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In the event of a zombie apocalypse, it’s safe to say you’re going to be on the run for a long time! A couple of ponchos are always a good thing to carry.  This Lite Gear Kompressor Poncho  will keep you dry in rain, snow and sleet- nothing is worse than being soaking wet in extreme temperatures. After a while on the run, you and your friends are going to need something to occupy your minds with. About UsWith more than 17 years in travel and 25 million bags under its belt, eBags is devoted to helping you find the perfect gear for your journey through life. A post apocalyptic survival guide like Survival Guide X will show you exactly what to do in these circumstances. We explain all the reasons why having a post apocalyptic survival guide like Survival Guide X will help you out.
Money in the Bank Figure out what the most valuable commodity of this new world is going to become and stock up on it. Throw the Outdoor Products Kilometer Hydration Pack on underneath your travel backpack to ensure you have access to clean drinking water at all times! After all, getting sick could set you back and a cough or a sneeze at the wrong time could give away your hiding spot!
Strap on this Black Diamond Gizmo headlamp to provide yourself with instant lamination wherever you go! This armband  is made from durable ballistic weave nylon and features thick padding for comfort and non-slip silicone dots that keep your armband in place.
Take this Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Hangman with you and pull it out during long days and nights. This handy clip-on watch has a compass, pocket knife, nail file and thermometer all built in!

Our community supports passionate wanderlovers (yes, it's love, not lust) who trust each other and share their opinions. The eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible is our first choice for stowing essentials like food and clothing.
Sleep on-the-go with the Kelty Recluse Backpacking Sleeping Pad- this sleeping pad inflates and deflates quickly and is extremely lightweight.
This pack carries Band-Aids, antibacterial ointment as well as allergy and pain medication.
Keep this Wenzel Camp Axe nearby to bust through windows, doors and to make your way through wooded hiding spots. This headlamp adjusts to three different light settings including dim and strobe- perfect for signaling friends nearby or dimming the light while hiding out! This helpful gadget helps you determine when you should start to head to shelter during the night and will let you know the temperature of your surroundings wherever you are! And with more than 3.2 million reviews and growing, travelers are starting their journey at eBags. On top of that, the Myan long count calendar ends this year and so many more people are starting to think about what they will do if they make it through the madness. Hopefully you will make a life changing decision right now and not end up like the other 80% of the population. The water resistant exterior is great for turning this pad into a raft in case you have to take shelter on a lake or dive into a river- everyone knows zombies can’t swim! From here, you can either distribute it as a means of making friends and allies, or you can horde it and make yourself the invaluable and merciless leader of a township that depends solely on you to survive.
You have to have enough water to both drink, cook and clean so if you do not already collect it at your home you are in trouble.

If you do make it past all the death and anarchy, you will have to go back to getting food the old was. Don't be like everyone else and do yourself a favor and check out some information we put together in a short video. You know that guy who helped you fight your way through the hungry hordes and aided you in getting that resource you desperately needed to survive?
Well, he desperately needs it too, and that awkward pressure you feel is the barrel of his weapon against the back of your skull.
Mostly, however, the steeds have been made up like armored warhorses and the cars have been stripped and caged and modified to look like razor-covered death machines that go from zero-to-decapitation in 3.6 seconds.
So if you're looking to get somewhere fast, you're probably going to have to kill a few bitches and steal their ride. Apparently, there is no possible post-apocalyptic future in which anything that isn't brown, green or gray survives. So if you're a fan of bright, shiny, colorful things, you're gonna be outta luck if you don't bring it with you.
And that if you can just make it alive, there's a chance at having a full life surrounded by community and law and order.
So we hope that you enjoy walking and eating horses and fighting bandits and praying that your feet don't rot right off your body, cuz that's what you're in for until you're either caught by the crazies or the irradiated ash finally fills your lungs.
But if you do what we've told you here, you should survive in this miserable new world a little longer than previously expected.

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