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NEWS Tech Reviews Up ?nh Vn-Zoom Di?n dan Video games Thong tin - Th?o lu?n Games Th?o lu?n Games Plant vs. 2- B?n dao d?t tuy co c?p du?c v? bi ngo nhung ph?i m?t 1-3 hi?p m?i ph?i thay v? m?i.( r?t b?n b?i co 2 h?u v? thep gloom do). 4- D?i hinh nguyen b?n con bao g?m 2 spikerock ? hang 2 va hang 5 tru?c 2 v? si Gloom, nhung sau toi th?y co v? khong c?n thi?t l?m, b?i c? b? b?n zombonies va giga garguantar d?p nat, ph?i t?n cong xay di xay l?i nen toi da quy?t d?nh b?. 5- D?i hinh co d?ng thuon thuon nhu may bay ph?n l?c, cang ra nh?ng hang phia ngoai cang it cay b?o v?. 8- D?i v?i b?n kh?ng l? thi vi?c xay d?ng d?i hinh r?ng nay s? kh?c ch? hoan toan s?c m?nh c?a chung. 9- Football zombie ch?y nhanh va thu?ng ?n nup nhung cung ch? ch?y d?n sat melon ? hang 1 ho?c 5 r?i cung b? t?c. 10- Dolphin rider zombie cung kha phi?n toai, b?i toi cung thu?ng xuyen ph?i thay v? bi ngo, khong c?n th?n chung an m?t cay nhu choi. N?u b?n choi survival endless pool thi cac b?n ch?n vao 1_13, roof thi la 1_15 (d?a vao b?ng tren ma tim) va rename l?i thanh 1 trong cac man zombie, ? day minh rename thanh 1_70 (zombie endless). Bu?c 5:b?n tr?ng spikeweed tru?c qu? bi ma b?n c?n d?t thang, sau khi tr?ng thi s? xu?t hi?n 1 ladder zombie ? v? tri minh v?a plant, va em no s? d?t ngay 1 cai thang len qu? bi ngo do,c? ti?p t?c nhu th? v?i cac cay b?n c?n d?t thang.

07:48 Plants vs Zombies Survival Endless Cobless 10,000 flags and beyond This is a pretty awesome setup for a 10000+ streak. S? d?ng m?t lu?ng kh?ng l? Cob Cannon va kh? nang chi ph?i h?p ly giup b?n g?n nhu khong th? b? danh b?i khi dung chi?n thu?t nay. Jack c?m nh?n du?c tin hi?u co cay du ch? thong qua vi?c b? lam ch?m b?i bang, nen khi b? lam ch?m Jack cang d? n?. Nhung, vi b?n kh?ng l? lau ch?t, nen sau khi 1 lu?t ra Jack b? gi?t h?t, thi cach 1 lu?t n?a b?n chung m?i ra. V?i s? lu?ng Gloom da du?c x?p ngay sat du?ng vao c?a b?n zombie co th? khi?n Jack n?, 80% la do c?m nh?n du?c k? d?ch, t?c la cay c?a ben ta. B?i v?y nen thong thu?ng nh?ng th?ng nao lao ?m ?m vao thi thu?ng lan ra ch?t tru?c khi k?p n?. Theo do, toi duc k?t du?c quy lu?t c?a Jack nhu sau: _ D?i v?i nh?ng hi?p khong co nh?ng zombie l?n nhu garguantar hay zomboni, cac bac s? d? quan sat du?c Jack dang ? dau.
B?i th?, 1 lu?t ra n?u Jack n?u b? gi?t ngay thi 1 lu?t khac co Jack s? ra li?n, nen ph?i kich ho?t ice shroom th?t nhanh.
Tuy toi d?t nhan d? la d?i hinh b?t b?i, nhung ki th?c Jack zombie khi?n d?i hinh nao cung co di?m y?u.

Youtube user immensemail (favorite Youtube user.) 02:41 Plants vs zombies hypno-shrooms and squash party PARTAY!!!!
Cac bac th?y d?y, ti?m l?c va quan s? zombie ngay m?t m?nh nen khong th? danh nhanh th?ng nhanh, gi?t ngay zombie trong nh?ng o d?u tien. Toi nghi r?ng, ngoai chi?n thu?t, cac bac con c?n c? oc phan doan, quan sat t?t, b?i choi endless thi cac bac nghi?m nhien tr? thanh t?ng tu l?nh con gi. Toi khong dam noi phet, nhung do chinh la nh?ng y?u t? khi?n toi s?ng du?c d?n hi?p 653, ma khong HACK, va toi tin d?i hinh c?a toi s? v?ng vang trong nhi?u hi?p n?a. N?u bac nao khong tin thi c? dung d?i hinh nay, xay kho?ng 4-7 hi?p la xong, ma con c?m c? du?c lau dai. Youtube user Mrpogi030 00:00 Plants vs Zombies Cheat Table How to hack Plants Vs.

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