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Maggie Daley’s nine-year battle with metastatic breast cancer highlights the struggle of the hundreds of thousands of others who are diagnosed annually.
It represents a cancer that’s gone beyond the organ of origin and spreads to a distant organ.
Any patient with metastatic breast cancer has to receive ongoing treatment for the illness.
Fundamentally, it depends on the nature and biology of the disease that dictates how long the patient will live. If you show up, you’re more likely to have a better outcome than if you sit at home and ignore the disease. William Gradishar, director of the Maggie Daley Center for Women’s Cancer Care at the Robert H. The patient may be affected by different symptoms depending on where the disease is most problematic.

Not necessarily chemotherapy drugs, but those affecting pathways that control the path and aggression of cancer. Patients who neglect their situation – now, that could be due to psychological or socioeconomic factors – often come in with advanced disease. William Gradishar joins us on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm to discuss metastatic breast cancer and Maggie Daley. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University, to learn why all prognoses are different. It is dependent on what the activity of the disease is—where it is dominant and concentrated.
Breast cancer is not one homogenous number of cells, there are clones and groups of cells that may be dominant, but there could be smaller subsets of the tumor.
Rather than chemotherapy, per se, we’re looking at smaller molecules that affect the growth of cancer.

In oncology, and breast cancer in particular, an earlier diagnosis has a better chance of getting cured. We have many patients who live a long period of time and many who live a short period of time, and there’s a big component of which we’re not sure. It varies from a short duration of survival with very aggressive disease, and those who live even longer than Maggie Daley.
Patients who present earlier in the course of their illness hopefully have access and will be able to tolerate therapies, too. We have treatments that help maintain bone health because patients with metastatic cancer have a tendency to develop disease that spreads to the bone, which is something that’s very common.

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