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Start with Sunflowers, Cattails in the middle of the pool, Tall-nuts in front of Cattails, and 4 Cob Cannons at the back of the pool. The pool has less zombies but there are Dolphin Rider Zombies and underwater zombies that get past the frontmost plants.
Cob Cannon - Cob Cannon launches explosive corn cobs to the zombies when clicked, making it one of the most important plants in this survival game along with Gloom-shroom.
Spikerock - Spikerocks protect plants from vehicles and Gargantuars and take 9 hits from them.
Gatling Pea and Torchwood - Gatling Pea does a lot of damage and Torchwood makes it even better.
Pumpkin - Pumpkin can protect a plant inside it except the Cob Cannon that takes two spaces. Jack-in-the-Box Zombie - Although this zombie's health is not so high, its jack-in-the box can explode at any time and destroys plants.
Giga-gargantuar - This zombie is similar to Gargantuar but has twice its health (300 hp) taking 4 instant kills or cobs although 3 instants are enough if your defenses are strong enough.
The main problem here is that the outer lanes are weak to Giga-gargantuar and the pool Gloom-shrooms can be destroyed by jack explosions. Four Cob Cannons can safely be placed at the back of the pool, allowing space for other plants on the ground. Survival: Endless set-ups with six or more cobs use constant timing of Cob Cannons in pairs.
A 10-cob timing every 7.2 seconds can hit Balloon Zombies and Catapults before they attack.
This strategy uses a constant 2-2-2-2-2 Cycle, meaning that it fires 2 Cob Cannons at a time, a total of 5 times per complete Cob cycle. Balloon Zombies will be killed most of the time before they get past your cobs; Blover is for backup.
Digger Zombies get killed by the Gloom-shrooms, though the pumpkins in the back still need a bit of maintenance.

Due to the Umbrella Leaf placement, the only Bungee Zombies you have to worry about are the ones trying to steal your pool plants, though Glooms can sometimes take care of those. If there are Zombonis or Gargantuars, make sure you have a lot of Spikerocks to stall the Gargantuars and kill the Zombonis. This guide explains about the plants needed, strategies against zombies, and set-ups for Survival: Endless.
This survival game starts with less zombies, then gets more difficult later on with more zombies. The backmost column is where the Diggers come out and Catapults throw their basketballs, the 3rd and 4th columns is where the Imps are thrown, and the front three columns is vulnerable to most zombies.
This may seem powerful, but later on, there are lots of zombies, while shields and vehicles block the heat of Torchwood from hitting other zombies.
At the start, many sunflowers are needed to get sun to build your defenses, but when you have finished building your defenses, you only need to keep some Twin Sunflowers. Spikerocks can stop them, but since there are many of them, you also need Cob Cannons and Gloom-shrooms. This is the problem when there are Gloom-shrooms in the pool, so try to replace them immediately right after losing them. Two Gloom-shrooms at the 2nd column from the back can kill Digger Zombies together with Imps.
Since this zombie has a higher health, you need Cob Cannons and instant kills against them. I replaced Ice-shrooms with Fume-shrooms to protect the Gloom-shrooms in the pool from jacks and prevent inner row Gloom-shrooms from being smashed by Giga-gargantuars. Protect the front pool cobs from underwater zombies by using Ice-shroom before they come out. The timing can take down dolphins before they can jump over a plant and diggers if timed accurately. Planting Sunflowers in column 7 helps if there's no Pole Vaulting Zombies or Giga-Gargantuars.

When a Conehead Zombie comes, plant another Peashooter in that lane or replace it with a Repeater. Don't upgrade the ones on the pool; when you upgrade a Sunflower shovel one on the pool and upgrade a Lily Pad to a Cattail.
Every second flag of each round, 5.5 seconds after huge wave signal appears, use Ice-shroom to stop the underwater zombies from coming out. The front two columns are vulnerable to jack in the box explosions, where the Gloom-shrooms are usually placed. A 2x3 area of Gloom-shrooms in the pool heavily damage the zombies, and are also used at the second column for Diggers and Imps.
With one Gloom-shroom in the 2nd column from the back and no plants in the 1st back column, Digger Zombies die before reaching a plant in the 2nd column. Cobs should be launched between the 7th and 8th columns when there are Gargantuars to prevent Imps from landing on the Winter Melons. The 3rd column from the right is safe from jack explosions, but Dolphins usually jump there. If you need to repair Pumpkins more and use instants frequently, you'll need 5-6 Twin Sunflowers.
You may also use Cob Cannons or Ice-shroom in areas without Umbrella Leaves but make sure to be on time. The 5th and 6th columns from the left are safe places for plants like Cattail but underwater zombies can come out there, so protect that area with Pumpkins, or use Ice-shroom 5.5 seconds before they appear. If you use Cob Cannons, you rarely need to repair Pumpkins and use instants, so you may only need 2-4 Twin Sunflowers.

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