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We thank him for his time to answer a few questions to help us get to know him better and understand his motivations behind prepping.
Speaking of opinions, I have my own on the subject of the best weapon you can buy and I will share it now along my rationale for having said opinion and I welcome anyone to comment if you agree or if you disagree. To frame the case for my belief on this subject a little more clearly, I will throw out the disclaimer that when I make this recommendation I am speaking to people who do not have any other firearms currently.
For the person who has nothing, I am going to go out on a limb now and describe what I think the best weapon you can purchase “right now” for a lot of various factors.
To cut to the quick, I will say that if you don’t buy any other weapon, a 12 gauge shotgun is the absolute best option you have right now.
A 12 gauge shotgun is about the cheapest gun you can buy when you consider that most handguns now are selling for over $500 unless you buy a .380 concealed carry. When people start looking for a defensive or tactical shotgun the focus turns to 2 main models, Remington and Mossberg. If you are curious, there are lots of reviews on YouTube comparing the two and you can make your own mind up.
Shotguns or long guns generally don’t have the ridiculous licensing requirements that purchasing a handgun does. One good thing about shotguns from the perspective of someone defending their home is that you don’t have to be as accurate as you do with a handgun.
So for all of those reasons, the 12 gauge is my hands down favorite for your first defensive weapon for the home. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the best weapon for the person who has nothing. Personally, I have an old (nearly antique) but still very serviceable Winchester Model 94 .32 Special brush rifle that my grandfather bought new back in1950.
Yes, the 20 gauge is an excellent alternative that’s true and perhaps I should have broadened the topic to include that caliber as well. I like shotguns too, some interesting short barrel ones out there now including 870 and saiga conversions.
I think the discussions need to identify the most common situations we might find ourselves in and then talk about the right weapon for the situation. A typical scenario not talked about is when you are sound asleep and you wake up thinking you heard a noise. I know what you mean about being asleep and that is why my trusty .45 is by the bed every night. This post right here is more about choosing a battery of firearms and my personal recommendations if you are looking for a shopping list. The Mossberg 590 is the only shotgun to have passed the mil spec of 3,000 rounds without failure and never, ever failed me in combat. Center-of-mass is simpler and is what the average person aims for in a panic scenario because its simpler. Hitting them with a slug will absolutely work as you say if they aren’t wearing level IV plate armor. But, regardless, that big bore and that big bang will either run them off or punch a hole they’ll never forget.
The main reason I like a shotgun in just the same situations you mention is that it is very forgiving to stress and aim. I am a woman living alone in a large home on 20 acres along a deadend road and have never held a gun. Living in the UK its hard to get a gun, we can get a shotgun license but its expensive and you have to jump throught a few holes. Seeing as I can’t afford to buy a shotgun i will have to get a machette, better than nothing. Excellent write up: I agree that a shotgun is a great choice if it is the only weapon you have. The sound of a shotgun racking potentially tells an intruder (1) where you are and (2) what kind of weapon you have. Shotgun ammo seems to be one of the only calibers I could find that wasn’t affected as much by the recent shortages. At the risk of sounding ignorant… which I am… what is the difference in a 410 and a 12 g and a 20 shotgun? I am a relatively weak woman, so I was thinking I might want to have a .410 shotgun for the weaker kick. Gun Preparedness provides its readers preparedness articles with a focus on weapons, tactics, self-defense, product reviews and general preparedness.
They collect food, water, medical supplies, clothing and more to give them the upper hand if the world makes a turn for the worse. There are entire survival forums on this subject alone and if you want opinions, there are lots of places to find them.

One of the purposes of this prepper website is to provide information and if we have to settle some of this in the comments, that’s fine by me. If you are realizing just now that you may need a firearm for home defense and are looking for the best weapon to purchase first, this post is intended for you. The factors for deciding this weapon are based upon current events and the political climate to no small degree.
The Remington 870 is a legend and is the standard issue shotgun for a lot of police departments and armed forces. There is an entire review comparing the Mossberg 590A, the Remington 870 and the Winchester 1300 defender by Nutnfancy that I highly recommend for its thoroughness. Unless you have been living underground in your own doomsday bunker, you know that guns and ammo are flying off the shelves. After a quick call and some paperwork, (provided you have a clean background) you can walk out with your very own 12 gauge piece of mind to add to your security preparations.
You can’t say that for most common pistol calibers especially with the DHS purchasing 1.6 billion rounds for their own use.
You can of course use this as your defensive weapon and you can hunt small and even large game with it. A shotgun has a nice blast pattern that will hit anyone in the general direction down range to a certain extent. In some cases, the wracking part to get another round into the chamber takes a little practice. If you have more money, there is a few other items I would recommend for your survival battery of arms, but I will save that for later too. I don’t know if grabbing this is any easier than a shotgun but it certainly fits on the nightstand a lot easier. This post doesn’t directly address your point about what to keep by the beside and that may have been covered in one or more posts on home security, but I agree its a valid discussion point.
Most notably the model or a close relative to the three mentioned: Mossberg, Remington and Winchester. I also believe it’s a superior home defense tool for the person who stays in one place without having to go find the bad guy keep him or her away from the kids.
In the hands of a competent shooter I agree that a pistol and well placed shots make for a better choice but if you can only get one weapon or you are selecting your first weapon I think a shotgun gives you more flexibility. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately), i haven’t been in the high stress situation like that where i would have that kind of aim problem.
I bought a 20 gauge for my wife and when I took here to the range found that she was not able to handle that even with a light load 2.5 shell. The gauge of a shotgun refers to the size of the barrel, or more specifically how many balls of each size caliber you would need to make up a pound. Shotguns also have a cartridge length so I would just grab a shell that he has and take that to the store with you. I know how difficult it can be to go it alone, but you are doing the right thing I feel if you are preparing your family for what may lie ahead. Does anybody have info on its home defense and hunting utility as well as the relative availability of ammo? If you are in reasonable health and can get around without assistance, a 20 gauge shotgun should be perfectly fine for you. Once you find one you like, I would get as much ammo (within reason) as you think you might need. The .40 is powerful enough to take down an attacker, yet over penetration should not be an issue.
Yes, there may be natural disasters, and other things, but your job is the most vulnerable part of your life and your job has the most effects on your life. But in that scenario, all that time and effort could go to waste if you haven’t planned for defense.
If you are looking in the right place you can get a new Mossberg for less than $200 but with each passing day that gets harder and harder.
You can go on your lunch hour and bring a brand new present home to your spouse after work. A 12 gauge with bird shot is good for most small critters or birds but you want to be careful you don’t blow them to pieces.
You want to make sure you don’t eject the good shell you had in the chamber so it isn’t perfect, but with practice this can be minimized. The remainder of your comment flows nicely into another post I will be doing soon and that is how to build out the rest of your Survival Battery of Arms. I have large rooms including the bedroom and know that I will be frozen in extreme fear waiting for Trouble to enter rather than have my very buckled and weakened knees take me throughout the house looking for Trouble. I know someone will chime in and correct me on the specifics, but all you need to know is that the gauge determines the size shot that is going to come out of the other end to a large extent.

Since it is the biggest, you have the largest sized shot in the cartridge – usually means the most damage and the most kick. Since you don’t sound like you plan to run out into the front yard and shoot 20 zombies at once you might not need more than a couple of hundred rounds.
The long answer would be mostly the sky rocketing prices, then the _job outlook, politics, and fear of others.
If you have a little of this and a little of that you will be better off than someone who has a ton of food and no way to cook it, or a ton of water, yet no food. One crucial part of your defense system should be firearms.This great video from Youtube user parlusk1791 describes 8 great firearms every prepper should own. Hunkering down, there are a lot of options, opinions and reasons why you should or should not do one or the other given by everyone. If you have a ton of money you would obviously not stop here, but for the average person trying to make wise decisions with their finances, a shotgun is practical and affordable for most of you out there.
Adding all sorts of cool hardware like Picatinny rails, fore grips and pistol grips run the cost up too. This is a close quarters type of defensive weapon so you won’t be picking off the bad guys at 100 yards with this. Most people will recommend a 20 gauge for a woman because they kick less but I guarantee you that your wife won’t mind the kick at all if someone is coming after her and she is forced to fire. Super cheap (less than $100) and at least you’ve got one blast to announce your intentions.
I also recommend frangible ammo if you can find it because as another commenter mentioned, dry wall doesn’t stop much. Hubby keeps his grandfather’s 410 in the closet, but I have no idea what shells to buy and how to shoot it. By fear of others, I am not scared of others, what worries me is their fears and the results of their actions because of those fears. If you have ever seen any of my articles, I don’t think I can go a week without mentioning a Glock. Times are changing, this nation is at a point where criminals meet a revolving door at the jails or if they manage to stay in _jail they get a free education on becoming a better criminal. Shotguns however do not have the attention of the gun grabbers yet and they are still available.
When the Mutant Zombie Motorcycle gang rolls into your town, they will need to get a little closer before you can take them out, but that is for a different post. A shotgun is easily handled by a woman and has less moving pieces to remember when you are stressed. My favorite is my 24″ cylinder bore barreled Mossberg Slugster that I bought from a hunter after deer season for $150.
It’s amazing to me that there can be a possibility of a storm and the stores instantly sell out of milk, bread, eggs, water, and frozen dinners.
Part of the problem is finances, drugs, and in my opinion pure laziness of many in society. Some are for hunting, some training – BUT, in an emergency, any firearm can be used as a defensive weapon and will be superior to having no firearm at all.
You then have Buckshot which is the most deadly, Slug, steel shot, bird shot, turkey or varmint loads and target loads. Another consideration since we are discussing accuracy is that you have to practice common sense. You need something to protect your family and the nice Benelli semi-auto isn’t called for here either. If someone is in your house and you shoot a shotgun, those rounds will go through sheet-rock walls and could hit someone on the other side.
Just the simple act of racking the shotgun and the unmistakable sound that causes may prevent you from having to use it in the first place.
Here is what I do know though and that is if you do not have anything, you will wish you had something, even an old Mossberg when the Zombies or bad guys start coming in the front door. Now, in a total grid-down, end of the world apocalypse you will wish you have millions of rounds stored up, but we have to start somewhere.
I like to buy a box of each caliber that I have (when I can) whenever I go to a sporting goods store and keep it locked away. Skip's been studying, sharpening, and expanding his skills every day since he was 15 years old.

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