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Dave Quagmire (Dvalin) was a goalkeeper, a forward and the captain of Aliea Academy's Epsilon, and the midfielder and the captain of Neo Japan.
He has black hair tied in a ponytail with two bangs that frame his face, orange eyes, a rather pale skin tone and pointy ears. At first, during the Aliea Academy Arc, he was very greedy for power and even in the FFI Arc, while he was in Neo Japan he was still greedy because he wants the position to challenge against the other teams in the world but he loses, along with his other teammates in the team. He first appeared as Desarm with Epsilon after the Raimon Eleven defeated Gemini Storm and "exiled" Gemini Storm. He reappeared in Season 3 at the doorstep of Sun Garden, pleading to Coach Hitomiko to make him stronger, as he was not selected for the Japan National Team Selection Match.
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However, he is a person who can admit his loss while still trying his best to win the other time.
When he wrote a letter to the Inazuma Japan team he wanted to help and inspire them, but they became depressed as it was too long. The first match he and his team was seen playing in was the match against Manyuji Junior High in Kyoto. Coach Hitomiko had not planned to get into soccer again, but she decided to make a new team, Neo Japan, to win the Japan National Team spot.
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In a matter of minutes he and his team injured all members of the Manyuji Eleven except for Kogure.
Saginuma and the others on the team had upgraded moves but in the end, Inazuma Japan won and kept their National Team spot.

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Raimon played against Epsilon with Kogure who caught the super strong shot (by accident) Epsilon used as they left.
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