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The survival series #4 is focusing on primitive fire techniques and how to build and use them.
Stone tool are interesting but there is a reason the Indians ditched 'em the first chance they got in favor of metal. True but at the same time there is a reason obsidian is used for scalpels for surgery right now today. Would you like to learn how to protect yourself from the elements by making expediant primitive shelters, using different natural materials, and also different construction techniques? Learning to build an expedient survival shelter will provide you with the skills to protect you and your group from excessive heat loss (hypothermia), excessive heat (dehydration), and will provide shelter as an emotional boost.
Building fire, hunting food, finding shelter, and staying safe from large predators are the basic skills that you need in order to stay alive in the wilderness. Maine Primitive Skills School offers practical courses in wilderness survival, awareness, foraging, scout, tracking and even philosophy.
Aside from workshops and classes, you can also join camps and trips that will allow you to apply what you’ve learned.

Once you’ve learned all these wilderness awareness and survival skills, camping and hiking activities will be more exciting as you can handle yourself and the team better. Be sure to join my Mountain Woman Rendezvous and be sure to check out my instructional videos. I wish I could learn flint knapping it seems like it would be a great time waster if I was stuck sitting around with no power in a shtf situ.
Learning to build expediant primitive survival shelters and to recognise natural shelters in survival situations, can mean the difference between life and death.
It will give you a positive outlook on survival situations, and help you maintain your comfort. Learn how to recognise what makes a good site, and also what materials will help you build a better shelter.
The survival rule is that you do not spend time on building a shelter if nature has already provided shelter for you. Attending such classes won’t be a waste of time and money as these practical skills can be used not just when you’re lost in the wilderness, but even in other occasions like camping.

You’ll learn how to read landscape to easily track your shelter and resources like food and water. Even if you get lost, you’ll surely survive and come out of the jungle in good shape.
No one wants to get into the jungle just to get lost, but no one knows what could happen during camping and hiking trips. These classes are also helpful in case of calamities when there’s an outage, stores are unavailable, and your last resort is to search for food in the woods. That’s why there are training centers like the Maine Primitive Skills School to teach you how to survive in these unexpected events.

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