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USA Customers We ship all USA orders via USPS Priority Mail, except as otherwise noted on the website. This workshop helps students understand the natural movement utilized by our indigenous hunter-gatherer ancestors as they lived and thrived within the natural world.
Afterward we will explore concepts of natural camouflage, whether applied directly on to the skin or on clothing. Once stalking and camouflage are combined effectively, you can become invisible to the natural world by blending and moving with the hearth beat of our earth mother.
The purpose of this meetup is to have a source of information and classes relating to skills needed to survive in a sustainable manner.

The subjects you will see here range from primitive skills (primitive hunting and fishing, friction fires, shelter, etc) and tracking, to plant medicine, (herbology) sustainable homesteading, permaculture, self-defense, outdoor fitness, Wilderness First Aid Certification, primitive engineering, land-navigation and orienteering, and a lot more. We will explore how to match our movements to many different scenarios, whether stalking an animal to harvest with a throwing stick or simply wandering through the forest for nature observation. This allows you to get closer to nature, and become a more effective nature watcher or hunter-gatherer for your tribe. In other words, "survival" in the sense of - "survival of the human species." The Austin and San Antonio area are great for learning primitive survival and sustainable skills. However, there are many assistant organizers who are posting classes and events that are separate from those of my school - although we all tend to cross paths quite often throughout the range of events available.

You can quickly create natural patterns that are specialized to your specific area and environment, allowing you to blend in wherever you may be.

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