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Your Teen Magazine for Parents proudly and proactively releases a new college survival guide for college-bound teens and their parents, who often must pay the college bills as well as help their maturing children make appropriate college choice selections long before high school has ended. Today’s students, thanks to the Internet, are aware of college and university choices that were simply not known about or were unavailable 30 years ago. Your Teen Magazine for Parents created the College Survival Guide for parents as they begin tackling the subject of college with their teenagers.
College entrance testing procedures have become an entire industry in themselves, requiring more study and preparation as well as providing more testing options for students. The college selection and application process can be highly stressful for teenagers, as it’s normally the most important decision a young person has made up to this point in her or his life. Chock-full of wisdom forged on the frontlines of college admission counseling for teens, Your Teen Magazine delivers in-depth information and perspective on trenchant issues every parent and college-bound high schooler will have to address one degree or another.
Your Teen Magazine for Parents addresses the challenges inherent in raising teens and helps parents of teens to continue the journey toward the goal of successful parenting. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Here are some easy steps to survive your college experience at the University of Maine as a first year. 2) Be a responsible drinker – Your first year is all about experiencing new things and for many its the first time they have consumed alcohol in their lives. There you have it some tips that will help you survive the first year of college at UMaine! Here is a little survival guide I put together for you amazing parents who survived another summer.
Happy back to school to all of us who will now have a little more time on our hands to catch up on everything in life that didn’t get attended to over the summer.
I must add that a working mom needs a midweek day off, or half a day off or atleast work from home so she can recharge for the rest of the week! The Starting School Survival Guide: Everything you need to know when your child starts primary school is available from Amazon. To visit other Websites that provide information on parenting teens, please visit our Web ring by clicking on the button below. Written by a mother who survived the perils of packing her own child off to school, When Your Kid Goes to College provides supportive, reassuring, and helpful tips for handling this inevitable but difficult separation.
Teaching your child how to live on his own, from balancing a checkbook to dealing with a roomate.

The difference between financial and emotioanl dependence — and how to keep them separate. Helping your spouse, younger children, and even pets deal with the transition when your child leaves — and when she returns. First day activities, parent engagement strategies, inspiration for the tough days, and printables to kick off the new year!
Just for signing up for the Elmer’s Teacher Club newsletter, you will receive the Teacher Resource Guide e-book! More international students are making their way to America for higher education thanks to the Internet as well, which can make acceptance for American citizens tougher. Lastly, the costs of a college education have rocketed upwards at a phenomenal rate, so that even state universities are far costlier than when today’s parents attended university. Paying for that higher education will often prove to be a responsibility for young people and their parents for decades to come. In the magazine format, parents can post questions, offer personal tactics, and hear the different perspectives of professionals, other parents and teenagers on relevant topics. There are a lot of great people at the University of Maine, many who are willing to help a first year student at any time. If you over think things it will be incredibly stressful for you, sometimes you just need to relax and have a little fun. These companies may use aggregated information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. And surely a guide that covers a subject that is a little nerve-wracking for most,  but is such a rite of passage for any parent, and always has been, would be redundant? The time has come for your child to leave for college — but are you prepared to say goodbye? We remember what it was like moving in to this strange big place not knowing anything about where to go. Make a rule, only eat out once a week or if you eat out multiple times choice a healthy meal that isn’t loaded in fat. So many students don’t have those fun experiences by studying hours while remaining in their room.
I was wrong.The Starting School Survival Guide starts from how to choose a school and ends with moving onto the next stage ie Year 1. It includes inspirational quotes, helpful tips, printables, posters for your classroom, and more!

You are paying hundreds of dollars per credit hour, so make your parents happy and your teachers respect you by going to class. Either in the dorm hall or around campus multiple reports of students intoxicated will land them in trouble with campus police or with an RA on duty.
It will make your academic career much easier by having a faculty member that you can trust.
It was very stressful, but thankfully many older students would help out when you are in a time of need. It covers lighter-weight matters such as parental playground cliques and much more serious ones like bullying. If you are responsible and have a great group of friends around to keep you out of trouble your semester will be a blast.
For example finding buildings, can be very confusing if you don’t have your campus map. Never let that balance become uneven because there is always consequences for letting that happen. Whilst much of it is relevant to independent education, it does assume that its reader has chosen a state school for their child.Its author, Sarah Ebner, is a respected Times journalist who has written a popular education blog. You don’t want a stupid thing that happened freshman year of college haunt your record for the rest of your life.
There was a lot in the meatier chapters that really helped my understanding of the system, for example Actual Learning was great at putting the National Curriculum facts into a parental perspective. And even the lighter-weight chapters such as Navigating the school cliques for parents are written entertainingly enough to be recognisable and successfully make their point.But what I felt was The Starting School Survival Guide's greatest strength was that it acted as a wake-up call to me. It cleverly (and maybe unwittingly) painted the full picture of the reality of being a parent of a child starting in Reception in 2011. So whilst I did not necessarily need all its words of comfort, I put it down realising that my son’s experience of primary school is going to be very different from my own and perhaps that is the greatest thing a parent can learn.

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