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The mistake that many people make in life-or-death situations is getting their priorities wrong.
Whether it’s from the elements, dangerous animals or imminent hazards, protection is your number one priority in a survival situation. Wrist Watch: To use your watch as a compass in the Northern Hemisphere, point the hour hand at the sun. Hunting wild animals should not be your fist thought when looking for food — instead snares and traps will use up less energy.
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But we’ve seen it often enough, especially in the Northwest, that you never know what to expect and should be prepared for the worst, whether it be an unforeseen weather system on Hood or a Forest Service road you thought was passable by car. I’ve always been cautious, but never taken the practice of wilderness preparedness as serious as I should. What I discovered is many of the items included in my kit were things we already had lying around the house (and things I didn’t have, I picked up at REI), so really I just needed to store them all in one place…and make sure it actually gets to the trailhead!
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As with every element of survival, you must think carefully before expending precious energy. There are many ways to light your tinder: a lighter, matches, fire starter or car batteries being the easiest options, but not the only-even in the rain or cold. This decision might be dictated by either knowing that no one is looking for you or if your current position becomes unsafe.

The imaginary line bisecting the hour hand and 12 o’clock is your north-south line.(Not accurate in lower Latitudes below 20degrees) In the Southern Hemisphere, point 12 o’clock at the sun and then bisect that and the hour hand. Most animals can be snared with a wire noose in the right position, such as near a den or above a game trail.(But don’t set it too close to a den, as animals are wary when they fist emerge from hiding).
Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. Poler just opened a downtown storefront this weekend (go, Portland!) and with their celebratory 20 percent off camping gear and essentials, it was a perfect excuse to support the local shop and economy.
Our outdoor first aid kit features all the essential first aid items for minor aches and injuries. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
Choose the location for your fire wisely; relative proximity to your shelter and wind direction being the most important considerations. Drinking water that makes you sick can be worse than no water at all, as it can make you weak and dehydrated.
Also remember: funnel the animal towards your trap, camouflage the snare, mask your scent, and then bait it.
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Build a base of green branches if the ground is wet, or dig a pit to protect it if it is windy. Even with the fully loaded Ziploc kit, there is still plenty of room for water, snacks and an extra layer of clothing.

In many situations, a man-made shelter may exist: a life raft, safe wreckage, abandoned structures,etc. If you have a vehicle, stay nearby.(Too many people die by heading off into the unknown, only to be found dead within 5 miles of their car) Be smart and make yourself safe and visible. If there are rivers or other bodies of water nearby, these should be your first port of call for food.
Your brain is bigger than every animal or insect.(Or at least it should be!) When storing food, be sure that it is out of reach of any animals or insects it may attract(especially bears). Look for wood that is off the ground to ensure your best chance of it being dry.(Looking for dead branches and twigs that crack when you break them) You will need tinder to get your spark going. Fluffy fibrous materials like dry moss or grasses all make good tinder, as do cotton balls, tampons or petrol soaked rags.(Be very cautious starting fire with petrol.
It needs to be stable and away from natural hazards like wind, rain, flooding, rock falls, animals and insect swarms.
Use a very small amount and start the fire well away from the petrol source) Once you have gone to the effort of getting a flame, it is vital to be able to keep it going, so be sure that you have gathered plenty of fuel beforehand. Water conducts heat(away from your body)approximately 25 times faster than air of the same temperature, so keeping your clothes dry, be it from sweat or the elements, is vital.

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