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This amazing product is essential a small shelter with a solid support structure and sturdy foundation compared to other portable shelters like a tent or bivvy sack.
Temperature Stable: Uses a heat barrier that can stabilize internal temperatures from either extreme. Survival shelters have been used by FEMA and other disaster relief and government agencies for protection for homeless individuals and families. This Mylar like floor is of space-age quality and reflective heat upwards into the shelter providing a warmer interior during cold weather.The material is just like an insulated version of a large Space Blanket and was originally developed by NASA. The exterior walls are lined with more heat-reflective material which can keep the shelter cool inside when the outer temperature is hot. Tyvek paper is used to further enhance the insulation and to provide a moisture barrier that works both ways. A strong tarp is laid on the ground before construction of the personal shelter in order to prevent water from the ground soaking anything inside the structure and dampening the interior components.
SOLKOA’s complete Personal Survival Kit (PSK) is a derivative of some of our military kits being used every day in high risk areas of the world.

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Stronger than any tent with the ability to breakdown and set up in minutes for easy relocation.
It's like a mobile hut for the extreme prepper or anyone who wants to prepare for anything. As one of the strongest radiant barriers available, this space-like 'Mylar' material blocks 97% of heat transfer, protecting survivors from over exposure of either extreme. An Air-infiltration and Weather Barricade Building Wrap is installed beneath exterior layer for further weather protection. The molded nylon makes it the ideal weather-resistant zipper and is completely corrosion resistant.

The ability to relocate is essential, but can be a hassle with larger structures, yet having a strong enough shelter is still an important survival priority for long term purposes.
This item has been designed over 20 twenty years ago but has been updated and improved upon numerous times for maximum quality. A little dirt will no way affect the ability of this zipper to open and close, so it will remain reliable and secure even in some very harsh conditions. This item is the perfect compromise for those who want something reliable, strong, and capable of packing up camp and bugging out to a new location.

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