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A direct continuation of the former season, this series again follows the story of Nozomi Yumehara and her friends from Precure 5. Join Date Always Location Advertising world Posts Many   « Jewelpet Kira Deco! Yesterday, 11:27 PM in Hentai CG Packs New Forum Posts I have no idea where this comes from, but it's one heckuva montage! Yesterday, 11:53 PM Sponsor -- Symphony-Blue ---- [Symphony-Blue] Amairo Islenauts ---- [Symphony-Blue] Karumaruka Circle Contact Us Anime-Sharing Forum Archive Top All times are GMT. A weak palmin flies through the window of the library, where Komachi and Karen are located.
Milk recalls the time Karen spent taking care of her and suggests that she does the same for him, and Karen agrees to do whatever she can. Karen excuses herself and runs out to the balcony for some air, and Komachi comes out to comfort her. He transforms the lake into an ice Hoshina and the girls transform, with Cure Aqua quickly placing King Montblanc into the Rose Pact to keep him safe. He happens to see Syrup and comments that if he is there, Cure Rose Garden is in danger before falling asleep. Nanami is very mature and motherly with her friends and others, but when her little sister Rumi shows hostility, she is forced to deal with her deeply seeded feelings of anguish as Mothers Day rolls by. Later, Nanami shows some signs of artistic talent, but rejects the offer to join the fashion club, as she has to take care of her little sister. At home, when Rumi looks at the picture, she starts crying and refuses to seek comfort with her sister. With her anxieties growing, she has a break down and cries while hitting herself to try to make herself stop. Tsubomi and Erika transform to Pretty Cure and listen as the Desertrian speaks, crying out Nanami's real feelings and ringing up the present and how much she cares for Rumi and misses their mother - but tries her best to hide her pain for Rumi's sake. Eventually, Pretty Cure manage to heal Nanami's wilting Heart Flower, causing Sasorina to run. The day afterward, Nanami and Rumi appear before Hanasaki Flower Shop again, Nanami was given a carnation from Rumi and she came by to ask to join the Fashion Club, as long as she can take some days off because of family, which Erika accepts.
At Mother's Day, it is revealed that Hanasaki Mizuki, Tsubomi's mother, and Kurumi Sakura, Erika's mother, received the presents the opposite girl usually gives to her mother.
When battling the Desertrian, Cure Marine shouts out "Marine Impact", but both her hands glow, meaning it is actually Marine Double Impact. After purifying the Crab Selfish at the top of Clover Tower, Cure Heart extends an offer of alliance to Cure Sword, which she refuses.
As mentioned earlier, Doki Doki’s second episode takes special care to examine the immediate consequences of becoming a PreCure (and in the context of the genre, a magical girl in general).
Like Rikka (and most people in general), being introduced to such a farfetched circumstance is likely to result in disbelief, and as the childhood friend, Rin has to fare that line of her belief in the rules of reality and trust in her best friend, and her eventual answer to the call to become a PreCure arises out of necessity to protect her useless and clumsy friend.
PreCure foregoes this tension altogether by turning the closest friend into a PreCure, and Rikka’s civilian involvement highlights the primary message in the episode, that the struggle between the Trump Kingdom and the Selflish is a war that affects everyone that gets involved.
That threat makes Rikka’s involvement with Cure Heart in the last battle all the more interesting. The relationship between the swallow and the Happy Prince is a two-way street between the two characters, and while Doki Doki examines the Prince’s side of the tale, through which his selfless acts come at the expense of losing his livelihood, drawing the help of a meager swallow. What Rikka doesn’t tell Mana, despite all of this, is that the swallow eventually dies in the story, and that the Happy Prince, after giving out every lavish decoration that made up his being, was eventually deemed unfit for a statue in the town, and was eventually melted away for scraps, except for its leaden heart. How this fits into the grand scheme of a four-cure team of Heart, Diamond, Rosetta, and Sword, is a fantastic concept to take note as the series progresses when the other cures join in. It’s a pretty awesome one-sided relationship going on, at least as far as alliances go. As for anyone else blogging DokiDoki episodically, the ones I know so far are Metanorn, Desu Ex Machina, and Open Your Mind. I know I mentioned this before, but I really wish that the Rikka’s induction into the ranks of the Precure was delayed in order to further explore the dynamic between the two friends when they are in different worlds. I’m also very curious as to what the relationship will be like between the characters as well, and what tensions will arise as a result of their incorporation into the Doki Doki group. These concepts certainly *feel* new, and I think that’s the main thing to take away from the franchise whenever a series is viewed. Actually when you mentioned the tension between the magical girl world and the real world with Cardcaptor Sakura, my first thought wasn’t really Tomoyo but Meiling. You didn’t talk about Cure Sword, and rightly so, but do you think the reason she refuses help is because she views the current situation as her fault? As far as Cure Sword is concerned, I agree with you with regards to Cure Sword shouldering her own burdens.
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The desire to make a good first impression with others is a universally understandable trait. The “alternate minigame world” stock episode in Pretty Cure serves to provide a novelty battleground setting for the heroines as they are pitted comically against their antagonists. The ideals represented by the hero of a fictional work are often examined through the appearance of the shadow opponent.
The girls who had formerly lost their powers and bade farewell to their friends Coco and Nuts from Palmier Kingdom are resurrected as Pretty Cure by the mysterious woman Flora who also wants them to find her in a place called Cure Rosegarden. Of the Dead Episode 1, 2 + 3 (Doki-AFFTW) » Thread Information Users Browsing this Thread There are currently 1 users browsing this thread.

Karen takes it upon herself to heal him with the knowledge she's learned studying to become a doctor - but after he worsens she loses faith in herself and her confidence.
After it falls to the ground, Karen takes a quick snapshot before they realize its the final Monarch. She is instantly shushed by Kurumi, causing them to start bickering until Rin recalls how well they worked together recently. So everyone runs home to grab some items they can use to help him warm up while she makes a drink of honey and water.
Seeing how scared Karen is, she claims that her feelings are natural, and everyone in her place would feel the same way. He thanks Karen for the time she spent helping him, and she admits to being worried when she saw him start to choke.
Erika gets an idea and decides to ask her classmates if she could have a little bit of their food when she stops upon spotting Nanami's lunch. As they know most of the people at the street, they are not afraid to bargain, even when they eventually come to the Hanasaki Flower Shop and find a carnation that Rumi wants to give to their mothers memorial.
After dinner she runs away from home and Nanami follows after her - but when Rumi claims to hate her, this shocks Nanami deeply. She questions the statement of always smiling, and as it turns out her Heart Flower is locked, refusing to let her speak her true feelings. In her sleep, Nanami remembers when she made a carnation for Mother's Day but she hadn't liked the results. Nanami, finally realizing why smiling is so important and wipes Rumi's tears before telling her to smile. The reaction to becoming a PreCure is explored beyond a typical self-narration from the main character (a cornerstone to the structure of series during the Futari wa period) and is incorporated into the plot of the episode itself. Too often in previous series, the girls who transform into PreCure immediately acclimate to their new superhero lifestyle without nary a change to their civilian lives.
Rikka is no different with regards to Mana’s clumsiness, but in a wonderfully novel approach, she answers the call to help Mana without having to become a PreCure. Not only is Rikka concerned with Mana’s unspoken involvement with her new PreCure duties, but Mana’s family as well. Civilians are rarely involved in a monster fight, but under special circumstances, the weight of their decision to aid the PreCure is considerable and holds merit due to the novelty of its occurrence.
Mana’s insistence to help everyone as a result of her stature and role as the student council president is a trying one, and with the added role of becoming Cure Heart, Rikka’s role as the swallow arises out of meaningful necessity. Rikka likely has her own issues that she needs to sort out, but by answering the call and becoming Cure Diamond, she essentailly follows suit (pun totally intended) with Mana’s selflessness and buys into her charitable philosophy. It would make a lot of sense for them to take out the most competent character the franchise has seen thus far (I mean, she *is* smart and athletic as well as outgoing, honest, and friendly, plus she’s the StuCo president on top of all that). I can see Rikka’s heart getting corrupted and turning to the dark side and having Mana snap her out of it.
I mean, I can’t think of a more competent *character* in PreCure history, so to have what looks to be a nigh unstoppable force completely dominated? Though there have been posts out there that do talk about the show, even though it may not be on a week-by-week basis. That said, I’m still liking where this show is going especially with the connection to The Happy Prince.
That doesn’t fit into the best friend dynamic, but they did have an episode where they really focused on whether or not she could contribute to capturing the Clow cards despite her lack of any magical powers whatsoever. There definitely is a sort of tension in her arc because of her civilian status, but she’s still a capable fighter compared to the average human. Like… we all know the immediate Precure-civilian inequality will be, at least at the time, balanced next episode (thank you, episode titles). I feel that potentially, her primary concern is to not get others involved, because she doesn’t want to see anyone else suffer. To go there, they need the magic Rose Pact and the powers of the four kings of countries surrounding Palmier. She panics after he starts to choke on it and Komachi quickly calms everyone down and tries to snap Karen out of her own shock. However, there is a person who is always supporting her and knows she can do it, that person being Nozomi, who invites Karen to join her. But to their relief, he slowly takes her hand and smiles at her assuringly, showing that he is a bit better. She is forced to quickly make a decision; either to save the others or protect the Rose Pact. He apologizes and explains that he tends to be a bit picky and only likes to drink 5% Grape Juice.
She claims not to care about Rumi, which also hurts her and causes her to cry as Nanami storms off to the park.
Sasorina sets her sights on this and opens the cage, stealing the flower to transform into a Desertrian.
Despite her work, her mother told her to smile; because they are the most important things. Tsubomi and Erika look from a distance, explaining how the carnation that was Nanami's Heart Flower means a mother's love. In Yes 5, Nozomi’s immediately recruits her childhood friend, Rin, to become a Pretty Cure and help her restore the SweetsKingdom by collecting pinkys and defeating Nightmare. This establishes a sort of tension that exists within the double-life led by a magical girl, seen in other shows outside of PreCure, such as Cardcaptor Sakura and the Sailor Moon anime.

Mana’s father brings up a point that Mana is unable to disclose what exactly she is involved in, but she simply cannot be ignored by those closest to her.
What made Rikka’s involvement particularly fascinating are the parallels between the Rikka and Mana’s relationship and the story of the Happy Prince (an actual fairy tale written by Oscar Wilde), which run deeper than the concept of selflessness and interdependence that Rikka tries to explain to her friend. This is possibly for the better, but the tension between Diamond’s own needs and that of Mana and the others can come at great cost. If the relationship between Rikka and Mana is that of the swallow and the prince, then the current situation of Mana being Cure Heart alone and Rikka staying civilian cannot simply last.
We’re only two episodes into Doki Doki, I have a great feeling that this show is being given a careful treatment as far as storytelling goes; for better or for worse, this could be the most intense PreCure story yet. So making her the villain’spawn or just capturing her (after the team was built of course) would be an amazing turn. Alternatively, as far as rescue arcs are concerned, I like the idea of the lead cure getting captured and having her friends rescue her, as you said.
Rikka has absolutely *no* combat experience whatsoever, and she’s not athletic to any extent either, so watching her try to help Heart despite her position of weakness makes for a good source of tension. I used Tomoyo as an example here because of contrast between the degree of her involvement compared to Naru, who actively tried to avoid Usagi’s mysterious lifestyle (and got caught in a lot of stuff in the anime and live-action).
You mentioned how it gives an idea of Rikka’s backstory, but it could mean a lot of sacrifice in the future, if taken further, too. Having Rikka switch sides (unwillingly or not) would be an interesting means to get a reaction from Mana, as you said, because she would probably shoulder a lot of the responsibility after realizing how much Rikka has suffered for Mana’s sake. But a dark organization called Eternal is also striving to get to Cure Rosegarden by stealing the Rose Pact. The girls transfer him to a bed and Milk contacts Papaya to inform him of the news, but he has no idea what could be wrong. The King tells her to go, feeling her determination to help her friends and appears out of the Rose Pact again.
This cheers Karen up and she reveals she has a lot of it back at home, because its her favorite drink too. Kazoku no Egao Mamorimasu!!?) is the 14th episode for the season Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, the seventh season in the Pretty Cure franchise, and also the 306th episode of the Pretty Cure all series.
Erika then points out that Nanami lost her mother years ago - which leaves Tsubomi feelin horribe. Mana is told by the Trump Kingdom fairies to keep her PreCure identity a secret from Rikka, but when a Selfish attacks the school the next morning, she decides to transform into Cure Heart in Rikka’s presence, and asks for her help in purifying the Selfish. Combined with the fact that the second girl is often the closest friend to the main character, there is little to no opportunity to show any sort of dynamic involving the lead cure and her best friend before the second cure awakens. Like Doki Doki, Rin’s initial reaction to Nozomi’s revelation is utter disbelief, and playing off of her snarky “straight man” personality, the exchange is played for laughs at the beginning of the show. Both shows stretch the gamut of roles that the best friend plays in the magical girl’s life; where Tomoyo is immediately involved with Sakura’s adventures through her resourcefulness in the former series, where Naru remains distant and removed from Usagi’s battle, but nonetheless finds herself unintentionally involved with countless mysterious occurrences in the latter. From a distance, all they can do is provide support, but due to the message of the episode, there’s a real threat to their safety that may or may not be addressed later on. They have to join forces as equals, and help each other by making up for each other’s shortfalls. Either of the two would make a captivating midseries arc, and would be the coolest thing ever. Plus, I’ve found that commenting on sites with Disqus drives traffic back to my site. Of course the audience knows that she’s going to pull through somehow, but I liked that she did get caught and got frozen as well after managing to push the button. Two people who try taking on burdens alone, and the only difference is that Mana’s willing to accept help. In fact, Mana would probably fault herself for getting Rikka into this mess since she herself initially recruited Rikka despite knowing the consequences. Luckily, Precure get helped by new allies: the delivery-boy Syrup who can change into a giant bird and fly them anywhere they want and the mysterious and beautiful fighter Milky Rose stand alongside Pretty Cure to protect what is really valuable. He brings up that he witnessed them finding the last Monarch and came to claim him for himself, to take back to Eternal. Karen, believing in his words runs off and kicks Bunbee before the girls use Rainbow Rose Explosion to defeat the Hoshina. Even after Nozomi introduces her to the mascot character Coco, Rin has a difficult time of making sense out of it all. As Cure Diamond, we can potentially see a very intense partnership that develops between her and Cure Heart.
And there’s the added benefit of Disqus possibly promoting your blog and the potential for monetary kickback. It provides an opportunity to examine both characters’ sides in this potentially harmful relationship.
In the end, the only real line between selfishness and selflessness, is who are you doing it for? They try to contact the other Monarchs at their respective Kingdoms, and when they get to Queen Bavarois - she is quick to bring up a chat until Syrup stops her. She spots King Monblanc and comments that because he's been in Palmin form too long, he used up too much energy.

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