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Australia Family Day Care Scheme is a network of experienced and registered educators who provide care for other people’s children in their own home. Educators and Coordination Units are accessed and rated against the National Quality Standard to ensure quality and continuous improvement. Operating a Family Day Care business not only offers you the opportunity of a very rewarding career, it also allows you to work from home and be self - employed.
If you are interested in boosting your sales, you can advertise here and get new customers, since this website is actively visited by hundreds buyers and sellers from Oceania and the rest of the World. This 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Course has been designed specifically for individuals who provide care for babies and children under puberty.
As our trainers come from either a nursing or paramedic background they have experience of 'paediatric' emergencies, and can relate to experiences, making the course more relevant and interesting for the students.

This 12 hour course is run over either two days or four evenings and all students will learn a high level of practical and theoretical knowledge, to enable them to deal promptly and competently with situations that may arise when caring for children and babies. This course is ideal for registered Child Minders in England and Wales, as they are required to have a Paediatric First Aid certificate.
If you require details regarding an ‘on site’ training course please contact us and we will be happy to help you arrange this.
Educators have been carefully selected and supervised and operate under the Education and Care Services National Regulations.
Children aged between the age of 6 weeks and 12 years are nurtured in a small group setting and through the Educators individualized programming are encouraged to further develop their skills and knowledge.
We are 100% Australian owned and operate vocational education and training classes in the CBD in Sydney, Hornsby, Liverpool, Penrith, Parramatta & Newcastle NSW, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane,, Adelaide and Phillip Canberra.

The course is suitable for any worker that provides care for babies and children under the age of puberty, including parents.
This course may also be used as evidence for those working towards an NVQ in Child Care and Education (level 3).

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