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You also mentioned that once you reached max sun you got rid of all sunflowers and replaced with something else (sorry I got what lol). My priority for now is just to get the trophy but I'm also interested in seeing how far I can go. I basically followed the same strategy as you see in that picture but in addition, I had constant upgraded spikeweeds in the front three rows. Copyright 2006-2015, All Rights ReservedUse of this site is subject to express terms of use.
20 Below Zero is an achievement that can be obtained on the iOS, PS Vita, Android, and Nook versions of Plants vs. Usually, the best stages to obtain this achievement are within Night stages, however, it is do-able on other stages.
If you do not have Survival unlocked and you do not want to wait, you can probably unlock this on the final wave of the last Night level. Another strategy would be playing a Night level, and putting defensive plants in every row until the zombies count up to twenty.
Another way to beat this achievement is to go to the mini-game Last Stand and put several columns of Tall-nuts and Pumpkins out and after 20 zombies walk out, use the Ice-shroom, or just simply stall the zombies until there is 20 of them and use the Ice-shroom. As five Cob Cannons require 3500 sun (much more in Survival: Endless because every time you plant one, the sun cost is increased by 50 sun), it is suggested you play the first Day level, as it contains only normal This setup allows both the Pyromaniac and the Defcorn 5 achievements. Note: If there are Gargantuars in the level, you can also get the achievement Popcorn Party in the process.
When you reach the final wave, try to take out all the zombies in every row except one (one that has a Cob Cannon in it).
Because 5000 sun is given at the start and only 3500 is needed to plant five Cob Cannons, all you really need to do is plant ten Kernel-pults and then upgrade them to Cob Cannons. It is a reference to Defcon, or Defense Readiness Condition, which is a scale of alert for the U.S.

Defcorn 5 is one of the three achievements involving Cob Cannons, the other being Popcorn Party and No-Cob-No-Explode. It is relatively easy to earn in Last Stand but gets rid of most of the player's sun, costing 700 for each Cob Cannon (two Kernel-pults and the Upgrade: 200 sun plus 500 sun equals 700 sun). Along with Melon-y Lane, this is an extremely easy achievement because it can be unlocked in Last Stand.
My question is how does this build stop the zombonies & gigas without losing any defense?
They instantly pop zombonie's tires and gargantuars have to stop and wack at them for a really long time before moving on. It is easiest to get in Last Stand if the player stalls the zombies using Tall-nuts or Wall-nuts. When there is another small wave coming, use the Ice-shroom to freeze the zombies because it can freeze some zombies that are not on the screen yet. Do not put the nuts in the last column because they are easier to count if you do not do this. At the final wave, use the shovel to clear your entire lawn, plant an Ice-shroom near the back of your lawn, and wait for the zombies to populate the lawn (there will be about 20). A lot of zombies appear, giving you the perfect opportunity to plant an Ice-shroom and wake it up. Make sure you plant it at the correct time, or you will freeze none of the final-wave zombies. Start out as you normally would, planting Sunflowers on the row closest to the Lawn Mowers. Leave one or two zombies in that lane and immediately remove all Peashooters or Cabbage-pults. You do not even have to start the Onslaught, so you can start a game, build the five Cob Cannons, then leave.

Coincidentally, both of them involve upgrade plants that are planted on lobbed-shot plants. It is also easily obtainable in Survival: Endless due to the sheer amount of zombies that appear.
Now nothing should be attacking the zombies left in the lane, and they should be noshing away on the Wall-nut or Tall-nut (and Pumpkin, if you have one).
Ironically, Defcon 5 is actually the lowest state of emergency, while five Cob Cannons in a normal Adventure Mode level is somewhat overkill, meaning the zombies may not be very threatening. After that, you can plant a Doom-shroom in the middle of the lawn, and then wake it up to clear the field and complete the level.
Plant Peashooters or Cabbage-pults in the row after your Sunflowers (plant according to which lane the Kernel-pults in the third and fourth rows from the back and plant Wall-nuts or Tall-nuts in the fifth row. It is best to have only one zombie left, as this will reduce the Wall-nut's or Tall-nut's rate of deterioration. Use Garlic in every other lane (one, three, and five) to force the zombies into two rows, placing three Spikeweed behind them to incur damage. Place Kernel-pult the level as you normally would, upgrading your Kernel-pults to Cob Cannons whenever possible. Now steadily collect the sun produced by your Sunflowers, occasionally re-planting a Pumpkin or planting a Wall-nut or Tall-nut over the previous one. Upgrade your Kernel-pults to Cob Cannons when you have enough sun, use a corn cob Missile to take out the remaining zombies when you have all five Cob Cannons, and then you are done.
Whenever the Cob Cannon charges, you can shovel up two Sunflowers and plant another Cob Cannon.

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