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SurvivalShop.ca is your local Canadian online source for innovative bushcraft tools, outdoor EDC (every day carry) items, and bug out bag survival gear. When the battery for your cell phone or GPS losses power a compass is an excellent tool to help you stay in the right direction.
The ultimate pair of multi-use pliers, perfect for the survivalist's every day carry items.
When you're missing in action this credit card sized multi tool is the ultimate survival gadget to have. Wear the travel security pouch wraps around your waist to store your most important documents, money or other valuables, while remaining relatively hidden. This heavy duty military wallet is built with strong nylon and RFID block material along the entire length of the wallet.
The solar fire starter is a unique survival tool that completely utilizes the power of the Sun's infrared rays. The permanent match box is the perfect fire starter to guarantees you a flame under any condition, anywhere. The permanent match stick is an excellent fire starter that guarantees you a flame under any condition, anywhere. The mylar emergency blanket is an extremely useful survival tool that's lightweight and an amazing insulator. This versatile gadget acts as a shovel, pick axe, saw, and bottle opener all packed in a convenient camo carrying case with belt loop. The stainless steel collapsible cup is an exceptional item to include in your bug out bag or next survivalist trip. The stainless steel metal spork is a foldable version of the popular spoon and fork in one. The tactical survival pen is a strong working ballpoint pen with a glass breaker on the back tip.

This survival whistle is a unique tool that can produce loud multi-frequency alerts, similar to a harmonica. The mini storage capsule is a very useful waterproof container that's easy to keep as an every day carry item. Having the necessary wilderness survival skills with some crucial every day carry items is a sure-fire way to increase your survivability.
Orders are usually shipped within one business day after confirmation that your payment has been received.
When you're finished using your multi tool, it folds like a Transformer into a convenient egg shape that you can easily carry in the included black nylon with belt loop. Capable of many applications the card includes a can opener, bottle cap opener screwdriver, knife edge, saw blade, ruler, keychain hole and multiple sized of hexagon nut wrenches. There are eleven convenient located pockets inside and one mesh see though pocket on the back side. To use, simply place tinder or other burnable material in the center prongs and point directly at the Sun. You can even create sparks while it's wet, simply strike the zig zag end of the green steel striker along side the ferrocerium flint rod and watch the sparks fly. The waterproof refillable container holds regular zippo style lighter fluid and can last for thousands of strike on one refill. This ultra-thin sheet can insulate and reflect up to 90% of your body heat, keeping you warm in freezing temperatures. The Grabber Hand Warmers offers a convenient way to keep you hands warm by emitting a heat that's rated for over 7 hours, helping you during periods of intense cold. When the Sun is out the highly reflective mirror can reflect a sunlight infused signal up to 30 kilometers away.
A great survival tool to bring with you when camping, hunting, hiking, traveling, or exploring just the wilderness.

The alternating thickness of the comb teeth make for a more damaging strike when in danger. A multi-frequency whistle is beneficial because you can make abnormal sounds that would scare dangerous wildlife or alert people of your distress. Use to store just about anything small like waterproof matches, tinder, spices, prescribed medicine, adrenaline piles or water treatment tablets. Once the rope has been unraveled you'll find over 3 meters of useful rope that can hold up to 330lbs of gear.
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The ring displaying the degrees, the directional hand, and North direction are all marked with glow in the dark material.
The elastic belt is comfortable, adjustable and the overall weight of the pouch is very light. The wick on the striker and the flint rod found at the side of the container are both replaceable.
The foldable design allows you to easily carry it and keep it clean inside your travel bag. Having a pen with you can help you take notes during your survival trip, preventing you from getting lost or helping you remember to do crucial activities while fatigued.
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