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People who travel, work, recreate or live in the wilderness and other remote areas must expect that, sooner or later, they will have to deal with an injury or medical problem. This Wilderness First Aid Course is affiliated with the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ESCI), American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), and American College of Emergency Physicians (ECEP).
Anyone who travels into the wilderness or other remote locations should be prepared to spend an unexpected night (or longer) in that setting.
If you are alone or lost, you will have to deal with psychological factors such as; fear, loneliness, anxiety, depression and boredom. This course will focus on the psychological and physical threats to your health and well being, outline your survival priorities and immediate threats and examine your resources and possible solutions. This six day hands-on wilderness first aid and wilderness survival combination course is a must for backcountry adventurers and a great resource for experienced wilderness travelers. A SAM (Structural Aluminum Malleable) splint is an essential item for your wilderness survival kit. You’ll have bandages and smaller gauze pads in your first-aid kit already, but the right kind of tape is essential for being able to continue moving after an injury.
A first-aid kit should be easily accessible in your Bug Out Bag as well as with you on any hike or camping trip you take.
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The Outdoor Pursuits First Aid Kit is a fully featured first aid kit for outdoor pursuits and adventure sports. For an even more compact, personal outdoors first aid kit see our Mini Outdoor Pursuits First Aid Kit. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. A first aid kit with all the handy essentials you'll need for outdoor activities and travelling, with the addition of survival aids to make it a first aid and survival kit in one!

The kit comes in a compact 13 x 11 x 7cm case with internal organiser pockets to keep all your first aid items in order and also benefits from a velcro belt loop attachment on the back. This great value first aid kit contains scissors, alcohol wipes, bandages, micropourous tape and survival accessories including a torch and whistle! 1pcs Car emergency kit outdoor first aid kit Travel Camping Medical Emergency First Aid Kit(Emergency contain small items . This Wilderness First Aid Course provides comprehensive information about how to deal with medical emergencies when help is hours or even days away.
Urban first aid trains students to respond to medical emergencies when an ambulance is only minutes away.
What starts out to be an enjoyable reconnection with nature could turn out to be a nightmare if the unexpected should happen. If you are in a group you will have to deal with group dynamics and individual personalities of people in the group. Your ability to survive, to a large extent, will be determined by your knowledge and skill level. Come join us in beautiful Northwest Montana and expand your wilderness skills and make new friends. Not only can a blister ruin the fun of a hike but an infected blister can lead to a much more serious injury. Keep a clean bandanna in your first-aid kit for making a tourniquet, extra bandage, or for cleaning wounds. Use white athletic tape to keep bandages and moleskin patches in place so that you can continue moving comfortably. Take the family out to the drug store and build your own kit so that everyone knows what is inside and how the items should be used. Our outdoor first aid kit features all the essential first aid items for minor aches and injuries. Hikers, skiers, climbers, hunters, horseback riders, snowmobiler’s, four wheelers, kayakers, canoeist’s, river rafters, fisherman, foresters, linesmen, ranchers, farmers, outdoor enthusiast, and people who live in small communities, or vacation homes where the EMS system may not be able to respond immediately, will all benefit greatly from this course.

Wilderness first aid must focus on extended care, harsh environments, a lack of medical equipment, improvisation, outdoor specific injuries, rescues, evacuations, and more.
Physically you may have to deal with fatigue, exposure, hypothermia, hyperthermia, rain, snow, lighting, insects, animals, etc.
The items aren’t expensive and don’t take up much space, so there is no excuse for not having them with you.
These are the type of scissors carried by paramedics and they are tough on all kinds of materials.
If there is a wound that continues to bleed dangerously, use the bandanna to tie a triangle tourniquet above the wound to slow the bleeding. Make sure your kit has a secure zipper and is compact enough to fit inside a waterproof bag. One good definition of wilderness survival is “The ability and the desire to stay alive (or thrive), all alone, or in a group, under adverse conditions, until rescued”. Cover irritated spots that might turn into a blister, add a piece to a place in your boot that is causing discomfort, or place it over a broken blister after cleaning it.
They’ll cut your Moleskin, all bandages, malleable splints, and clothing most importantly . Tie it around the limb tightly and slide a solid stick through the tied knot to twist for extra pressure. An important feature is that this splint can be cut easily with scissors to accommodate any size or shape. Some injuries might require you to cut away tough clothing like denim and angled scissors will cut right through to give you access to the wound.

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