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If you are thinking of learning to fly RC airplanes and are looking for the ideal RC planes for beginners, then Hobbyzone is the manufacturer you must consider! The claim-to-fame for Hobbyzone is that everything required to fly comes in the box and very little, if any, assembly is required. This is a smaller version of the Super Cub, that still has the Anti-Crash Technology, built in. Aviation gifts For All Airplane Lovers Jul 24, 16 12:49 PMAviation gifts for every occasion. The RTF (Ready-To-Fly) types come 100% complete and include a radio and all the batteries required.
It comes complete with a 27Mhz, 3-channel RC transmitter and like all Hobbyzone models it is 100% complete and ready to fly.

When learning to fly, it is almost inevitable that crashes will occur, but Z-foam can be glued back together, using epoxy or foam safe CA adhesive. Maybe the only extra thing to consider buying is an extra battery, to shorten the time between flights. Because my integrity and your satisfaction are very important to me,  I only recommend products or services I use personally or would purchase, and believe will benefit my readers. As you will notice in the above photo, there are  two optical sensors mounted in the beginner RC plane. Finally there is also a Night Flight Module (NFM) that adds LEDs to a model and illuminates it for night flying..
One is pointed up to the sky and the other is aimed at the ground.As long as the model is flying level then the system is inactive and the pilot is in complete control.

The throttle is reduced and a slight amount of "UP" elevator is entered, this has the effect of leveling the model and averting a possible crash. I believe it is true to say that more pilots have learned to fly with Hobbyzone than any other brand!

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