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Before I get everyone from the South upset, I will say that most places in Georgia aren’t used to snow. Before I get into the actual content list of items to store in a winter car survival kit, I should bring up fuel.
Yes, I assumed it was pretty dismal weather even though the overall accumulation in inches wasn’t that significant(relatively speaking).
Atlanta or any large city is not where I would want to be if anything serious happened; I agree with you. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Broken crayons, candle stubs, and any other form of paraffin wax can be used to make new candles, or along with other items to make fire starting tablets. Dryer lint can be used as tinder, or when combined with paraffin wax or petroleum jelly, to make fire starting tablets.
Cardboard egg cartons can be used to sprout seeds or as the container for fire starting tablets. Rope—longer pieces can be used for climbing and shorter pieces can be used for lashing gear. Plant waste (fruit and vegetable scraps, yard clippings, etc.) should be added to your compost pile to create natural fertilizer. Certain fruit and vegetables, such as pineapples, carrots, and sweet potatoes can be regrown from scraps. Newspaper can be used as garden mulch or to prevent weeds from growing, to clean windows, and as tinder.
Cardboard boxes can be used to store the food you’ve canned, making it easy to grab and go if you have to leave in a hurry. Outgrown clothes can be used as barter items, to give to needy families, as rags, or combined with a stick and flammable liquid, to make torches. Hair clippings (human or pet) can be used as fertilizer in your garden and to keep deer and other animals away.
Wire of all types and sizes can be used for lashing gear, transmitting power, and building expedient antennas. Twist-ties have almost unlimited uses, such as fixing eyeglasses, securing plants to stakes, and of course, sealing bags. Hi y-all, after a few interesting and thought provoking comments on Ken’s Blog I had an urge (crazy me) to write a short series of articles on what I thought the “Perfect Prepper House” would be. If time allows and I don’t get booed off the Blog with this, I want to offer a series of 5 articles starting with this and moving through a few ideas I deem necessary for a non-crazed realistic Prepper home. First a small introduction, I have been in the construction industry for well over 40 years, I’m a 4th generation “construction-dude”, and currently am working at a very successful company as Senior Estimator and Project Manager.
Next, Utilities; now I’m going to have a lot of feedback on this, but my feeling is if you can hook to “power”, then do so. Lastly, Propane I love the long life of Propane, I hate buying it, but again this is a “home” not a 200’ underground bunker beneath Cheyenne Mountain. Lastly for this segment, please check all of the Laws concerning construction, talk to the Building Dept., talk to the local EPA of local hazards (land-fills, underground water regulations and so forth), find the local sheriff and check on Gun Laws (and other laws) and ask him on his views.
I would consider there are a lot of other areas that use water other than drinking, cooking or bathing.
I have to say, about chlorine in the water, that hundreds of millions of lives have been saved by chlorinated water.
In every state I looked, I always considered where I would be comfortable with renewable resources in food, water, clothing, shelter, and natural energy for heat and far away from large populations but close enough to a hospital, say 30 minutes. Fantastic, Stardust your journey very similar to mine, I am over 65 and a youngish type, had the opportunity in my careers to live in 17 states all over the country, found Good, bad, and ugly about each one.
Interesting you mentioned NV taxes, I was actually having a conversation last night with a friend and he also mentioned the same, Property Tax is very minimal. I was trying to point out nuclear fallout from a grid down failure from those 4 Cal power plants would with prevailing wind patterns blanket larege areas in southern Nevada. What does it have for wild foods to sustain you without decimating food source populations? Prone to natural disasters as earthquakes, droughts, hurricanes, volcanos, tornados, floods? Far enough away from riots, Nuke plants and silo targets, large populations, pollution, and large concentrations of crime?
We are on the same page as far as “comfort” I’m NOT a Survivalist by any means, I am a Prepper.
NRP, this will be so helpful for folks and it’s great of you to contribute this info.
Ahhhhh yes the great Inspectors, I just LOVE then soooo much, HAHAHAHA Exactly as you pointed out; they do NOT know everything. In Ontario Canada we have what is called unorganized townships, that is where I bought several acres. It seems everyday we get a new confirmation that we’re doing right by preparing for the worst to happen. Research, make lists, store properly, have a plan A and B and practice using equipment and supplies ASAP having family members on board and involved is important. There are so many considerations on what makes the perfect place to spend the rest of your life when civilization disappears. Every article I have seen automatically excludes Florida, due to the large, growing population.
Yes there is a growing population but most that come down and move into the already established cities.
If you take a drive through the center of the state or the panhandle area you will find thousands of acres that are not developed and have limited neighbors.

With the highest elevation in the state (312 ft) being little more than a small hill, I’d need more interesting landscape. Off topic: There is a small army of undercover security guards all over Disneyworld, men and women alike and fairly easy to spot. As for The Keys after a Hurricane, you just do what the natives have done here forever: You clean up, and go on!
Me personally, if it were a total end of the world scenario, I’d make a small island my place to call home. We bought a turbo Bobcat for ranch work and plowing the snow (not that often but some amazing dumpers in spring. As I said in a previous note, we installed 12 volt solar electric but also tied into the grid for full co-op service. Since the house is built of steel, and the entire front of the house is SOUTH, we have a passive solar effect which keeps the front half of the house very comfortable with no heat most of the winter.
2400 square feet all on one level, and fully ADA compliant (for our old age…I am your age now, and still a spring chicken). We chose this site because we could afford to pay cash for the land, and cash and carry the home and barns. Season three of Doomsday Preppers is advertised as focusing on the build, and the show delivers.  By focusing on only two different preppers each show, they allowed a lot more time for each than the previous episodes that tried to cover three different preppers each. How do you think the “end of the world” type shows lately like World War Z, Revolution, American Blackout, and Doomsday Preppers, affect the preparedness movement?  Are they positive or negative or a little of both or neither?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Take the poll below or leave a comment with what you think!
Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article. Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites!
While you're here, be sure to read my blog disclosure, disclaimer, and Privacy Policy pages! Its times like this that I wonder how things would have been different if everyone involved had taken the time to prepare a simple winter car survival kit. The weather forced a lot of people to wait in traffic for hours due to accidents or road clearing operations. It can’t be said enough that you should have no less than a half a tank of gas at all times. That goes to show you even more so how important it is to be prepared for little blips like this. The reality for a lot of people is that because of work or family they simply don’t have any better options at this time.
Wouldn’t take up too much space but in the off-chance of an ice over like Atlanta, you could stud up your tires and be on your merry way. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. And even though you may be starting to think along those lines of what you can and should keep for reusing, recycling, and repurposing, there may be some items you’re leaving out.
Now I know there are literally hundreds of web-sites out there that will show you anywhere from a Doomsday Prepper underground concrete bunker-style “home” to multi-million dollar custom island homes, to the most elaborate “bunkers” actually built in nuclear silos, imagine that.
Make sure your thinking includes wood-stoves in your plans; I will go more into that in a later article.
Go to the local Church, talk to neighbors and check on food-bank usage (ideas on number of homeless or poor in the area).
Concentrated Chlorine and Fluoride are of themselves poisonous, and can be extremely harmful to people and livestock. I figured in the most independent place I can be and studied history how indigenous people and early settlers managed to thrive in the area without modern conveniences which led me to my home.
Make’s one ponder what you would have done without the preps and skills you had set in place???? I am now about 30 miles outside a 40K town and it seems about right, good access to medical, food supplies, and so on but far enough out to be independent.
When we inquired why the inspection was going to fail, we learned that the County did not have the current code books. If you have a problem with them, make them “prove it” in writing, and not just “what they think”.
Over the many years I have been on both sides of the sword with the Building Department and usually there is an understanding of misunderstanding. Always have a solid contract spelling out payment schedule and completion dates, with penalty’s for late performance. I have found my place and have learned years ago to trust my instincts and even more, my God for wisdom and guidance. We heat with wood, have two dug wells, farm animals and wonderful deep soils for gardening. That’s just because Florida is so skinny you can drive across the state in 3 hrs or so. I have been to Disneyworld in Florida and would like to go again, but for me Florida is a place to visit, not live. We have been looking to buy a house for about 6 months and where we want to go is our biggest hurdle. Is that you hope that the Russians and Chinese have removed it from their target list…. Propane uses about 200 gallons per year, but we BAKE our own breads and cook a lot, as well our dryer and hot water too is gas. North and North east corners of the house are cooler, so the furnace room is back there and heats the area quickly, then forced to front of house, where we also have the kitchen and one of the living rooms with fire places.
I think that there are certainly factors that would have made this little amount of snow something to contend with anyway, but the lives of a lot of people could have been much better with a little planning and preparedness.

The cities in the south do not have the equipment to take care of the snow as well as cities in the north because they so rarely get anything at all it is hard to justify the expense.
Having simple preparations ahead of time (even more so with the threat of inclement weather) would have made these delays more tolerable and could have ensured that more people could have made it home to their families instead of spending the night on the floor at CVS. Some of the winter car survival kit items are just as important in the summer and can be considered as core.
Had people (Anyone with a smart phone, government officials, almost everyone involved) believed what the weather predicted AND PLANNED accordingly, perhaps we would have a different outcome. As long as you carry your car-sense forward to the rest of your preps, you will be far better off than the average person I bet. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced. I also have been a “prepper” as far back as I can remember, even though it was not called that. And seriously I have seen way too many Divorces because of a home being built, NOT good; most importantly, plan, plan, plan and realize the “end game” you’re looking for in your new home.
I know that my own search will take years, so at the age of 62, I’m already looking for that “retirement place”. Find out where the local airport is and their air patterns (a 747 flying overhead is quite the distraction). Secondly, again I totally agree with the fact that terrorists can contaminate large and small bodies of water with deadly effects (Think about the EPA-terrorist contaminating the Animas River a couple of months ago). But the positives are a constant planning for obtaining anything from fuel to food from a nearby 20K population city (80 miles away). If anyone finds a few of these problems on the land they found, it is best to look elsewhere or prepare for them. And as you have pointed out there are a LOT and I do mean a LOT of untrustworthy contractors out there. With that said, to the new preppers, sacrifice and do whatever it takes to prepare as quickly as possible because supplies are constantly going up in price and soon will not be available at any price. I like seafood, but am concerned about events that occur, damaged oceans, and all in, and touching it.
This type of road incident isn’t unheard of and it simply makes good sense to have supplies in your car that you can count on if you are stranded.
The threat of any snow sends people to the stores in a panic and forces school closings for days after most of the snow has melted. Because if for some reason, you aren’t able to fill up, a half a tank will last longer and get you more places that sitting on empty. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. I fully consider Prepping as a life-style and to be honest I would not have it any other way.
Everyone wants that “perfect hunk of dirt” it IS out there, it may take you time to find it, but when you do, you will know.
As far as CL and F- I’m not in the position to argue one way or another about the dangers or lack of “it in the water”.
Myself living here has been the absolute best way to experience prepping as you do it on a daily basis to be prepared. No hiding from aerial view, subject to tropical storms and winds would eliminate the structure completely, Appears to not have any options of grid power. My cousins lived across the street from the mall for years and never set foot in the place.
A snow like this in a city like Atlanta is rare and it is perfectly normal to expect some level of chaos for southern drivers when faced with weather they aren’t prepared for.
For those people who had to sit in their cars for hours, a half a tank of gas could have kept them warm and more importantly moving. They do take up a little room, but you can fit all of this in a decent sized plastic bin and forget about them. Because I can “sell” the power back at 80% of what I pay for it, basically meaning I would have free use of the “Company’s” availability. She home-schools our children and has bought into my way of thinking, which runs contrary to the rest of the flock.
There are other factors that make buying land and building on it more of a hurdle with the banks,etc. As someone a LOT smarter than I once said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”, if you prepare, then that’s all you can really do.
We have a joint shuttle vehicle to make shopping excursions to Reno or Carson City 150 miles away.
Almost all the residents are over 50 and enjoy the isolation plus the remote vistas and lack of crime.
I knew when we completely re-constructed the farm house that together, it would be a real test.
About 20% are Mormons and they are natural preppers and are very helpful to those who want to learn. She passed with flying colors, as we were on the same page with regard to most all decisions. Can you relocate 2000 miles to pursue your “home”, do you have children you need to consider, other family?

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