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Dr Dora Akunyili is a dedicated and strong woman is confronting corruption in the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria. GeographyPhysical geographyNigeria lies on the south coast of West Africa and covers an area of 923,770 square kilometres (slightly smaller than South Australia). PeopleCulture and identityNigeria has a rich mix of cultures, with over 250 different groups. GovernmentThe new constitution and peaceful transition to civilian government after 16 years of military rule has held since 1999. Achievements and challengesRegionally, Nigeria has played a leading role in peacekeeping efforts, most recently in Liberia, and has played a pivotal part in the establishment of regional institutions such as the Economic Community of West Africa and the African Union.While Nigeria has one of the highest GDPs in Africa and has significant oil wealth, corruption remains a problem and poverty is widespread. Links with AustraliaAustralian relations with Nigeria are active and are based primarily on Nigeria’s position in the British Commonwealth and as an economic and political leader in Africa.Australia’s commercial links are expanding in Nigeria, and Nigeria is Australia’s second largest trading partner in Africa.
Our database of African and international creatives and companies making waves in the design world. Project 10 000 Kids is an initiative that hopes to create a generation of innovators and problem-solvers in Nigeria by teaching robotics to school kids. Considering that over 60 per cent of Nigeria’s population is under the age of 35, Balogun believes that education has the power to secure the development of the country.
On the Indiegogo page set up to help fund the project, Balogun writes, “Robotics is a fascinating way to help kids learn to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.
To encourage students to pursue their interests in technology-based education after the courses, Balogun plans to initiate robotics clubs in each of the schools and robotics competitions once a term. Balogun points out that the Project 10 000 Kids programme is not only about building robots, it’s about students exercising technical skills to solve problems in a logical way. Preventing wildlife poaching, prosthetic limbs and robotics in schools: 3D printing has multiple uses. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg explores how synthetic biology and design can be utilised to do useful things, engineering a better future.
Code4CT is getting girls to code – while arming them with a technical toolkit to take on leadership roles. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo yesterday said the ongoing sub-sea gas pipeline project by the Dangote Group which will supply three billion cubic feet of gas daily had the potential of solving the problem of electricity shortage which had plagued the nation for decades. Speaking when he paid a working visit to the Dangote’s ongoing $17 billion Gas pipeline, fertiliser, petrochemicals and refineries project at the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ), said the investment as a whole was an incredible industrial project being the largest and the most ambitious in Africa and possibly the entire world.
Addressing journalists after a two-hour presentation on the entire project, Osinbajo said the gas pipeline project “is meant to supply 3 billion cubic of gas daily to Lagos and its axis.
He explained that the sub-sea installation, estimated at N500 billion, would go all the way from Bonny in Rivers State through Ogedegbe, Olokola to Lekki and Escravos Lagos pipeline and then West Africa Gas Pipeline.
Noting that the project would boost power supply tremendously, he said on completion it would be a major strategic asset for Nigeria.
In his remarks, President of the Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, said the decision to site the projects in Lagos was due to the investment friendly climate in the state. Dangote said the Gas Pipeline Project would guarantee uninterrupted power supply in Lagos on completion, which he said would also positively increase the State’s Gross Domestic Project (GDP).
He also said the projects would benefit the local communities as at least 65 per cent of people in the catchment area would be employed, while over 1,000 would be trained. According to Ambode, “First, there is a refinery project that is ongoing, second there is a petrochemical project that is also ongoing.
He said the projects would also be critical to the economic growth of the Lagos East and West Senatorial Districts, which according to him, will be open to massive investment opportunities on completion. A useless baby factory ibo bOy,what do u know more than to bomb&spill oil on ur ijaw land? You are not Ibo and you are not from baby factory and you are not part of the Avengers but has it troubled you that one Hausa man will soon own Nigeria! Excuse me, is dangote stopping you or any other igbos from owning your own percentage of Nigeria? Must every issues b about tribe, and I very sure you will praise and be happy with this news if dangote is danchukwu!!!!!!!!? In advanced democracies where a nation is trully united, this plant will be located right at the source of the gas. If you are a businessman, will you site your business in a restive region where you pipeline would be broken on a daily basis?

There is no sentiment in business and you want to steal other peoples resources and pipe them thousands of kilometers away?
There are millions of igbo billionaires , so why are they not replicating this Dangote project in the SE Near The Source As You Are proposing.
Furthermore, there are more than 25 Potential Deep Seaports (deeper than Lagos) in Bayelsa and Rivers States, in the former East and current SS. And yes, the SE and SS want to transform themselves into a modern society and knowledge-intensive economy using the talents of their people and their resources. Business security sense makes you site your investment away from impulsive destructive atmosphere like the Naija DeltaDelta just like many are doing and planning to relocate their investments. While I don’t begrudge the Dangote, I pity a country that will be projecting only an individual to be domineering in all the areas of country. Please can you cite section of my previous comment where I used the word “stealing” as you alleged or is your comment mis-directed to me? What you people do not know is that DANGOTE IS NOT THE OWNER OF THESE COMPANIES THEY ARE USING HIS NAME TO PROJECT AND GAIN ACCESS INTO NIGERIA like the concrete Road Contractors shown to us last week – you tell me where he could have gotten the equipments and when? The coastal strip along the Gulf of Guinea features mangrove swamps, lagoons and waterways, including the Niger Delta. The dominant ethnic groups are the Hausa-Fulani in the north, the Igbo and the Ijaw in the south-east and the Yoruba in the south-west.In past centuries the area now known as Nigeria was the site of a series of powerful and technically advanced societies renowned for their artistic, commercial and political achievements. While elections in 2003 and 2007 were both marred by irregularities and violence, they have allowed shaky progress in confronting economic problems, human rights abuses and significant corruption and mismanagement to continue.
Oil and gas continues to drive the economy and macro-economic reforms have contributed to economic growth.Security remains a serious challenge for Nigeria, particularly in relation to the use of explosive devices by terrorist groups, including around the capital, Abuja. Australian exports to Nigeria topped AUD42 million in 2010–11 and consisted primarily of plastic plates, sheets and film, butter, and animal oil and parts. The project’s founder, Olaoluwa Balogun is an advocate of education that empowers students to deal with real-world challenges, which is why he established an advanced technology programme for university students in 2011. He plans to implement the free 12-hour course in 200 secondary schools across Nigeria with the aim of providing robotics education to 10 000 Nigerian kids.
I think the sub-sea gas pipeline, which is very important project, is meant to take off in 2018. Akinwunmi Ambode, while commenting on the investment, said the refinery, petrochemical, gas and fertiliser projects being undertaken by Africa’s richest man, Dangote, in Lagos, would significantly boost the economy of the state and Nigeria in general.
In advance country, there is an anti-competition law that is established and make sure that one person does not monopolise the economy. Central Nigeria is a tropical rainforest belt and Northern Nigeria, on the edge of the Sahara Desert, has grassy plains that are subject to drought. The largely subsistence agricultural sector has failed to keep up with rapid population growth. The course completely deviates from the parrot-learning style of the national academic syllabus by using hands-on, Lego-based projects that show students how to use technology and engineering to find solutions to everyday problems. That is huge when compared with our current requirement, it is about 2 billion cubic of gas daily.
I hereby propose that Nigeria be renamed Dangote Republic; you can second this motion if you are sure of yourself! All they need is their autonomy and hence, their freedom to unleash their creativity and talents to surpass Singapore or South Korea in a mere 10 years.
Hate has blindfolded us to a point we don’t see what others are seeing about Niger Delta. With the recent election of Muslim president Buhari the Christians in Kaduna have been spared a new massacre. A range of mountains runs along the eastern border with Cameroon, with the highest point being Chappal Waddi (2,419 metres).ClimateThe climate is varied and differs substantially from region to region. In north-eastern Nigeria, the Sukur Cultural landscape is a traditional settlement that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Nigeria was once a large net exporter of food, but now must import it.Education and workPrimary education is free to age 15 and although basic it is improving. In addition to having suffered serious damage from oil spills, Nigeria is also grappling with rapid urbanisation and the resulting air and water pollution.The country has made steps towards improving living conditions but progress to achieving Millennium Development Goals has been slow. The owners of the oil ensure that the oil rarely flows to the refinery, so will they do for Dangote’s undersea gas pipeline.

But tensions have not subsided.Priest Elias Kabuk (34), like many other priests in the Archdiocese of Kaduna, speaks from experience.
The south is hot and wet, with the rainy season lasting from March to November, while the north is hot and dry with one long rainy season from April to September. The Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove is one of the last primary high forests in Southern Nigeria and features numerous sanctuaries, shrines, sculptures and other artworks honouring the Yoruba people’s goddess of fertility, Osun.The terracotta figurines of the ancient Nok people and the elaborate bronze work produced in the region are recognised worldwide. The differing adult literacy rates for women (50%) and men (70%) highlight inequalities between them. When will the youth of this famished land start applying their intellect to national issues?
He had been ordained barely two years earlier when Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian, was elected president in 2011 and violence ensued. In December and January cool, dry winds blow off the desert, bringing relief from the humidity but creating a great haze of dust and sand.
Today Nigeria is well known for its literature and music, and its film industry (Nollywood).HealthAlthough there is free healthcare, facilities are poor and staff levels are low.
This is further demonstrated in parliament, where women hold only 7% of seats.Almost two-thirds of those aged over 15 are employed in some kind of work.
This is known as the Harmattan season.EnvironmentNigeria has extraordinary biological diversity, but is facing environmental disaster. Life expectancy at birth is just under 51 years (2009) and infant mortality is at 88 per 1,000 live births.
A small number of reserves and national parks are home to more than 600 species of birds as well as chimpanzees, hippopotamuses, elephants and baboons. Only 58% of the population has access to safe water and just over a third has access to sanitation. The demands of the increasing human population is leading to rapid deforestation.PopulationNigeria’s population of 158,423,182 makes it the seventh most populated nation in the world. Food or water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever and malaria are common. The Hausa-Fulani are mostly Muslim, the Igbo are mostly Catholic, and about half the Yoruba people are Christian and half of them Muslim. The largest city is Lagos, with other urban centres being Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna and Port Harcourt. Indigenous religious practices are important for about 10% of the population, mainly in the south, and are often blended with Christian beliefs. In the early 2000s some northern states introduced a stricter interpretation of Muslim Sharia law, with punishments of amputation, stoning and flogging.Food and shelterGrains and root vegetables are the staples throughout Nigeria. Peppery stews of vegetables and meat are common in the southern areas and seafood dishes are found along the coast.Traditional village housing is predominant in rural areas, but tin is replacing grass for roofing. Although Christians are targeted more often, Muslim students are also kidnapped and killed. In Kaduna there are 162 families who fled Boko Haram, but many more who have been victims of local violence. When he called Muhammadu Buhari to wish him blessings in his presidency a heavy burden fell off our shoulders. Further north in the diocese of Zaria, where Christians are in the minority, a visit to the Christians of the indigenous Hausa tribe offers interesting insights. Then the first fanatics came to ask us to become Muslim once again, without coercion at the beginning.
Through them I came here,” he says at the police barracks where refugees who have fled Boko Haram are gathered. She tells in tears how Boko Haram killed people in her village and she had to run for her life.
Bishop George Dodo from Zaria explains: “I remember how Muslims in town cheered after the bombing of the cathedral.
But now that we meet regularly, Muslim leaders are ashamed to come and give explanations for violence when Christians do not take revenge after an attack.

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