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We thank him for his time to answer a few questions to help us get to know him better and understand his motivations behind prepping. They collect food, water, medical supplies, clothing and more to give them the upper hand if the world makes a turn for the worse.
Gun Preparedness provides its readers preparedness articles with a focus on weapons, tactics, self-defense, product reviews and general preparedness. But in that scenario, all that time and effort could go to waste if you haven’t planned for defense.
The .40 is powerful enough to take down an attacker, yet over penetration should not be an issue. Yes, there may be natural disasters, and other things, but your job is the most vulnerable part of your life and your job has the most effects on your life.

One crucial part of your defense system should be firearms.This great video from Youtube user parlusk1791 describes 8 great firearms every prepper should own. The long answer would be mostly the sky rocketing prices, then the _job outlook, politics, and fear of others.
If you have a little of this and a little of that you will be better off than someone who has a ton of food and no way to cook it, or a ton of water, yet no food. By fear of others, I am not scared of others, what worries me is their fears and the results of their actions because of those fears. If you have ever seen any of my articles, I don’t think I can go a week without mentioning a Glock. Times are changing, this nation is at a point where criminals meet a revolving door at the jails or if they manage to stay in _jail they get a free education on becoming a better criminal.

Some are for hunting, some training – BUT, in an emergency, any firearm can be used as a defensive weapon and will be superior to having no firearm at all. It’s amazing to me that there can be a possibility of a storm and the stores instantly sell out of milk, bread, eggs, water, and frozen dinners.
Part of the problem is finances, drugs, and in my opinion pure laziness of many in society. Skip's been studying, sharpening, and expanding his skills every day since he was 15 years old.

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