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Aguri fears Mana will share the same fate as "the Happy Prince" after she forces herself out of bed while she has a fever in order to help with the school festival.
Meanwhile, Bel gave Ira and Marmo two Blood Rings which are supposed to enhance their powers.
Aguri started reprimanding the various club for their reliance on Mana and ordered them to solve the problems themselves.
During the campfire dance, Aguri deduced that the Happy Prince's kindness might have an influence to the town people to lead a better life. Mana motivates the others to see to it that it is successful, but Nikaidou is annoyed- hoping that Mana won't get exhuasted with so much work and effort she's putting into this.
But Mana also arrived and Aguri immediately dragged her to the sick bay claiming she does not want her to be like the Happy Prince and asked Alice to keep an eye on her.

At first, everyone was worried that they couldn't held campfire dance now that the campfire got damaged.
Pretty Cure All Stars DX Foro no esta relacionado con los autores de dicho anime,ni con las compania de television Toei Animation. Curious, Aguri attempts to find out more and heads to the library so that she can learn more about this. The other two generals were not happy and tried to revolt but instead got a electric shock from the rings. But Mana replied that it might be true that the clubs might be taking advantage of her, however one might not have the abilities to solve a problem but if people are willing to help one-another, they will feel good about themselves.
Todos los graficos utilizados en este foro son pura y exclusivamente propiedad de sus duenos,a menos que especifique lo contrario.

Meanwhile, a student got rowdy in a cafe and was corrupted by Ira into a Jikochuu. Mana and the others quickly transformed and began battling it in front of everyone. When Rikka asked him why he did so, Nikaidou answered that they need to live up Mana's words to make the festival successful.

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