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The story begins in the Fairy school where they trained fairies and mascots to be future Pretty Cure mascots. Tarte and the teacher got captured by Gray's (Shadow's) spawns where the Pretty Cures who have arrived were turned into crystals and their mascots and henshin items captured.
Gray threw the captured mascots into a waterfall but Mepple managed to break free and call Raquel on his phone.
Gray sent more spawns to capture the mascots again and Gureru and Enen felt it was pointless now. Unlike the first New Stage movie, not all Cures and mascots from every series speak, at least one or more Cure (Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite) and none of the Splash Star and GoGo Cures spoke. When the movie begins with the fairies, three mascots are seen jumping on rocks, while the rocks are in water, the same thing is also seen in the opening of Futari wa Pretty Cure, and, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. This is the second All Stars movie to have the current lead and the previous lead to not make eye contact when they first met, preceded by Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari - Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!.
This is the only Pretty Cure movie to begin with most of the Pretty Cures getting defeated.
Right before the Smile Cures received their party invitation, Miyuki and Candy were saying part of Cure Peace's introductory speech "Pikapika pikarin jankenpon" while playing Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Whiles Cure Peace's introductory speech can roughly translate to "Sparkling, Glittering, Rock-Paper-Scissors," this can also be seen as a reference to Pokemon.
This is the first movie to not have an extra heroine that was introduced after the last All Stars movie installment was released as Smile did not introduce any of the sort. This is the first All Stars film where a villain takes away the Cures' transformation items, followed by Haru no Carnivald.
Please refer to the main page Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 2: Kokoro no Tomodachi Merchandise for more information.

Regisztralj be pillanatok alatt, es maris kapcsolatba kerulhetsz tobb szazezer meno HotDog taggal! Tarte was invited to be the guest speaker and show the class the Pretty Cures and some transformation devices. One of the students, Gureru was jealous of the Pretty Cures and started to make a fuss in the class. Gray's next target is the Smile team who have just arrived. Enen was sent to steal their Smile Pact but failed. Before Miyuki got turned completely, she told Enen to find the Doki Doki team and tell Cure Heart to save everyone. He admitted he was jealous of the Pretty Cures, however he realized he was not alone and Enen was beside him. At the group shot at the very end, Cure Marine quickly turns to the camera and winks at the audience. The shout was taken from Cure Happy, which is used to power up her Smile Pact to perform Happy Shower. Since Candy is saying "Pikapika pikarin", it could be a reference to her voice actress Otani Ikue, who voices Pikachu as well. Gray tried to get it instead but was spotted by Reika. The Smile Team transformed and started battling Shadow.
Gureru was proud that he defeated the Pretty Cures but Gray instead wanted to destroy everything and started attacking the school and the students. Enen was reluctant to join them but he had no choice than following them. Meanwhile, the Pretty Cures from Max Heart to Smile recieved a party invitation to the fairy school and they head out there. Gray also infected the Sun panel in the sky and everything turned dark. Gureru asked Gray to stop but instead was attacked by one of Gray's spawns.
However Gray sent spawns to attack them, leaving Gureru and Enen to get there by themselves.

The Doki Doki team's health was restored and the mascots arrived to free the Pretty Cures. The captured Pretty Cures were freed and they pushed the Sun panel back before it crashed to the ground. They then joined the others as Enen explained to Gureru the two Cures were once enemies who turned a new leaf and become Pretty Cures. Gray tried to turn the Pretty Cures into crystal but the Miracle Light healed them.
The Doki Doki team were having tea when Alice brought some gyoza natto candies, claiming it is banned now.
Another big spawn appeared in front of the Smile and Doki Doki teams but this time, they were ready. They began to struggle with the beams when everyone arrived and pushed the beam back to Gray. Tarte told Gureru and Enen if they worked hard, they will become the partners of future Pretty Cures. They found the mascots and breaking the cage with a wooden sword, they rushed to find the captured Pretty Cures. Gray could not find anything about the Doki Doki Pretty Cure on the textbook and retreated. Mana met Miyuki for the first time, and the Doki Doki team decided to go to the fairy school.

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