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Jim takes time to describe the different scenarios that may trigger a long-term survival situation. He spends a little bit of time describing each and talking about the possibility of it occurring. Clothing is addressed here as well as keeping your shelter warm or cool, depending on the season. Checklists – While there are not a ton of checklists, the ones that are there are VERY pertinent to a long-term survival situation.
Overall, I think Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide by Jim Cobb is a solid addition to your long-term survival library.
Whatever the reason, procrastination is problem with a lot of preppers: the research is done, the budget is set, the checklists are printed out and ready to go and then what?  Nothing.
Today I examine those insidious roadblocks to getting things done as well as steps that I personally take to overcome what I call “Prepper Procrastination”.  And for me this is timely since whether you want to believe it or not, I still have a large list of items I have been meaning to take care of,  prepping-wise, and just never quite make time. Let me start out by defining some of the excuses that prevent us from reaching our preparedness goals. One common denominator to each excuse other than “I can’t afford it”,  is that the excuse is not a well-thought out, reasonable objection.  Instead, it is an emotional response designed to delay doing something that may be unpleasant or fearful.
The question at hand is how does a person move from this place of ineffective procrastination? You can fill in the blank with “purchase extra water” or “learn to package beans in Mylar bags” or “inventory my first aid kit” or whatever fits your situation.
Not wanting to do something is normal, especially if it is going to take some work.  Instead of focusing on the task, do a mind shift and focus on the results.
Say, for example, you need to install some extra lighting around the outside of your home to make it more secure.  You have to get out the ladder, string some wiring, perhaps cut back some shrubbery and oh yeah, it is raining outside so you will get cold and wet in the process.
Instead of going through this tedious mental gyration, think about the results:  a well-lit yard that will fend of any would-be intruders, thus helping insure the safety of your family and your stuff.
About the best thing you can do when extra funds are tight or even non-existent is examine your lifestyle and find areas where you can shave some extra bucks from your monthly budget. Cut back on the cable bill, brown bag your lunch, and eat simple but healthy and economic meals of soup, homemade bread, beans, rice, pasta and other inexpensive foods.
Chances are (and I am 99% sure of this) it will be the latter.  A storm, an earthquake, sudden and expected unemployment .
Taking the time to prepare now will not guarantee your safety or your survival, but it surely will give you one step up on those that do not bother.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather stack the deck in my favor. If this is your excuse (or more likely the excuse of someone you know), take the three day challenge below and then ask if prepping is really necessary.
Do this for mere three days.  Anyone can do that, right?   Anyone who accepts this challenge will understand why we prep. Speaking for myself, I sometimes get lazy, complacent, tired, and bored with my prepping efforts.  Like you, I can come up with the excuse of the day (which is usually one of those listed above) and simply delay doing anything with a self-inflicted “I’ll worry about it tomorrow, Scarlett” mentality. In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide. Note:  the price can vary by color so if you are not particular, scroll through the colors and safe a couple of bucks.
Emergency Essentials carries a wide variety of equipment and supplies – all at competitive prices. The most effective way to become motivated and proactive in getting prepared… is to imagine the electrical grid going down for even a week or so. NOTE: You youngsters (under 55) may not want to shop the first Tuesday of the month at Fred Meyer. Even if I don’t do anything big or spectacular each day, the little things are beginning to add up. So whether it’s a fire or natural disaster, we do need to speak up and at least help people get a 72 hour kit together. Some time ago, there was some buzz about the need or lack of operational security in the world of preppers. Two years ago, my husband thought I was nuts to imagine a life without electricity, gas, or grocery stores. Regardless, I felt I had a responsibility to plan for our children — with or without his cooperation.
I started small, with what I could personally control without interference: my purse and daily driver. It is also comforting to know that boy scouts have been exposed to the idea since the beginning of their training in childhood. Selling out is not in my DNA so I went ahead and shared the think piece by Richard Earl Broome, and much to my delight, it found a thoughtful and passionate audience here at Backdoor Survival.A  I was pleased.
In todaya€™s think piece, Richard kicks things up a notch and suggests that we take some time to develop a mission statement for the American Prepper Movement.
Before anyone ever thinks about starting a movement, you need to look at previous movements that were successful and truly did drive change.
At their origins both seemed to have disparate pockets of political activism, with members that seemed to be just fringe agitators. Once more cohesive, they also became increasingly focused and articulate with arguments that created a coherent and compelling agenda for change. Why is it important for Preppers of all shapes, sizes and interests to try to find a common ground and organize a movement like this?
The American Prepper Movement must have a voice at the federal, state and local level with regard to policy, planning, budgeting and legislation. We are only at the beginning of a discussion about what I think is the critical Prepper Agenda for Change.
The media tends to have a cynical view of prepping, which impacts the psychology of most uninformed audiences, and gives the impression we are all slightly odd and not to be taken seriously.
We also know that we can give better advice to our fellow citizens than the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. What policies should our federal, state and local governments adopt from Israel, particularly around citizen preparedness? For example, Israel makes civilian preparedness and resiliency part of their education curriculum.
Israela€™s Home Front Command also uses consistent, straightforward messaging to the citizens of Israel about threats or possible events. A recent article I wrote for Backdoor Survival was a€?Building a Culture of Preparedness.a€? I used the following quote in my article as a metaphor, to illustrate how our view of heath and fitness has changed over the last 50 years.
Your federal, state and local tax dollars that go to emergency preparedness will be spent on those who are not prepared.
If we, as a nation, will subsidize someone for putting solar panels on their roof to achieve energy efficiencies, why not advocate subsidizing Preppers for better overall preparedness? A great side benefit if this actually happened would be the creation of a national standard for both individual and business preparedness. If we can agree on the basic tenets of a mission statement and agenda for change, we then have the fundamental pieces to begin to organize into a movement. Each of us needs to do our small part and write the history of the beginnings of the American Prepper Movement.
He is considered a national expert on the subjects of crisis management, disaster recovery and survival. For more about Richard, visit myA  About Richard page.A  Also, note that his two books, Leaving The Trees and Good Crazy (Leaving The Trees Journey) (Volume 2), can be found on Amazon. As with all things preparedness, at first blush the task of preparing a mission statement may seem overwhelming.A  After all, there is not only the effort of putting pencil to paper, but also the coordination ofA missives coming from various age groups, economic strata, and geographical locations. If you enjoyed this article, consider voting for me daily at Top Prepper Websites!A  In addition, SUBSCRIBE to email updatesA  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyera€™s Guide. Bargain Bin:A  Below you will find links to some personal and BDS reader favorites and items from the Amazon Top 10. Note:A  the price can vary by color so if you are not particular, scroll through the colors and safe a couple of bucks.
I didna€™t expect much from the credit card tool.A  It is surprisingly sturdy as well as useful.
Spark Naturals has introduced a€?Deals of the Montha€?.A  This is great news for all of us because it gives us time to place a single monthly order and still take advantage of the specials. Of special note this month is the brand new Bamboo Diffuser which I will be ordering this week.A  Two other favorites are LEMONGRASS (a must have that I will be writing about this month, and AMEND+.

Agenda for Change: The American Prepper Movement by Gaye Levy first appeared on Backdoor Survival. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Even though most publications related to firearms are aimed at men, there is no question that lady preppers need information about how to build and use a survival arsenal. In personal experience with my first wife, and also female friends and colleagues that were hunters, champion marksmen, law enforcement, or military personnel; a woman can learn everything necessary about guns, and use them just as efficiently as a man, in any survival situation.
From that perspective, let me start this discussion by saying that there is no such thing as a gender difference when it comes to using guns. Many people will say that the height and weight of a woman (but not a man) is important when deciding which handgun, rifle, or shotgun to select. Regardless of gender, if you are small boned, not very tall, or light weighted, you may have a problem with the recoil from larger caliber guns or those poorly designed in this aspect. Once you experience discomfort or injury related to recoil, it can cause you to develop a flinch, close your eyes, or develop other bad habits. For revolvers and semi-auto pistols, you should be able to hold the firearm in a snug, tight grip with no fingers or palms hanging below the grips. Important Tip: If the gun grips do not fit but you still want a specific gun, after-market grips or magazine finger rests are available for most handguns.
For semi-auto actions: make sure you have the strength in your hands and fingers to pull the bolt back, and then hold the bolt back until the bolt open stop is activated. IfA  semi-auto rifles or shotguns of interest have adjustable butt stocks, use the adjustment lever or button and set the the stock to the most comfortable setting. You should be able to reach the trigger and safety comfortably when aiming and shooting.A  The gun should not move when you fire it or have so much recoil that it could knock you backwards. For example, too much finger on the trigger can cause you to move the weapon off target when you pull the trigger. Regardless of the gun type or shape, your trigger finger should sit comfortably outside of the trigger guard until ready to fire. As with men shopping for guns, you will always have to consider the cost of the gun and ammo. Overall, the best weapon is one that you can control and fire with accuracy and confidence, as well as one that you can get ammo, spare parts, and training to operate. All of the weapons listed on the table above are good quality, reliable, durable, easy to use, andA  readily available. With just a little bit of dedication to finding the right weapon, and then a commitment to practicing your shooting and gun care skills, you will have a better chance of surviving in a world gone mad. Why else do you want your land to produce and become self-sufficient if not to be prepared to take care of yourself?
Each chapter is very on-topic and begins with an interesting narrative that is a fictional journal entry related to that chapter’s central them. Jim’s no-nonsense, straightforward approach to the book gives you the information you need in case the world as you know it goes south. Move forward with an action plan to cut back on just one thing, even if the savings is just five dollars a week.
Surely everyone recognizes the need for car insurance and home insurance.  Why wouldn’t preparing for a disaster or some other disruptive event be necessary? I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here.
This is an easy tool for finding products that people are ‘wishing” for and in this way you know what the top products are.  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. While figuring my schedule for the upcoming week, a prepping task I have been putting off for well over a year now popped up again! Your doing all the work, late at night, I might add, while thay are resting comfortably without a care in the world.
It did not take long for the issue to die down because keeping your prepping activities secret does not really make a lot of sense.
Without having to say outright that getting ready should not be kept hidden like a dangerous secret, there seems to be a general, unspoken consensus that it is better to tell your family and other loved ones that you are a prepper. His attitude was basically, “Do what you want, as long as I don’t have to deal with it.” Talk about a head-in-the-sand approach! That said, you have a responsibility to plan for your family’s future, no matter what that future holds. If you’re overwhelmed but feel an urgency to prep without causing conflict, consider these common-sense approaches. Lists abound for what to include, but think of it like this: If you and your kids were trapped somewhere for an extended period, what would you have to have?
Before the apocalypse, it is not an appropriate strategy because it only gets you into trouble. Eventually, both had a seat at the national table and helped drive new laws, the Voting Rights Act of 1964, and a new national policy, the elimination of the military draft in 1973.
Yet as a community, we are more knowledgeable and better prepared to meet the increasing level of threatening events facing us than almost everyone else. To achieve a seat at the table, Preppers need to become more focused, disciplined and articulate and represent a powerful voting bloc with a clear and coherent agenda for change that elected officials will respect. Terrorism, cyber attacks, pandemic threats, etc., have reached all nations, and as we most recently witnessed with the Boston Marathon bombing last spring and now in France, this is no longer just happening somewhere else in the world.
Yet, you can go to and see very similar advice for the entire nation coming from FEMA. How about we start a Proverb as our inspiration, and then the readers of Backdoor Survival can add their own thoughts?
We are not yet under a direct and constant threat as Israel experiences, but the threat to the USA is steadily growing. Students learn the importance of being prepared and have both historical lessons about terrorism along with a€?hands ona€? learning experiences to develop skills with first aid, CPR, chemical and biological weapons, the use of gas masks, and so on. If we are ever going to be truly prepared, this kind of a psychological shift by Americans is a fundamental requirement. Preppers will perhaps need, little to no help, which makes Preppers the ants paying for the grasshoppers. If this is ever created, the Prepper Nation definitely must have a voice in any kind of a preparedness standard.
With these we can start to address the simple; yet critical question: Where do we go from here?
He has lived an extraordinary life rising from an Army private to an Army colonel who served on the White House staff for two Presidents of the United States as a member of their National Security Council staff. He is a frequent contributor of articles about the many threats facing our society, appearing frequently on radio shows to discuss issues such as pandemics, ISIS, and the cyber threat.
It contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out.A  It weighs only 2oz. There is a similar flashlight called the Pak-Lite (which is more expensive) but it does not have a high-low switch like this one. This is an easy tool for finding products that people are a€?wishinga€? for and in this way you know what the top products are.A  All you need to do is select the category from the left hand side of the screen. The idea that women cannot use guns, or that only certain guns can be fired by women just because of gender is as sexist as it is disrespectful and dangerous. Anticipating the recoil eventually leads to fear of the gun that gave you a bad experience, and can easily make you afraid to try others that would be perfect for your needs.
On a semi-auto pistol, be sure that the thumb on your shooting hand can operate the safety and decoking lever. Hand grip for a semi-auto is even more important than on a revolver because your hand may jump upward past the grips and get caught by the slide when racking it. The gun will handle better and will be more comfortable and safe to shoot with these accessories.
In order to releaseA  the bolt, you must also be able to pull the bolt back and release it, or push the bolt release button. In one piece wood or synthetic butt stocks, if the stock is too long, it may be possible to have the stock shortened, (but stay within legal length ).
This motion could continue to affect the direction of the bullet to off-target as the gun is fired. For greatest accuracy, only the trigger fingera€™s pad section should come in contact with the trigger.

Before you buy a gun, do some research online to find out the average price of the guns you are interested in buying.A  This will help you bargain for lower prices, and also make it easier to walk away from scammers that think they can get more money out of you because you are a woman. The first way is to buy them new at a dealer at the list price or higher depending upon demand.
Before you buy a weapon, do some research online to find out which guns best match your needs, strength, and budget.
This can be done by renting the weapons at an indoor range or shooting them outside with friends on an outdoor range.
In most cases, current and projected ammo availability for these weaponsA  remains good or fair even after social collapse occurs. But are you thinking about what would happen if we got into a long-term survival situation?
Getting your mind wrapped around that idea and accepting it is going to be half the battle.
Jim seems to have a general sense that most people will band together and that, while life will be tough, the community will make it work. Makes a great can opener, cutting edge, groove cleaner, screw drive, clean finger nails, open seams and many, many more practical uses. Two months ago I bought the least expensive Berkey Water system ( the food grade plastic unit with 2 filters ).
There are 330,000,000 million people in America, so we got about 3,030,000 folks a prepping. First of all, you get immediate disapproval from fellow preppers once they find out you are getting ready without their knowledge. In fact in some circles, being open about it is a good thing because you are trying affect everyone around and hopefully be able to show them the advantages of being ready for the EOTW. When your kids look to you with vacant eyes and rumbling tummies, “I was waiting for Daddy‘s approval” will not fill those bellies!
In the aftermath, though operations security can come in handy as law and order may be thrown out the window because of the pandemonium that the devastation has caused. As a result, the beliefs they represented became more forceful and powerful because each managed to achieve discipline within a common agenda of fighting against true injustice. As a disparate group, with no common agenda that Preppers agree upon, we currently have little influence or power when it is most needed. The State of Israel has been focused on the preparedness of their citizens since the nation was founded. High school students are expected to actively support the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), during an emergency.
It is made of Swedish steel and is super sharp.A  Many Backdoor Survival have emailed me indicating this is now their favorite knife too. Pictured is one that I own in green but they come in basic black as well as some other colors. Is it harder for woman to learn how to shoot a gun and be a responsible, proficient carrier of a concealed weapon? In addition, if you do not have sufficient strength in your hands and fingers, the weapon cannot be loaded correctly, which may cause it to jam up. Or, simply purchase a youth model, which is aA  scaled down version of the standard model weapon.
You get a good warranty, but you have to fill out the Federal and State Forms to see if you can legally own them.
After test firing, you may find the right weapon, or you will need to do more research to find a better gun for your needs.
With this in mind I would safely recommend these weapons to any lady prepper at any level of weapon knowledge.
ALWAYS let the people you trust know about materials you need, they can help you save a ton if they know. Now, here is the biggie, How many of those 3,030,000 actually practice their plan through and through until it is working to perfection. Second, your actions become more noticeable to everyone in the community because they are basically odd.
That is the time to be wary of your actions; a way of protecting and defending yourself and your family.
These little flashlights just go and go, plus, they make good use of those re-purposed 9V alkaline batteries that you have recharged with your Maximal Power FC999 Universal Battery Charger.
You will not get a warranty, and you could wind up paying much more for the firearm plus repairs to make it safe and reliable to operate.
I have a couple of family members that are prepping and give me encouragement AND you and my other friends I’ve found on-line over the last 2 years keep me focused and not too discouraged. Of course, if you manage to go into the wild well prepared, you’ll have a tent or at least a tarp that you can use for shelter. We have squandered the time we had to prepare for it, so like our nation after Pearl Harbor some seventy-three years ago, we need to catch up and right now.
Probably not even one percent of those of us that are prepping have a truly long range practiced to perfection workable plan,including me. Possibly the worst is when you are arrested for suspected terrorist activities and get some time behind the slammer. We pay more attention to diet, nutrition, exercise and avoid doing the things we know hurt us.
Just my guess, but if that is true then this country only has 30,000, no more than 31,000 preppers with the honed skills and supplies to actually make it through the first year. That means the glorious 30,000 are going to have 329,270,000 long lost, best new friends wanting food, shelter, and clothing, and doing whatever it takes to take it from you. At the same time, during much of the year, survival shelters must also help hold in heat, protecting you from the cold.Shelters that Nature ProvidesThe first thing to look for is anything that nature provides which can be used as a survival shelter. What caused this was that we all raised our level of understanding about causes and effects and the ultimate impacts of poor choices about heath and fitness.
I got self defense problems and they have to be alleviated b4 teotwawki, the non preppers and prepper procrastinators show up on my doorstep. Mankind has been making shelters out of the materials available to us from nature for millennia.
Calling it a hut may be a bit misleading, as it doesn’t look anything like any hut that you might imagine. It is called a debris hut because the major material used is debris off the forest floor.Building a shelter in the woods is better than building one out in the open. The trees themselves will help, by providing a wind break, as well as some shelter from the rain. The end of the branch you’re using as a ridge pole can be set into the Y caused by the branch and bound in place with long grass.
You’ll need a variety of lengths, as these sticks are going to set on the ground, with one end leaning against the ridge pole. The sticks should be at about a 45 degree angle, so that they can form a good space between them.
Tie them to the ridge pole with long grass.The final step in building a debris hut is to pile on debris from the forest floor.
Gather up the leaves and twigs that cover the ground and pile them on your structure, making a huge leaf pile. The sticks of the structure should prevent them from falling through, leaving you a space underneath, where you can shelter.
The leaves will shed water well, stay put for all but the strongest wind and work as a natural insulation.You can even use a pile of leaves as a door, sealing yourself inside the debris hut and keeping the cold air out. There will be sufficient space between the leaves for air to get through, so there’s no chance of suffocation. Your debris hut may not be big enough to work and cook in, but it will offer you a tidy place to sleep, protected from any adverse weather.What do you think?
Leave your comments below… Skip Tanner is more than a writer, avid outdoorsman, hiker and international survival expert.
Skip's been studying, sharpening, and expanding his skills every day since he was 15 years old.

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