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The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) launched its annual study Education at a Glance today, presenting strong evidence of the critical role that well-funded, quality education plays in fostering social progress. When Commonwealth education ministers descended on the Bahamas this week to tackle the challenges of achieving quality education in developing countries, all ears were tuned in to hear what Education International had to say. The Education and Science Employees Union of Russia held its 7th congress last week, with a strong focus on quality education, teachers’ rights and the future of the teaching profession.
Faced with the challenge of achieving quality education for all in Africa, educators and unionists from across the continent are in Nairobi, Kenya to pave the way toward real solutions. Trade unions in Belgium have responded positively to the announcement of the Pact for Excellence in Education by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, one of Belgium’s three federal communities.
PODGORICA, 8 July 2014 - The international conference “Quality Education for Better Schools, Results and Future” started in Podgorica on Tuesday. The aim of the three-day conference is to open a public debate on the best ways to accelerate the education system reform in three key areas: increasing the number of children attending pre-school education, improving the quality of education and introducing innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Milo Djukanovic opened the conference and reminded that the country joined the Millennium Declaration, which includes a range of measurable and time-bound goals related to human development. A recently presented survey conducted by Monstat and UNICEF indicated that less than a half of the children aged 3-5 years attend pre-school education, although this is crucial for their proper growth and development. Prominent global and local innovators and experts, university professors from abroad and from Montenegro, as well as representatives of relevant international organizations like the World Bank and OECD will present at the conference. Improving the quality of the Montenegrin education system through introducing innovations in teaching and learning is one of the key themes of this three-day international conference. The three-day conference will address the issue of the strategic vision of Montenegrin education system in the 21st century, but also the issue of the best framework for advancing the mechanisms for monitoring and improving the quality of education in Montenegro. As an active network of member organisations, CRECH believes strongly that Christian education is about more than teaching the Bible.
At CRECH we have a solid base of 60 members in Haiti, including Christian schools, churches and missions . This combination of a strong network, curriculum development and teacher training is key to improving the quality of education in Haiti.

Learn and share experiences with colleagues as together we have a strong voice for a better education in Haiti. If we give an overview regarding the ancient educational system we will find that there were only few selected fields which were being taught with expertise and with significance, other than that there were no prominent variation in the education. In the present and the modern education there are so many fields of education which are being promoted and developed which have given the students vast variety and alternatives from which they can choose the best possible alternative as per their capability and their own personal interest. The countries which have made themselves highly developed and modernized in the education has not just restricted it to themselves but also promote it and also transfer it from one country to another which was not possible in the ancient times, so now one developed country in the field of education has made numerous countries developed and groomed in the area of education giving each country equal opportunity to improve themselves as far as education is concerned which was just a dream in the ancient times. In a previous post, I examined the four main sources of publicly reported hospital quality data on the web, and discussed the main limitations of these sites. Similar to the system used in grading hotels, HealthGrades has developed a star-rating system for hospitals based on common patient outcomes such as mortality and complication rates.
Patients had a 71.64% lower chance of dying in a 5-star hospital compared to a 1-star hospital (on all 17 procedures and diagnoses). 224,537 Medicare lives could have been saved in two years if all hospitals performed at the 5-star level.
Patients had a 79.69% lower chance of experiencing a complication during an orthopedic procedure in a 5-star hospital compared to a 1-star hospital. 110,687 Medicare orthopedic complications could have been avoided in two years if all hospitals performed at the 5-star level.
While keeping in mind that these data may be inconsistent with other sources on other sites, patients wondering how their hospital of choice faired can visit HealthGrades.
Shopping for A Hospital Online Hospital Quality Is Good But Can Be Much Better Death Rate May Not Be A Good Indicator Of Hospital QualityWhat Is "Robotic Surgery"? In this way, we will stimulate the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow students to respond to the demands made by the school, family, labour market and society,“ Minister of Education Slavoljub Stijepovic says.
Children must also be able to learn and implement values in their daily lives together with the skills and knowledge acquired. Active all over the country, we provide an outstanding curriculum based on the national requirements and adapted to the local and cultural context of the children.

Education is improving day by day and the systems and the quality of education is being enhanced and expanded all over the world, this has given the world a better opportunity for growth and for securing better career in their lives.  When people compare the modern education with the ancient education it is totally useless because there is no comparison in these both ages and tenures of the education which is on the continuous way of progress and development. These traditional and typical education was consisting of only the education in Arts, Medical and Engineering. These fields in the modern education comprise of Medical, Engineering, Arts, Mass Media, Business Education and Medicine.
These changes have made the modern education far better and advanced as compared to the ancient educational systems. HealthGrades, one of the four sites, have recently published a study comparing quality outcomes in the nation’s best and worst hospitals and concluded that wide variations still exist. Five-star hospitals have the “best” performance, three-star hospitals have “as expected” performance, and one-star hospitals have “poor” performance. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatment, advice, or diagnosis. The modern education is more improved in the standards, quality, scope and even the variety if compared with the ancient educational system. These three fields were considered as good education and such small surface area for the students gave birth to huge competition for the seats, due to such limited education system the job opportunities were also being carried out limited which kept many of the students unemployed because they were not having the proper and desired education.
This variety and good quality of education has created the environment in the countries in which the students provide the infrastructure for acquiring better education which were not being provided to the ancestors and as per the ancient education system. Alisher Umarov, Chief of Education, UNESCO New Delhi, delivered presentation on the UNESCO’s work for Post 2015 Education Agenda. Under this goal one of the targets focused on teachers: all governments should ensure by 2030 that all learners are taught by qualified, professionally-trained, motivated and well-supported teachers.

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