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No matter how much I beg, some of you, no doubt haven’t done anything to prepare (you know who you are).
6. Over to the powdered drink mix – go on I’ll wait…Okay, pick up two 72 Ounce Tang Orange drink canisters (provides 100% of the US RDA vitamin C requirement per 8 oz.
7. Off to the vitamin and supplement aisle, pick up 400 tablets “one a day” multivitamin and mineral supplements. The Prepared Prepper's Cookbook: Over 170 Pages of Food Storage Tips, and Recipes From Preppers All Over America! I remember reading this some time ago and it made me think that I am already on the road to being prepared and did make the trip to stock up.
I keep a list like this for my last of last minute shopping when I have 2 hours prior notice to everybody else finding out. NUUN fizzy electrolyte replacement tablets are good as well ( usually in the vitamin area ).
Good idea but I would take it one step further and by a large jar or two of powdered ascorbic acid.
Buy some bottles of Tums tablets and take one Tums tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon as a very cheap and digestible form of calcium for adults (much cheaper than those pricy calcium supplement tablets). Also, was it you who recommended doing a behind-the-ear-down-to-the-shoulder massage stroke to clear ear congestion?
One thing to consider when stocking up on Pepto-Bismol is that I was told it contains a hidden form of aspirin. Not TGM, but I put my baking soda in a zip lock to protect from moisture,the zip locks will be useful later.
If you have one, a food saver with the bags, will keep the moisture out of the baking soda…and anything else you want to store that absorbs moisture.
IMy water froze for about 2 weeks a while back so I had to depend on my stored supply as well as refills that I got from my daughter in town. Another thing I have in my BOB are a couple of ON-GYN pads( I used to have a couple of Kotex pads but my sister suggested the others).
Could you provide me with the studies or data that show vitamin supplements from walmart will not help with serious vitamin deficiencies like scurvy, Beriberi, pellagra, rickets, etc. I have immediate concern for things my family uses, Others may have opinions, based on their knowledge or some report. Another way to get some of your vitamins (at least vit c) is to water bath can some citrus fruits.
Sw’t Tater, I have been craving water, so much that I am surprised I do not slosh when I walk! Grumpy Vermonter, I live in MI but it hasn’t been a real cold winter like we normally have. Those are my ideas for you on how to survive (not die) in tough times (you don’t get to pick and choose).
Store some things that you do not normally use, But would eat in emergency… for the balloon day, If you properly prepare these things they will last from 2-20 years, depending on the item.
Now, that having been said, I am constantly asked what are the best prepper weapons for protection and survival?
About the only thing that we can agree on is that there is certainly no single gun that could suffice for every single survival situation. Even if you have never fired a shot, you probably know that there are three basic types of Firearms: Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns.
At the bare minimum you should consider owning and learning to use at least one from each category a€“ a long rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun. It has a greater magazine capacity than most, especially if large magazines for Bushmasters and the like get banned, and it has much better trigger action than most any battle rifle youa€™d care to name a€“ and jams a heck of a lot less.
Ultimately, to decide what firearms are right for you a€“ you really have to think about what you most likely will be hunting, or defending yourself from. A shotgun is on my list of a€? prepper weapons must havea€™s.a€? A shotgun is a staple for home defense and survival situations.
The Mossberg 500 Shotgun in 12 or 20 Gauge is one of the most economical and versatile shotguns you can buy.
The disadvantage is that a shotgun can be uncomfortable for women or small-framed shooters due to the recoil. Hollywood and the assorted a€?gang-bangersa€? out there would have you believe that revolvers somehow became ineffective the day everyone started switching to autos a€“ far from it.
No-Cost Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills 13 Ways to Keep Your House Warmer This Winter Frugal Living & Grow Fruit Indoors Box Set Protect Your Money DIY Milk Jug Seed Starters What To Store In A Faraday Cage For EMP Protection? Having barbecue at home is one the best ways for us to spend time with family and great friends while enjoying the best foods at the same time. This video does not match with the photos … is there one to correspond to the photographs?
This is true (been there-done that), but the fire-pit on this design is below ground and does not contact the lower brick level so it will probably be fine. Always keep in mind what is available to you and be able to adapt it to fit your needs or your supplies. If these directions are hard go to mother earth news and see several methods to do the same thing using Fire brick or using Fire clay and mold it from that product it is what many a stove or oven is made.. Relates to the self-fulfilling prophecy which is a very real psychological phenomena. The more you focus on something, the more likely it is to occur.

Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage. One thing that helped us determine whether or not the rust had eaten through was to shake the can, if it had contained freeze-dried or dehydrated foods it would rattle.  If it did not rattle, the can was compromised. We opened several mystery cans that had lose their labels and ate some of the foods without any problem.  In fact, we are having tacos tonight made from hamburger from one of the cans.
For rodents, I would always put d-Con or a similar rodenticide in any food storage area subject to their intrusion.  Do not let the food come in contact with the poisons. Based on what I have seen here and in other cases, I cannot stress the importance of inspecting and rotating your food enough.
If the cans were rusted and there was rodent activity, you need to presume there was at least surface contamination by rodent rine and feces, requiring disinfection as well as derusting.
In the video at the bottom of this post you’ll learn knife maintenance tips and tricks. Having a sharp knife in the wild could be the thing that saves you when you’re bugging out in the wild. Here are ten things that you can do now that will make you better prepared than 90% of the population. Now head over to the canned foods and pick-up 20 cans of canned fruits and 20 cans of canned vegetables.
I have a copy of this article 10 things to do now, and the next 10 things to do in my purse right now, so when I shop I can refer to the list, and what I need to add!
However, consult your physician first if your have kidney problems as the Tums might be too much for someone with impaired kidneys. Sorry for the delay in responding – I broke my laptop and had to get a new hard drive installed. It is an antiacid, fire extinguisher, odor absorber, tooth paste, part of baking powder, etc. Better for you; if you have seasonal allergies using honey that is local will help with that. I have a pretty good collection of food now, plus a means of doing laundry and treating wounds and am well stocked with canning jars and lids.
When we visited our adult children we took your lists and took the kids shopping and had the joy of actually following the list item for item. Fever reducer ~ have more than one type, and have at least one 8-hour pain and fever reducer so you can sleep through the night.
Mine started as a sinus infection drained in the night and I awoke deathly ill…too sick to get up and put on coffee.
One evening I drank a gallon and a half of ice water, was not hungry… couldn’t get enough water, then was up all night letting it out!
Those things with the shortest Long life- are the beans at about 2 years,(be sure to freeze them before LTS) close to the two year time, find a needy family or a food band and donate them. Okra, yellow squash, zucchini, all can be dehydrated easily, (wash, slice, dehydrate, store in dry dark,sealed jar) and eaten dehydrated or re-hydrated..the squash become very sweet, My family loves them, so I have to hide them! If things really get tough like no power for freezers, I’m told that if you put sand in some plastic tubs, wet it, you can bury in it anything that normally grows underground like potatoes, sweet ones too, carrots, radishes, beets and so on.
There is no single answer, because every situation is different and every persona€™s skill level is different.
Now that is not to say that you need to build an arsenal, but you do need to have a selection of at least a few firearms to serve different purposes.
Within each of those there are subcategories based on how the ammo is chambered and fired, a€“ single-fire, automatic, semi-automatic, pistol or revolver a€“ and the caliber (size) of the round.
The most commonly available weapons in this category are the AR-15, AK-47, SKS, M1A, FN-FAL, HKa€™s 91 & 93, and Rugera€™s Mini-14.
If I had to make a recommendation, Ia€™d go with the Ruger Mini-14 because of its ease or reconfiguration, and many accessories. They are expensive to buy and maintain, they require a lot of training, and they jam a€“ a lot.
It shoots fast, is accurate and will bring down anything in North America, on four or two legs.
There is an old adage that says if you are hunting, then you need a hunting rifle, it follows therefore that for a€?Survivala€? you need a Survival Rifle. Also called a€?scatter gunsa€? aiming becomes less of a requirement, and they can be fired fast and repeatedly.
Here again you are going to see me depart from what you may think is a€?a given.a€? I do not recommend a semi-auto pistol like a 9mm. A properly loaded revolver of quality design and manufacture in the hands of a good shooter can stand and deliver the goods. If you have big family and network of friends you’ll definitely need what we are about to show you.
Here is a list of the top 10 success quotes and tips on how to utilize the message behind each one. If you want to leave an inspiring legacy, set aside the required time to do what moves you the most every day. Rather than failure adopt words with less emotional intesity like miscalculate, adjust, feedback and so on to express the occurrence of errors.
The 10000 hour rule (for more on this click here for my article on how to become a genius) suggests the main factor behind genius is practice.

The more foreign the world you put yourself in is, the greater the chance to learn and excel in novel ways. That is galvanic corrosion (dissimilar metals corrosion) between the bottom of the cans and metal shelves in storage cabinets – especially if the paint on the shelves has been compromised.
Keep in mind that this is only a starting point and isn’t presented here as a completed list. I’ve done crackers (leave in the sleeves), the medium boxes of instant rice, powdered milk, cereal, and a host of other things in the food saver bags. Be sure to put the water in a large pan and pour it down fast (do not try to pour the water out of a jug as it doesn’t come out fast enough. I am sure that most of you have already heard these things but since they are recent to me, I thought some other newer people might not have thought of them. Since our children live hundreds of miles from us (to the west and to the east), It gave my wife and I a good feeling to stock their homes with some basics for survival, and also to get them to open their eyes and start paying attention to whats going on in the world. Some might choose to get those wally world vitamins, put them in the rotation, but replace them later with something else, as they assimilate info. I am now on Benedryl and Mucinex DM and am able to function better (between naps!) and am able now to cough up the crud in my lungs and sinuses.
The best gun, or guns to put in the hands of an Ex-Marine, cannot possibly be the same for the average homeowner. Most importantly, in a survival situation you are most likely to be defending yourself against thugs and marauders, and not heavily armed infantry. It is commonly chambered for 30-30 Winchester or 35 Remington, and ammunition is plentiful and not too expensive. It is attractive because of its many available upgrades, and after market accessories such as scopes and extended magazines.
Specifically a shotgun is a very flexible in that it can shoot a variety of loads from low powered small-pellet game loads, to heavy buckshot capable of taking down the largest game animals (or intruders).
I say for self defense, survival, or home protection, you should always consider a revolver, over an automatic pistol because of the reliability and less likelihood of the revolver to jam. No other handgun can compare with the .357a€™s stopping power when using 125 grain hollow-points. I have some high density blocks that weigh about 35lbs and prolonged exposure to high heat has had no effect on them.
Once you accept the fact that you will feel fear when trying something new, the power of the fear and its effects will diminish.
It has happened to me in metal storage cabinets where there has been no hint of moisture, rodents, or insects. Add a bottle or two of raw honey (check the label to make sure it is the real thing) to your food storage and eat a little each day if you have seasonal allergies to help reduce the symptoms, also dab a little honey on cuts or scrapes, after washing well with soap and clean water, if you do not have antibacterial ointment.
But I think if I had been on it when the sinus and chest congestion first started, I would have avoided the pneumonia and bronchitis I am now on antibiotics for.
Learn about canning and preserving your own food and store some things that will last long term that you would easy in an emergency. Even amongst different branches of the military, Army Rangers debate with Navy SEALs over whata€™s the a€?besta€? gun, and the deadliest ammo!
That is why I make the following recommendation for your a€?Combat Riflea€? a€“ a lever action .30-30. As a survival rifle, it is an excellent choice as it is lightweight, handy and easy to pack.
A revolver is inherently safe, and if a round fails, another trigger pull will be instinctive and chamber and fire the next round. And no other weapon is as versatile in as many conditions as a good four or six inch barreled .38 revolver. No doubt some of you are intimidated by my repeated suggestions of storing and using whole grains and beans.
White rice has a better storage life while brown rice has more nutritional benefits – your choice.
It has shaken me to my core as I kept saying to myself “what if the SHTF already and I came down with this?
I haven’t tried this myself but if any of the pack has I would like to hear how it worked for you.
I am going to depart a bit, and maybe take some flack from a lot of other survival types, and tell you a€“ you do NOT need an assault rifle for combat, and it may not be your best choice. A lever action rifle, like my personal favorite, a Marlin Model 336, can fire just about as fast as any semi-auto assault rifle you can name.
Used Marlin Model 336s can be had for as low as $200 and even when new, are quite economical.
If it doesn’t come from the supermarket shelf it’s strange and unfamiliar and you want no part of it. So relax, and stand by a€“ I am going to tell you a bit about assault rifles, being very familiar with them, and also tell you why you dona€™t need to worry if they again become banned. No matter which chambering you select, it is important that you buy a well-made rifle with a robust action.

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