for Adolfo Dominguez, Anteprima, G-Star Raw, GUESS, Karen Millen, POIS and Paragon. In recognition of the talented pool of Designers at Raffles Singapore, 24 Raffles Designers, specialising in Multimedia and Graphic Design, were selected by Braun BA?ffel to take part in the BA?ffel Art Competition. It was no longer a simple graded assignment given by their lecturers, as the Raffles Graphic Designers were tasked with designing the logo and producing scale figurines on the spot at VivoCity, Singapore. Organised by the shopping mall, fashion shows, photography competitions, voting contests, make-up demonstrations and performances were lined up for the week-long inaugural event. The 10 outfits showcased their ingenious craftsmanship and tailoring techniques gained in their first year of study at at Raffles Medan .
Sari Poetronegoro and Cynthia Fransisca Haryono, both illustrious Indonesian designers from Raffles Singapore. Her collection was showcased Raffles Singapore's Graduation Exhibition and Fashion Show in December 2013. Chris is a Malaysian actress who has acted in various local and Malaysian productions, earning her a Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Award at the annual event in Singapore. The attention-grabbing gown that Jolene custom-made for Chris led to a feature in local newspaper TODAY.
Signature of a Raffles Fashion Designer, Jolene gamely challenged old habits and departed from her usual style, choosing instead to use chiffon. Tong, and the process of making the gown involved many trial and errors, but I believe mistakes are the portals of discovery," said Jolene. For more of Jolenea€™s collection, visit Raffles Privato at Level 3 of Paragon Shopping Mall in Singapore. For CHIANG Xiaojun, her eye for fashion, sharpened during her studies at Raffles Singapore, helped her to propagate the trend long before it surfaced. Simple flattering cuts that accentuate almost all body shapes are significant aspects of her designs.
It was no easy feat for Xiaojun to locate the perfect space, but she eventually found her haven at Level 2 of Orchard Central, transforming her unit into a unique and attention-grabbing one that now houses her boutique. The opportunities I was given were very meaningful and helped me gain a lot of experience in what the real world was going to be like," said Xiaojun about her experience at Raffles Singapore. Founded in 2006, the brand started off with a simple do-it-yourself concept and has evolved to today's experimental and quirky designs. Characteristic of an education at Raffles, designers are taught to draw inspiration from their daily lives, and Alverina's muses include fantasies, childhood tales and her travel journal.
Over in Canberra, Australia, Raffles Fashion Designer Ashani MADOLA is in the running to be the country's next shining star.
Being the biggest annual fashion event in Canberra, 'FASHFEST 2014' is more than just a fashion show.
I was one of the 24 lucky designers to showcase my collection on the final night of 'FASHFEST 2014'. The school bagged the prestigious award at 'The Edutainment Show 2014', Indiaa€™s first ever comprehensive media, communication and design education rating, ranking and awards at the national level, held in Mumbai, India.
A jury of industry practitioners, chaired by Dr Bhaskar Das, Group CEO, Zee Media Corporation, based the results on a holistic evaluation, with parameters including past performance, infrastructure, global affiliations, syllabi, alumni and network. The illustrious award is exemplary of the high pedagogical standards upheld by the brand and affirms Raffles' professional commitment in producing skilled industry professionals. With a hands-on pedagogy that has benefited many outstanding Raffles talents before them, Product Designers from Raffles Delhi and Raffles Bangkok went on field trips to take their learning one step further. It is where full-scale, painted models of their automotive designs are created for design analysis and client presentations. Foster agreed, saying, a€?The ability to constantly connect with the industry and current practice is invaluable to students of this discipline.
The Designers also witnessed the use of special techniques in the manufacturing process - including choosing appropriate materials, the operation of quality control systems, unit assembling, packing and installation. A learning advantage of being a part of the Raffles network is the industry exposure that Raffles Designers are privy to. It welcomed about 7,000 buyers, importers, manufacturers, traders and over 40,000 general visitors from around the world.
Young designers from Thailanda€™s leading institutes and universities, including Raffles Bangkok , were selected to work with manufacturers to design and produce prototypes. Held at the Singapore Expo, the FHA welcomed nearly 65,000 international trade attendees from over 100 countries a€“ a must-see event for those passionate about the industry. Companies offered their finest products for tasting, and were most happy to explain the manufacturing process and the uniqueness of their goods.
The delegation toured the new facilities and gained insights about a life of a Raffles student in Singapore. The college has entered into a collaboration with Pengembangan Potensi Indonesia (PPI), officiated by Raffles Jakartaa€™s College Director, Mr.
Their visit began with a presentation by International Admissions Office Director, Andrew Suprajitno, who introduced the school to the young visitors, life at Raffles and in Singapore, as well as the perks of being a student in a multicultural environment. The excited group got a hands-on experience "punking" t-shirts with Arzelle van der Merwe, Raffles Creative Practitioner of Fashion Design, who then placed them in the care of Terrence CHONG, Raffles Creative Practitioner of Visual Communication.
It is no surprise then that their flair for the discipline manifests in their humble abodes as well.
He demolished most of the walls on the ground floor to let natural light through and to create open space. Being specialised in designing residential houses, Robina€™s discerning attention to details, and the ability to transform his clientsa€™ needs into appealing interior visuals, has established his solid reputation over the years.

The Raffles Interior Designer gave class to a masculine retreat with a hotel-styled ambience and sophisticated woody features. The magazine covers all aspects of interior design, be it complete home renovations, room specific design and ideas, comparison shopping on appliances, home furnishings or entertainment systems. With a long-term vision of creating a world-class educational institution in both facilities and quality of education, the faculty at Raffles American School (RAS) is committed to advancing their methods of teaching. Virginia Rojas, who took some time out from her schedule to conduct instructional training for the lecturers of Raffles American School. A beautiful midsummer's musical evening was organized by Raffles Delhi recently, where all of Raffles came together to perform interesting interpretations of various songs.
He shares his experience with Jin Wong about what he learnt from his design education and how students can equip themselves with proper training before graduation.
Internships helped them on their way, and Raffles also sees such opportunities as an important step in starting a career with a dream brand or launching one’s own label.
A designer also has to be commercially viable with clear goals, knowing which market or buyers a collection is aimed at. For example, at Raffles, there are internship programmes that give hands-on experience to students to equip themselves with essential skills for future career. Raffles College of Higher Education Kuala Lumpur ini merupakan kampus cabang dari Raffles Design Institute asal Melbourne. Kampus di Kuala Lumpur terletak di Jalan Ampang sedangkan kampus di Johor Bahru terletak di Menara Kotaraya. Beragam program yang ditawarkan berkiblat langsung kepada program yang ditawarkan di Raffles Australia. Meskipun demikian, terdapat beberapa pilihan akomodasi bagi para siswa yang berlokasi di sekitar kawasan kampus yang dapat ditempati oleh para siswa. I would like to say thank you so much to Eduworld for their support in my education to LASALLE, Singapore majority in BA (Hons) in Film. I wish in the future Eduworld will support a lot of Indonesian students to apply university. Pelayanannya menurut saya cukup baik, mungkin bisa lebih baik kalau bisa diantar ke Ningbo. Eduworld has done a great job at informing my parents and me what needs to get done and all the paperwork associated with being an international student. Eduworld services very satisfied, I don’t need to hesitate myself to arrange all because EduWorld’s counselor has already set up it for me. The latter offers candidates an opportunity to work at the headquarters of Inditex in Galicia, Spain for one year to master the operations of the company. Countries were turned into educational points of interest when Raffles Designers and Marketers from Raffles Mumbai and Raffles Kuala Lumpur ventured on eye-opening field trips to Italy and France recently.
Fellow guest Lena Kamarudin, Fashion Editor of Style Magazine, shared Joe's stance when asked about the definition of vintage and how it is frequently confused with retro and misrepresented in the society. Countries were turned into educational points of interest when Raffles Designers and Marketers from Raffles Mumbai and Raffles Kuala Lumpur ventured on eye-opening field trips to Italy and France recently. Besides visiting interesting architectural sites and museums, the entourage also visited the Salone Del Mobile in Milan.
On the day itself, the event was sectioned into two groups of participants, and each group was given 3 hours to redesign and produce the brand's famous buffalo logo with materials that they had prepared. The mall is one of Medana€™s most luxurious outlets, and it was an honour for both Raffles colleges to be part of the event. Their work also reflected a significant uncovering of the potential within each and every student of Raffles.
An education with Raffles Singapore has taught the young designer that chiffon is notoriously difficult to handle and to make feminine pieces with. Two years ago, the Raffles Fashion Designer started dabbling with pleats and created her own collection. Together with her own personal touches of pleats and textures, her creations are uniquely versatile. The open-concept store gives customers space to shop freely, and most importantly to feel the texture of the pleated dresses, tops, cushion covers and many more interesting products that her brand offers. Although miniature in size, the little jewellery pieces speak a thousand words, symbolising and celebrating love and joy. The premiere collection of her label, 'All Eyes On Us', was showcased at 'FASHFEST 2014' recently.
The event seeks to promote Canberra designers while garnering support for all creative talents from different industries such as graphic design and photography. The silhouettes also feature unique detailing and sculptured tailoring for the confident female. Raffles Bangalore will continue to exude the very quality of education the Group has come to be known for, cementing the well-established Raffles Education brand name where Success is by Design.
Desmania has a firm footing on the industrial design scene and their clients include Yamaha, Whirlpool and LG. He introduced Desmania and the design process the company undertook to meet the briefs of their clients.
It was a good opportunity to promote Thailanda€™s design industry and a worthy platform to introduce Raffles Designers to the working world. Upon completion, they were immediately entered into the 'BIG Toy Design Innovation Award 2014' and displayed at both fairs for the world to see. This helped the intrepid Raffles Entrepreneurs gain professional industry knowledge and establish a network of business contacts, both of which are important in leveraging upon in the future. The group was particularly delighted with Raffles Connexion, a student lounge where students can find themselves relaxing and mingling in. Terrence explained the role of packaging in consumer purchase decisions, and reinforced the concept with a hands-on demonstration that the students took part in as well.
Self-designed home of Raffles Creative Practitioner, Louis Albert Dube, landed on the cover of 'SQUAREROOMS', an interior design-solutions magazine. With a transparent and open concept behind his design, Louis renovated his house seeking to open his dark and enclosed space up. Being a lover of nature, Louis went to great lengths to incorporate its elements into his home as well.
His 3-room maisonette unit is coloured in mixed white tones with other textures like grainy finishes, hi-gloss materials or broken marble flooring and raised platforms, creating a home that translates a warm and sleek feel.
Most importantly, his passion as an interior designer, coupled with his boldness to explore new ideas, have complemented his well-founded technical skills.
The tables were turned on the teachers this time, but the RAS faculty proved to be eager students, absorbing the varied and effective strategies for improving and increasing student learning - for all students! On that night, students got to see their lecturers in a refreshing light, and lecturers forged bonds with those they taught in a fun night for all. Within the hour, the entire room was roaring with tunes from all periods, and performances were met with rousing applause. Selain memiliki kampus cabang di Malaysia, Raffles Education ini juga memiliki beberapa kampus di kawasan Asia Tenggara seperti Singapura dan Indonesia. I've been very grateful to be assisted by people working here and still in contact until this recent. I am really satisfied with the quality of service here in Eduworld and highly recommends to other confused international students such as myself. Eduworld help me choosing a college that fits my need, taking care of my documents, until searching for a place to stay, Basically they’ve been assisting me all the time! Upon completion of their training, candidates can work in an Asian country of their choice.
Jose Luis, recruitment team of ZARA China, and Ms Christina Velesco Diez from Human Resources Asia.
Being one of the main design exhibitions in Italy involving major companies in furniture design, kitchen design and interior design, the Salone Del Mobile was where the Raffles Designers got to see how their theories translated into industry practice.
Funds raised from the project will be donated to Very Special Arts Singapore, a charity chosen by the German brand. The public demonstration of Raffles talent drew a large audience of curious onlookers spending their day in the popular shopping mall. It was a great achievement knowing that the audience can identify with the theme of my collection and I received quite a number of compliments for the fashion show," Cynthia shared.
But the intrepid designer soon realised that it wasn't enough to sell visually appealing products online. The collection earned the Raffles Jewellery Designer a feature in July 2013's issue of herworldPLUS, and again in September in ELLE Singapore. The visit marked the start of a collaboration between Raffles and the company, making exclusive internships available to Raffles Designers who wish to be mentored by industry professionals in design projects.
He made use of floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to simulate a natural environment, while adding to the feel of it with materials like glass, wood, aluminium and concrete. Rojas holds a commendable portfolio, having travelled extensively around the world developing language programmes and conducting training courses. Vinay detailed each step for the Product Designers, from identifying the problem to solving it through design and concluding with full-scale clay modelling and presentations.
Raffles Interior Designers Robin Hoong and Randoll Lee also did their alma mater proud by getting similar features in the magazine. She has received degrees in language education, teaching English to speakers of other languages, and educational philosophy from Ohio State University and Rutgers University. So all of you who want to study abroad you should go to Eduworld, they’ll help you and set you up in no time!
This sparked the idea of having her own brick-and-mortar store - an idea that soon came into fruition. It was an eye-opening experience for the entourage, who went on to tour Desmaniaa€™s workshops and view prototypes for a variety of their clients at various stages of production and others being tested for functionality. She is also recognised for her leadership and her commitment to the development of second language proficiency among school populations.

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