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Child Health Nursing Partnering with Children & Families Chapter 18 Pain Assessment and Management Jane W.
Presentation on theme: "Child Health Nursing Partnering with Children & Families Chapter 18 Pain Assessment and Management Jane W. Let’s review what is Pain Pain is a signal, –nothing more, –nothing less ALL PAIN IS REAL PAIN is PAIN, Suffering is Optional! Pathophysiology of Pain Brain –Once sensation reaches the brain other factors may influence pain intensity…like what? Intricately tied to the planning and response groups are various volunteers such as Red Cross, the Salvation Army and an array of community support groups. The Idaho Chapter of the AAP continues to provide input and assistance with pediatric disaster preparedness planning and response to local hospitals, healthcare centers, medical providers, EMS agencies, health departments, and various community partners.

Aaron Gardner (Pediatric Intensivist at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center) has recently joined Kathy Stevens as an AAP Disaster Preparedness Chapter Contact. The AAP Disaster Preparedness Advisory Council has developed an interactive Web-based tool that provides an easy way for members to review resources and take steps to develop a written disaster preparedness plan for their office practices. The pain stimulus is interpreted based on the context or meaning of the pain to the individual, as well as the individual's psychological state, culture, previous experience, and a host of other psychosocial variables. The regionalized structure enables the communities to share resources while offering centralized leadership and management to avoid duplications within the geographical area. He serves as a Regional Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the National Disaster Medical System and has a master’s degree in Disaster Medicine. The Director and the Chiefs of the various essential services agencies meet on a quarterly basis to discuss and refine plans.

Exercises are planned and conducted on a two-year cycle to confirm and validate plan effectiveness. He has extensive experience in disaster planning and response and is excited to help advance pediatric emergency preparedness in Idaho. The exercises also serve the purpose of evaluating the suitability of EM infrastructure, communications, and resource availability.

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