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Never compromise quality when it comes to boots, especially if you’re in the great outdoors. Everyday minor events out in the wild can turn into life dangers, such as stubbed toe, broken glass encounters, sharp rocks or other wounds and can halt or bring on dangerous consequence to an adventure. The ALTAI™ tactical boots are made of actual water resistant materials, in the upper, midsole and outsole. Many experienced wilderness enthusiasts and backpackers say footwear is the most important piece of equipment. ALTAI™ boots were created with that in mind and feature a very comfortable EVA midsole that cushions and absorbs shock.
This sole has been tested for performance in a variety of terrains and exceeds expectations in grass, ice, mud and snow; in wet or dry environments and in a range of movement applications, such as running, climbing, level and mountainous, loose earth.
When your miles away from civilization it is important that your main transportation method is protected, your feet.

Far from civilization a little cut can turn into a major problem and nothing is more vulnerable while trekking in the wilderness then your feet. The midsoles also protect from sharp objects, which you will most likely run, walk, jog or climb over. Every aspect of the ALTAI™ boot has been accounted for and is unmatched in quality, comfort, durability and lightweight design. The upper on the boot is made out of SuperFabric®, which is highly technologically advanced material that combines armor with breath-ability and is already being utilized in jackets, snowboarding pants, gloves, motorcycle equipment, and even the military. ALTAI™ tactical boots are lightweight, abrasion resistant and are as durable as they are comfortable. Spraying chemicals or treating the leather will help it resist the absorption of water but the treatment is not permanent, it will fade, need to be reapplied and with constant liquid contact leather will rot. As the material they consist of repels, resists and does not absorb liquid, regardless of the time in contact with it.

ALTAI™ tactical boots are the best lightweight, yet highly durable solution for any type of survival applications, with comfort strait out of the box. They easily adapt to a multitude of situations and environments, by being solidly constructed with only the highest quality upper, midsole and outsole. Whatever nature throws at you be ready, choose ALTAI™ tactical boots and never again get stuck with soggy shoes!
Your feet will conquer every obstacle Mother Nature has placed in your path, when equipped with ALTAI™ boots.

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